2012 Yamaha FZ8 Review 50 Anniversary Edition

The FZ8 50 Anniversary Edition has a streetfighter with attitude sporkbike ways.

This bike naked aggressive style was developed using advanced technology Supersport YZF-R, making it one of the most exciting of the middle class models available today. The 779cc engine produces high-tech high torque and high quality burst of energy for athletic performance seriously. And ease of use there is a slight frame integral Deltabox, along with the suspension and high quality brakes - with ABS optional. Your muscle unadorned style is guaranteed attention getter - and wearing racing Yamaha anniversary WGP 50 colored race respecting FZ8

YAMAHA MODELS WGP 50 Anniversary

Fifty years later, Yamaha has sent the first Grand Prix, riders will compete in the Championship new factory rider Spies helped Ben to remember when his MotoGP win at Assen in June 2011. Riding a Yamaha YZR-M1 special colors designed red and white WGP 50 anniversary, Spies continued a strong tradition of winning, which has allowed the Yamaha as one of the most innovative and creative producers.

Since he made his first bike, Yamaha is believed that racing improves the breed. Winning our first Grand Prix points for the Isle of Man TT in June 1961 through this year, Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP wins and Ben Spies, the success of each track allows our engineers and designers to develop and define tomorrow advanced road bikes.

2012 Yamaha FZ8 50th Anniversary Edition
2012 Yamaha FZ8 50th Anniversary Edition
For over fifty years, the Yamaha's racing program has led to the development of some of the most innovative engine and chassis technologies, in addition to creating the most innovative race-developed models such as the YZF-R1, a cross plane crankshaft has a direct spin-off from the factory YZR-M1 rider.

Celebrating half a century of success in Grand Prix Racing, Yamaha has produced a limited number of exclusive "50 th Anniversary WGP" bikes and scooters. Based on the classic color combinations debut YZR-M1 Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies in 2011, this very special timeless colors are inspired by the famous "block rate" red and white design on display innovative Yamaha Grand Prix racing cars.

This is desirable and unique combination of colors WGP 50 Anniversary is available for a limited number of YZF-R1, YZF-R6 YZF-R125, FZ8, and TZR50 Aerox 2012 years of the model. The owners of these new models will receive a unique 50 WGP Anniversary special certificate of authentication, and also receive a "Yamaha Insider magazine, which contains the latest news, interviews and information on the new model.

The combination of sporty performance and an aggressive style with comfort in everyday driving, the FZ8 Edition 2012 Yamaha 50th Anniversary is a special breed of bike. Practical word comes to mind, but that should not be confused with boring practices. Most runners can not afford a single machine and the 50th anniversary 2012 FZ8 is a serious look. It offers solid performance of its 779cc inline-four engine and excellent handling thanks to the aluminum frame of 22 012 Twin Spar FZ1 inspired. And when it comes to comfort, is in the bag.

The world of motorcycling is becoming more specialized by the day.

Special niche models are popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, most of us can not afford a bicycle. The 50th anniversary of the FZ8 is a brilliant "integral" in a hurry to pleasure, excitement and adrenaline and all that. Ready to break through the "triangles", cruising the back roads in comfort and style and make the trip a lot more enjoyable. Attitude, power, handling and style, the 50 th anniversary edition FZ8 is the latest sport bike daily.

The 50th anniversary of the 2012 edition of Yamaha FZ8 is a do-it-all sport bike with an incredible performance at all, for both the urban commando and weekend canyon carver. 800cc and divide the difference between a 1000cc bike and 600 liters so you can get very light handling with a couple ... all in an elegant stand.

2012 Yamaha FZ8 50th Anniversary Edition
2012 Yamaha FZ8 50th Anniversary Edition
2012 Yamaha FZ8 Highlights Anniversary Edition and the main features:

Fuel ± 16.5kpl/47mpg (Imp)

779cc, 4-valve 4-cylinder

real-world comfort and ergonomics

Key Features:

• 779cc engine combines high-end components such as ceramic composite coated cylinders and forged aluminum pistons, a crankshaft carefully optimized to provide the full power curve and torque the nature of the benefits of this class.

• The 50th anniversary edition FZ8 fills the space for passengers who feel the sport is too small as 600 cc and 1000 cc is too large.

• naked muscular styling gives a mass to the aggressive position. This bike screams attitude.

