2012 Benelli Century Racer 1130 Review

Quality, creation, represent. Benelli reboots after their 100th assemblage day in 2011 to work on the market with regularise greater resoluteness. The goals hold been expressed clearly: extremum creation quality, an updated, much refined orbit, production in Italy but with marketing transaction throughout the humanity. With all this, 2012 is reliable to be a headline twelvemonth with consolidation of the existing creation organization in purview of the inclined intro of brand new models that present top off Benelli's content and sheer the manufacturer's relaunch started cinque life ago pursuing the acquisition by QJ.
2012 Benelli Century Racer 1130
2012 Benelli Century Racer 1130
Attribute takes gear priority: the large extend of investigation, nonindustrial and fine-tuning the whole 2012 array has allowed us to attain the maximal standards on the activity and collateral the Benelli vendee reliability, optimized gas ingestion and precise bike construction. And that naturally includes the joy of riding a Benelli, which is the characteristic, virtual trait of every motorbike that comes off the assembly origin of the Pesaro works.

Benelli Century Racer 1130
2012 Benelli Century Racer 1130

Pesaro, Italy: this is where Benelli's hub lies, in an businesslike, bodoni structure vaunting the highest standards of level that was repaired as the main creation headquarters. The "Prefab in Italy" walk remains an critical situation for Benelli, which is sensing forrader to overtake the opportunities offered by the worldwide mart, intended of the fact of its part as a firewood deceiver with a legendary chronicle and cocksure of its wage of top-end products upright out for their lineament, designing and sporty attraction.

The Benelli ride arrange for 2012 has been renewed, debonair and enriched with new models.

2012 Benelli Century Racer 1130 Features

The TNT range's degree and reliability is on the growth thanks to a painstaking deliver of improvement that sees these models stage the basic in their individual categories. Thin artistic modifications and new flag give micturate the range justified more attractive for smooth the shrewdest motorcyclists, who present increase the chassis features and the unique type of the Benelli three-cylinder engine.