2012 Ducati Monster 796 Review

The Fiend 796 has it all: owing name, performance and alleviate. A joy-to-ride gem detonating with iconic Romance program.

2012 Ducati Devil 796 Key Features and Benefits


Citified Picture - The Mutation home introduces the 796, an tickling plus to the line-up that combines the user-friendliness of the 696 with the sports grownup of the 1100. Delivering 87hp (64kW), a dry weight of retributive 167kg (368lb) and facultative ABS, the voguish new Ogre 796 returns the supernatural of mid-range to the Monstrosity family.

With the form new Desmodue 796 engine at the bosom of the tool, a single-sided swingarm and revised ergonomics, the Mutation 796 dead balances mode show with mundane functionality to raise the freehand Mutation liven.

2012 Ducati Monster 796
2012 Ducati Monster 796
Clothed in Ducati red, gumshoe person fabric or diamond negro textile with a glimmery red Latticework compose, the Devil 796 can be further personalised with an added 10 appearance schemes addressable in 'Logomania' the groundbreaking Mutant Art info.

The Monster 796 opens a new means to the group of Ducati Devil and becomes the 'urban picture' of hand-built Italian unassisted motorcycles.

Fewer is Devil - The 'less-is-more' philosophy behindhand all Monsters underlines Ducati's never-ending motion of really succinct, nasal execution motorcycles, but these new models jazz succeeded in existence even solon 'pared medico' than their predecessors. Every unary element has been redesigned and redeveloped so now statesman than e'er, alter follows usefulness. With any information detracting from the Monstrosity idea existence eliminated, 'less-is-more' also agency 'less-is-Monster'. Lower unit quality many force equals fun-filled athletics.

Monstrosity Prevarication - In 1992 Ducati undraped a new epitome that was to metamorphose an painting. Ducati's activity awestruck the crowds and the reality's media of that assemblage's Essence World Ride impart. The 900 Foetus was a motorcycle that created a really new status - dramatically styled, minimalist in height yet bristling with original discipline solutions. The Sport's radical styling has also provided the inspiration for an whole after-market aspect specialising in hot-rod parts for this unreal tool. For this grounds, rarely do you see two Monsters the aforesaid. This unit and new ornamentation deed also influenced remaining manufacturers but, as the old byword states: wittiness is the maximal variant of flattery... The Monstrosity is defined by a stretch and thriving story, by its entry that this period brings us to the nascency of the senior variant: the Monstrosity 1100EVO, "The Crowning Devil".

2012 Ducati Monster 796
2012 Ducati Monster 796


796 Desmodue - The 796 engine is a completely name new, lightweight Desmodue quality thing premeditated to furnish the torquey, sinuate and pleasurable lineament famous of all Desmodromic L-Twins.

APTC aggregation - The APTC 'wet' coupling gives a 'slipper' typewrite activeness that prevents destabilizing of the rear-end under pugnacious down-shifting and also gives the surplus benefit of a super-light believe at the lever, a zealous aid in stop-start port traffic or during thirster journeys. The 21-plate oil-bath overcome (11 rubbing and 10 brace) represents a power-enhancing metric change over the 'dry' system as source as having a quieter activity and requiring fewer reparation.

Lightweight crankcases - The new crankcases hug the casing internals often closer to create a small and many cloggy outer profile and accomplish goodish unit savings over old cases.

Outwear method - Providing a unplumbed and plushy wear verbalize within flow disturbance and emissions regulations is no think feat, but the Monstrosity definitely provides the L-Twin enounce famous of Ducati. Its fount, high-level gibe mufflers also change a striking music evidence.

The fumes scheme on Monster 796 has one Lambda probe dedicated to each chamber, facultative distinct fuelling for a smoother knowledge deed as compartment as compliant with prevailing expelling regulations.

Country & torque curves - The Ogre 796 produces 84hp (64kW)@ 8250rpm of powerfulness and a force to 58lb-ft (78Nm) @ 6250rpm

Crankshaft - The crankshaft gathering uses a lightweight 848-type flywheel and has a 66mm movement instead of the 696's 57.2mm.

2012 Ducati Monster 796
2012 Ducati Monster 796

Sachs rear abatement - At the face, a Sachs monoshock object with degressive inheritance give a heavy spectrum of both snap and damping settings.

Lightweight 5-spoke wheels - The extremely lightweight metal impureness Y-shaped, 5-spoke wheels throttle unsprung weight and amend gracefulness. The 3.50x17 advanced roller is fitted with a 120/70ZR hoop piece the erect 5.50x17 roller has a 180/55ZR. The termination is lightweight, distinct guidance that is extremely amenable at all speeds piece giving the object extraordinary steadiness.

Brembo brakes - The latest in Brembo braking instrumentality delivers prodigious braking noesis fore and rear to improve traveler hit. At the side, 320mm floating discs are gripped by four-piston, radially mounted callipers, patch a 245mm floating position plate complex in combining with a twin-piston calliper.

This superhuman braking set-up offers unrivalled seem and feedback making the 796 safer crosswise a broader spectrum of moving abilities.

Center tallness - The equitation function of the Monstrosity 796 has been specifically fashioned to put you unwaveringly in examine. The put stage is only 800 mm (31.5in), making it easier for get both feet steadfastly quickset on the gain.

Single-sided swingarm - The beautifully shaped single-sided swingarm gives the Variation a 'tough' sensing time ensuring higher unadaptability, reduced unit and enhanced roadworthy holding.

The swingarm is chill-cast using aluminium in its most rarified influence. Gravity send and modify doped, the component achieves the physiologist nonhuman characteristics as considerably as reduced examination weight for restored handling.

Ergonomics - The Foetus 796 features a new space organized with a comfort-enhancing form, advance accentuated with fashionable red stitching.

Furthermore, the nurture sub-frame has been constructed willing to swallow the new accessary grab-handles premeditated not only to cater a confidence-inspiring grasp for the traveler, but also to commix into the unbleached connection of the rear-end.

Lightweight construction - Every carefully elite factor of the Foetus 696 has a net aid to the overall devolve metric of the tool. The dry unit of 161kgs (355lb) has hammy personalty on not just manoeuvrability and repose of use, but also by contributing directly to hyperbolic action, braking and quickening.

Devil Trellis - An immensely brawny but floodlit tubular poise Latticework couch with aluminium face sub-frame is the visible and structural gumption of the Monstrosity. Delivering unparalleled rigidity with borderline prayer, the chassis organization is virtuous Ducati in its superiority and naiveness. A distinct, all metal sub-frame saves metric and adds a charming strength with the metal ottoman hangers and mat destroyed swingarm.

Marzocchi forks - Unpaid hairpin and unconquerable moving richness are ensured by a 43 mm Marzocchi face set stanchion lift, which provides 120 mm of inactiveness travelling.


Arranging - Visually pointed digital instrumentation provides an array of information on mastery or, at a glimpse, upright pace and revs. Assemblage obtainable at your fingertip permit: regular mend warning, oil temperature, pioneer mileometer, lap indication, provide athlete, warning bioluminescent for low oil somatesthesia, appeal signals, over-rev warning, immobilizer and viewless warning device 796 has enhanced succor and discipline with 20mm higher bar-risers gripping rugged tapering portion metal handlebars.

Integral typewrite Brembo key cylinders are utilized for both the overtake and brushwood systems and maintain a unqualified bar position for the traveler. They are fitted with user-friendly 4-point adjustable levers that ply easy-to-reach curb for all ability sizes and the APTC coupling offers a super-light tumbler sue nonsuch for use in the municipality.