• Comfortable, upright riding position with a compact design that contributes to the forefront of motorcycle handling. This bike simply excels, both in the morning commute and weekend spiffy on a winding road.

• cast aluminum frame and aluminum swingarm is lightweight and controlled landfill offers the ideal balance for exceptional rigidity in the yield curves.

2012 Yamaha 50th Anniversary Edition FZ8 Features and Benefits


779cc, DOHC, 16 valves (4-valves/cyl), water-cooled, 40 degree tilt, in-line four-cylinder engine. The engine has been optimized to provide many low for a couple of mid-range with a strong linear throttle response once again. Redline is set at 11,500 rpm and has a "soft" rev limiter to protect the engine.

Pistons, cylinders, heads, cams, valves and crankshaft are unique FZ8 Anniversary Edition 50. Most of the other engine components are divided into FZ1.

Compact "pent roof" design of the combustion chamber has 4 valves per cylinder and a compression ratio of 24:01 to feel a great couple. Four valves per cylinder rises to a mid-range torque.

Pistons, cylinders, cylinder heads, camshafts, valves and crankshaft are unique to the 50th anniversary FZ8. Most other engine components are shared with the FZ1.

The intake valves are 26 mm in diameter while the exhaust valves are 22mm. The valve angle is set at 26 degrees to keep the compact combustion chamber

The inertial mass of the crankshaft has been optimized to achieve high torque over a wide rpm range and quicker throttle response.

"Fracture split" connecting rods are case hardened for added strength and use a small nut design. The lower end "cap" of the rod is made of the same room as the top, and this concept is known as the " sharing of fracture ". This design aids establishing true big end roundness and greater precision in the dimensions rod for excellent durability in spite of the high power loads.

Ceramic composite cylinder "holes" are a "liner less" design with the ceramic coating sprayed directly on the aluminum block. This coating improves thin film of oil between the cylinder and piston which reduces friction and increases power. Other key benefits include excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery and reduced weight and no heavy liners.

Short skirt, lightweight forged pistons. Aid in designing lightweight rapid response of the engine and reduces engine weight. During the forging process, aluminum is heated to the point where it can be shaped under pressure into a mold, but not so melted. By failing to melt the aluminum, the material is solid and can be easier with excellent durability.

The light, the contribution of hollow camshafts and exhaust to provide the incredible power and quicker throttle response. Cam profiles and cam timing are designed to enhance the low to medium power and torque.

4 cylinders in line crankshaft design is based on the FZ1.

Hydraulic automatic cam chain tensioner reduces both maintenance and mechanical engine noise.

Mikuni "sub throttle" fuel system design is based on the FZ1 with 35 mm throttle bodies fitted with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). This style of fuel injection valves used in gas-divers, in addition to the main valve to control the flow of intake air. Secondary intake valves to optimize the volumetric efficiency at all engine speeds and are powered by a stepper motor that is controlled by ECU. The main advantage is an excellent "ability to drive" and the gas.

Jets are the next high dynamic range with a 4-hole type, and the two jet directions are excellent throttle response and linear power at all engine speeds.

The fuel injection is easy Electronic Control Unit (ECU) uses a powerful 32-bit processor for fast control of the injection process. The compact design also reduces weight.

7.8-liter airbox intake of different properties of the inner funnel lengths (150mm) and external (125 mm) cylinders. The advantage is a broad torque curve. High flow, the filter paper is used.

R1 inspired "stacked" 3-axis gearbox / clutch design stacks input / output trees to centralize mass and overall size of the front engine guard shorter back. Consequently, the stacked design gives engineers the freedom to place the engine under the first best to balance the weight on the subsequent management and maximize performance.

Smooth aspect ratio 6-speed manual transmission features gear ratios optimized for maximum performance in "real world". 5. Formulas and 6, "long" reduced rpm at highway speeds the excellent ride comfort.

Compact, heavy, multi-plate clutch with a reliable and positive participation. The coupling is designed to give light to pull the lever for excellent ride comfort ... especially in stop and go city use.

4 into 2 into 1 exhaust system features 35 mm diameter, stainless steel pipe header design and a little quiet / silent. The length of pipe as is optimized for maximum power and torque. This system is equipped with a 3-way catalyst honeycomb with an oxygen sensor to reduce the harmful CO and HC emissions. The oxygen sensor monitors the amount of oxygen in waste gas and adjusts the air-fuel mixture in the system ECU and FI for maximum performance with minimal emissions.

