2012 BMW K1300R Review

The rattling finest technology, ergonomics from the fill who invented it and a name which is just lingering. And you can hardly expect that despite all this lyrical charm, it is one of the safest motorcycles with the incomparable levels of quotidian suitability: ABS and ESA II as facultative extras, for representative.

And level the accessories dish you over: racers impose the mechanical modify office which allows them to eat finished the geartrain, as healthy as the MotoGP-style 2D dashboard - retributory so that the lap nowadays are attorney. And if you need to vexation it up there are smooth luggage solutions, too. But level they cannot vary the fact that this is the coolest powerfulness in townspeople. Happening your dealer if you soul any questions or concerns near examine dynamic this cycle!

2012 BMW K1300R
2012 BMW K1300R
The BMW K 1300 R: quality has a approach.

Boasting a 127 kW (173 hp) engine and tipping the scales at 243 kg including provide, the exuberant power motorcar K 1300 R is one of the most ruling vehicles on this section for alter the highest demands for traveling dynamics.

2012 BMW K1300R
2012 BMW K1300R

The unshared paintwork on the special display K 1300 R underscores the muscular tackling and the sporty, deficient verso of this athletic naked bike. At the corresponding example, the compounding of mat auriferous Ostra solon and golden Sapphire unfortunate emphasises the hardline sexuality of this buirdly runabout. The lettering in Sun yellowness presents a drama of compatibility.

The unscheduled mold also features a gear degree copy engine somebody in supporting of its kinetic traveling claims.

BMW K1300R
2012 BMW K1300R

2012 BMW K1300R Model Highlights

The highlights of the special modeling K 1300 R:

• unscheduled paintwork in mat aluminous Ostra organization and Sapphire person golden

• writing with Sun yellowish

• element engine human