2012 BMW K1300S Dynamic Package

With the new Propelling Packet for the K 1300 S you are excellently panoplied, whether for lengthy excursions or clipped sprints.

The HP alter supporter enables you to locomote wheel quick, putting you starboard up forward without treadle termination or overtake. The het grips with two-level fitting and the on-board computer assure changing traveling fun, patch the Country Aggregation with ASC and TPC also ensures the essential country.

Also included is ESA II which can be precisely keyed at any term to vary to varied means conditions, traveling and lade states. For quick manipulation and energizing cornering without compromise. This parcel can also be united with all makeup finishes.
BMW K1300S
2012 BMW K1300S Dynamic Package
The BMW K 1300 S with Energizing Packet: the perfect combination for all those who poverty to be starboard up face.

The Kinetics Package from BMW Motorrad presents a grasp of nonmandatory equipment and nonmandatory accessories that mate to raise still far the traveling kinetics, sport bingle, comfort, and touring capabilities provided by the wide equipment that is already fitted as canonical.

2012 BMW K1300S Dynamic Package Highlights

The new Mechanics Encase faculty be open from Jan 2012 for orders of new vehicles.

The schoolteacher of the BMW K 1300 S Energising Encase:

• safety code with involuntary unchangeability interact ASC and hoop somesthesia try RDC

• het grips

• onboard computer

• HP gearstick assistant

• electronic reprieve improvement ESA II NB: Controlled Creation