High-efficiency radiator "curve" design features compact dual ring-type fans for maximum cooling efficiency. The rad and fan design allows more air than the conventional flat design rads maintain optimum engine temperature for a constant power.

Large oil cooler keeps the liquid cooled lubricant temperature stable for extended engine life.

Convenient cartridge style spin-oil filter.

Convenient oil level window means easy oil level inspection.

Maintenance-free transistor controlled digital ignition ensures great performance at all engine speeds.

Air Induction System (AIS ... no Ram Air) to reduce emissions of HC and CO are harmful to a cleaner environment.

Chassis / Suspension

Gravity casting lightweight aluminum twin-spar a good balance of stiffness optimized for sports performance combined with incredible stability. The engine is a stressed chassis member, allowing the main frame design lighter without sacrificing stability and quality of light manipulation. The framework is the specification and in the same way that the FZ1.

The driving position is one of the most important features of the 50th anniversary FZ8. Adjustment based on the FZ1, which offers a balance between sporty driving position and a comfortable ride with its upright design.

The main figures of the geometry of the frame include: 1,460 mm (57.5 "), Step by 51% front and 49% rear weight balance, 25 degrees and 109 degrees 47 mm path rake thin underlines the sporting side FZ8 50 Anniversary Edition ..

Detachable steel rear frame sub allows easy access to the rear suspension components and reduces costs in the case of a "holding pattern".

CF (controlled filling) die-cast aluminum rear swing arm trellis provides exceptional control of the rear wheel traction and razor sharp and excellent stability when cornering at high speed. The three axes stacked motor design provides sufficient space for engineers to move this concept long (690mm) articulating arm, which minimizes the effect of chain tension on bike handling.

Kayaba 43mm inverted cartridge fork offers style 130 mm (5.1 ") of wheel travel. Fork offset is 25 degrees. The benefits of reverse design features, reduces" unsprung "weight, reducing fork flex, because the larger diameter pipe is trapped in the three terminals. unsprung weight is the weight or mass of the suspension, and components such as wheels and other components that move with the suspension. Reduce weight not suspension provides better control of the function of suspension.

Pliers lightweight aluminum upper and triple.

Link-type rear suspension features a Monocross shock with adjustable preload that allows the driver to adjust the spring preload to match load and / or road conditions. Adjustments include 9 - spring preload path. Rear wheel travel is 130mm or 5.1 "

Dual 310 mm front disc are pressed extremely rigid piece inspired by R6, 4 pistons that provide exceptional stopping power and feel. The master cylinder uses a 16 mm piston to stop with an exceptional effort lever less.

267 mm rear disc is squeezed by a little guy Nissin single-piston sliding with sintered metal pads.

Cast aluminum 5-spoke light to reduce unsprung weight for great maneuverability. The front wheel is a MT3.50-17 and has a 120/70-ZR17 radial tires. The rear wheel is a MT5.50-17 with a 180/55-ZR17 radial tires.

Aggressive headlights only provides plenty of light with 60/55 watt halogen bulb. There's even a super small, color-keyed "bikini" windshield mounted on the lighthouse to add even more style.

Conventional handlebar design features a vertical position for daily driving comfort maximum.

17 liter tank has a slim design, with great grip in the knee. Confidential part of the tank is 3.4 liters.

Separate rider and passenger offers exceptional solo or two up comfort. Seat width is narrower than the FZ1, making it easier to hit the ground. Seat height is 815 mm (32.1 ")

Instrument of the race in one piece inspired features analog tachometer, digital speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, low fuel totalizer (km figures since the fuel is gone reserve), clock, temperature coolant and a self-diagnostic mode.

Further details / features

Adjustable to 5 positions of the front brake lever

Storage compartment under the passenger seat small

Excessive lean angle engine cut-out ... if the unit is on its side, the engine stops

Extended break slowed ... if the engine is idling for more than 20 minutes, it will automatically turn off

Steering lock

Durable "O" ring sealed drive chain

Light battery, sealed maintenance under

The 50th anniversary of the FZ8 offers a significant level of power and performance. It is not intended for beginners or inexperienced riders.