2012 Kawasaki KLX250S Review

When the adventure takes riders off the beaten track, KLX250S is the right tool for the job. Built as well as on-and off-road, running light and nimble, perfect for KLX250S dual-sport fun. This is a powerful single-cylinder engine suitable for maneuvering in city traffic or trails to explore. No matter where the journey takes, it will improve the long KLX suspension, impressive handling and reliable liquid-cooled engine.

An easy to use push to start button starts the motor 249cc KLX. The engine is mounted in a lightweight, perimeter frame in high strength steel, which gives a low center of gravity, resulting in better maneuverability on tight trails. The 34mm semi-flat slide Keihin CVK carburetor provides great throttle response and wide, soft power - not to mention great fuel economy. The KLX250 comply with regulations in California air pollution, making it an ideal commuter town in all 50 states.

A very refined six-speed transmission has the right speed for everything from tracking off-road on the road with a turning point of the cam to feel a positive change and commitment. The rigors of off-road bike dictate additional protection for the bottom of the machine exposed for the KLX250 comes with an aluminum shield to protect your engine crankcase during off-road adventures. Negotiating tight terrain also highlights another off-road reality - heat. Double lightweight, high-capacity Denso radiators and electric fans provide adequate cooling.

2012 Kawasaki KLX250S
2012 Kawasaki KLX250S
The KLX250 straight line stability is enhanced by a rigid square-section main frame, but its short wheelbase provides the unique ability to turn. Complementing the chassis is a lightweight aluminum swingarm section and the use of a very rigid D. Chain tensioners KX ™ racing-type chain to allow precise adjustments.

Spring KLX250 of measurement parameters and buffer, with wheel travel a little less of a dedicated off-road machine, giving a more planted in corners and make it easier for riders to reach the ground. The 43mm inverted fork style cartridge has 16 channels with adjustable compression damping and 10.0 inches of travel. The link Uni-Trak ® rear suspension has 16-way adjustable compression and rebound, which provides 9.1 inches of wheel travel. 4 mm thick, strong rays in the 21-inch front and 18 inch rear wheels provide excellent rigidity for off-road durability. The KLX250 is so difficult to stop with two pistons push a semi-floating 250 mm petal disc at the front and a disc of 240 mm petal-shaped in the rear.

Body aggressive style finish this strong and robust package and a personal space filled with urethane and a carefully chosen handlebar pull together for long days at home on the road and off.

Riders seeking enduro handling and modern engine performance in a dual-purpose motorcycle designed for riding in the street effort to find the Kawasaki dealer. The KLX250 offers serious capabilities in a fun, easy to throw together, regardless of where the adventure takes.

The best of both worlds

The latest and greatest KLX250S offers an incredible off-road performance and real KLX heritage is so great, or off-road machine. Whether you're pulling off the weekend with friends or work, and to pull back all week, enjoy the best of both worlds, and all the new KLX250S.

2012 Kawasaki KLX250S
2012 Kawasaki KLX250S

2012 Kawasaki KLX250 features and benefits

The main features of

• On and off-road means very versatile

• water-cooled 249cc engine is a long engine life

• An adjustable 43mm fork offers excellent rigidity and consistent damping

• Suspension adjustable Uni-Trak ® rear helps ensure a smooth ride and agile handling

• Fully digital instrumentation that is easy to read speedometer and tachometer

• Start with easy push-button electric start

• Six speeds provide proper equipment for any situation

• Brake function petal-style discs for superior braking performance

249cc DOHC only

• The engine design is compact and lightweight high-revving, with a broad torque curve

• Good mass centralization for superior handling

• Flat-top piston and combustion chamber deliver the compression ratio of 11:01 pentroof

• piston pin and connecting rod enable higher revs light for maximum power

• Aluminium coated cylinder features electrofusion, which gives a tight clearance between the piston and the cylinder for more power and longer engine life thanks to superior heat transfer and lubrication retention properties

• a gear motor balances for steady flow delivery from idle to redline

• Provides maximum valve area for optimum flow to boost low-end torque while providing more efficient breathing at high rpm for more power

• 34 mm semi-flat slide Keihin CVK carburetor offers the optimum amount of fuel at all engine speeds, resulting in throttle response, more power and excellent fuel economy

• Meets strict CARB regulations, making it available in all 50 states

Liquid cooling

• Large capacity double vertical flow Denso radiators to cool the engine reliable and efficient

Radiators • The role of closely packed cores and a fin design for excellent heat dissipation

• More consistent engine temperatures allow tighter engine distances for silent operation and sustained power, while promoting longer engine life

• The cooling fan is driven by an electric motor shallow footprint

Electric Start

• simple and quick to key

• Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release (KACR) automatically lifts one exhaust valve to a system startup, for reduced starting effort

Exhaust air

• The secondary air system helps provide clean emissions

USFS approved spark arrestor • KLX ™ 250S allows access to designated public off-road

A six-speed

• Allows full potential of the engine to be used

• Provides excellent acceleration and relaxed highway cruising

Inverted front fork

• 43 mm cartridge inverted fork offers excellent rigidity and consistent damping performance, 10.0-inch wheel travel means straight-line stability, good handling and low seat height

• 16-position compression damping adjustment to adjust for differences in rider weight and terrain

Uni-Trak ® rear suspension

• 9.1-inch rear wheel travel in a straight line stability, good handling and low seat height

• The progressive linkage rate provides a smooth ride and excellent resistance gap

• The gas-charged remote reservoir shock has 16 positions of damping adjustment in compression and rebound

Frame diamond

• High-strength lightweight steel for amazing rigidity

• Do not uprights, the position of the engine lower center of gravity and plenty of ground clearance

• Lightweight, aluminum D-section swingarm is highly rigid and reduces unsprung weight

• adjustment of the chain KX ™ racing-type allow precise adjustment to minimize power losses Training

Disc brakes on petal

• Front and rear disc brakes offer impressive performance to stop the

• Dual outlet piston 250 mm petal-shaped plate in front of

• 240 mm rear petal disc-shaped high-power, feel and feedback

Wheels and tires

• Fat, 4mm spokes off-road durability

• Tyres small pieces for the life of the tire longer and traction on asphalt

Better ergonomics

• KLX-spec handlebars more relaxed position and effortless control

• Stirrups are placed near the axis of the bicycle

• KLX-spec and shape of the seat foam is easier to change seating position

Fuel tank close

• The narrow shell design provides maximum comfort and control riders without sacrificing the ability

Digital Instrumentation

• Fully digital instrument console provides information at a glance, which includes a digital bar graph tachometer, digital speedometer, clock and dual trip meter


• aggressive headlights and front fender design

• Two-piece radiator shrouds styled like the KX motocrossers

• Rear fender is a two-piece unit, with a sharp tail light design offers the best visibility and continue to promote an aggressive style of the KLX is