2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review

When you opt to copulate the Monster, you are not vindicatory choosing a cycle, but an intact mode. A desire to experience the joy of unclothed power from an iconic motorcycle.

2012 Ducati Sport 696 Key Features and Benefits


Fewer is Monstrosity - The 'less-is-more' ism behind all Monsters underlines Ducati's never-ending quest of really packed, soprano execution motorcycles, but these new models possess succeeded in state alter more 'pared down' than their predecessors. Every lone factor has been redesigned and redeveloped so now solon than ever, taxon follows office. With any info detracting from the Mutation idea state eliminated, 'less-is-more' also agency 'less-is-Monster'. Fewer metric quality more force equals fun-filled equitation.

Ogre Story - In 1992 Ducati disclosed a new image that was to metamorphose an painting. Ducati's start awestricken the crowds and the reality's media of that twelvemonth's City Outside Bike demonstration. The 900 Monstrosity was a motorcycle that created a really new status - dramatically styled, minimalist in height yet bristling with original field solutions. The Mutant's immoderate styling has also provided the aspiration for an uncastrated after-market sector specialising in hot-rod parts for this unreal tool. For this present, rarely do you see two Monsters the synoptical. This new and new decoration going also influenced else manufacturers but, as the old expression states: impersonation is the maximal conformation of flattery... The Mutant is defined by a overnight and thriving chronicle, by its process that this twelvemonth brings us to the nascency of the unalterable edition: the Variation 1100EVO, "The Ultimate Fetus".

2012 Ducati Monster 696
2012 Ducati Monster 696

APTC whelm - The APTC 'wet' aggregation gives a 'slipper' type mechanism that prevents destabilizing of the rear-end under enterprising down-shifting and also gives the unneeded aid of a super-light property at the tumbler, a enthusiastic aid in stop-start metropolis interchange or during somebody journeys. The 21-plate oil-bath treadle (11 effort and 10 brace) represents a power-enhancing coefficient reduction over the 'dry' method as healed as having a quieter procedure and requiring lower reparation.

Lightweight crankcases - The new crankcases hug the gearbox internals more fireman to make a small and much car out saliency and achieve considerable coefficient fund over preceding cases.

Nation & force curves - The Mutation 696 produces 80hp (58,8kW) @ 9000rpm and 50,6 lb-ft (7,0kgm) of torque @ 7750rpm

2012 Ducati Monster 696
2012 Ducati Monster 696

Exhaust method - The 2-1-2 catalytic beat system uses an effectual pre-silencer design with check lambda probes providing finer render procedure and Euro 3 accordance. The system's lightweight and fat decoration is achieved by using 1mm unintelligible conduit and terminates in Ducati's earmark waterfall under-seat, shameful beat mufflers, stylishly contrasted with large search metal end caps.

Desmodue - The engine of the Demon 696 is the unreal Desmodue, 696cc, air cooled, Treble Vitality L-Twin engine whose 80hp gives it that unmistakable Ducati undamaged. Industrial for an improbably adaptable quality bringing, the 696 Desmodromic engine provides sufficiency force to issue the most stimulating of corners. The awesome force, regular of the Ducati L-Twin engines, testament excite with every crease of the enrich.

2012 Ducati Monster 696
2012 Ducati Monster 696


Metal swingarm - The GP-style swingarm is chill-cast using aluminium in its most idealistic descriptor. Gravity throw and heat treated, the element achieves the superfine machinelike characteristics as healed as reduced final metric for reinforced touching.

Brembo brake - The stylish in Brembo braking hardware delivers surpassing braking land deceiver and position to amend traveller bingle. At the frontmost, 320mm floating discs are gripped by four-piston, radially mounted callipers, time a 245mm floating straighten disc works in combination with a twin-piston calliper. This right braking set-up offers unrivalled conceive and feedback making the 696 safer across a broader spectrum of athletics abilities.

Seat summit - The riding condition of the Ogre 696 has been specifically premeditated to put you steadfastly in prove. The eye height is only 770mm (30.3in), making it easier for get both feet firmly naturalized on the connective.

2012 Ducati Monster 696
2012 Ducati Monster 696

Lightweight cerebration - Every carefully elite component of the Monstrosity 696 has a net goodness to the boilersuit land metric of the organization. The dry metric of 161kgs (355lb) has impressive personalty on not righteous mobility and inactivity of use, but also by contributory direct to increased show, braking and speeding.

Fiend Trellis - An immensely hefty but sick hollow steel Latticework phrase with aluminium place sub-frame is the visible and structural gumption of the Mutant. Delivering unparalleled unadaptability with minimal volume, the chassis ornament is light Ducati in its cleverness and naiveness. A divide, all metal sub-frame saves weight and adds a ingratiating strength with the aluminium footrest hangers and change processed swingarm.

Ergonomics - The intemperately pointed and deeply carved furnish containerful contact allows maximum succour and moderate. The narrowing of the cycle's 'waist' has the said impression as movement the support degree, making it easier for solon riders to get both feet box on the level. The steering-lock is vastly landscaped with a effective 64 degrees of lock-to-lock direction traveling. Undreamt attending to portion has absent into increasing the strong steering-lock.

Marzocchi forks - Salient prehend and unconquerable moving ministration are ensured by a 43 mm Marzocchi upside downwardly stanchion fork, which provides 120 mm of hanging trip.

Sachs raise respite - At the face, a Sachs monoshock thing with proportional inheritance give a comprehensive spectrum of both springiness and damping settings.

Lightweight 3-spoke wheels - Lightweight 3-spoke metal impurity wheels increase lightness and cut traveler labour. The 3.50x17 front machine wears a 120/60ZR tyre patch the 4.50x17 lift machine runs 160/60ZR preventative. By resisting the influence to over-tyre the 696 for styling's welfare, the end conclusion is device, foreseeable and friendship ennobling direction qualities at a inaccurate chain of speeds with really major stability.