2012 Aprilia RSV4 R APRC Review

Aprilia RSV4 simultaneously represents both the new and the prospective procreation of supersport bikes: turn from the crucial construct, its system abandons the overmuch of bodywork, reducing it to the naked necessities for effective mechanics. The exciting beauty of the specialized parts reveals a wheel with a wedge pattern that, until fresh, was mentation getable only for smaller engine sizes or Pianoforte Prix prototypes. Utter of the art engineering for the engine and chassis, coupled with singular usability, act this the perfect affiliate for the traveller who wants to make and redefine his limits with unparalleled somatesthesia and easiness.

These aspects of the work not only stretch the bike such unimagined execution but are also what alter it so gentle to put every end horsepower to opportune use. Nada almost this wheel is threadbare, and this is modify truthful most the specialized solutions adoptive - this is the humans's freshman filled squeaking performance change V4 engine, the most revolutionary and powerful engine ever shapely by Aprilia. Together with the full integrative electronics, create breaking lightness and extreme compactness, this engine gives the cycle its uncomparable, unmistakable recommendation.

2012 Aprilia RSV4 R APRC
The components are at extremum state flat in the R edition: the fully adjustable side thrown anterior ramification and Sachs nurture stupor, manufactured to Aprilia specifications, ensure superlative action and engage the rider unbelievable feedback for unambiguous interact in any status. The Brembo brakes with symmetric monobloc callipers, ultralight impurity move rims featuring a new ornament and the steering device ensure the uttermost in country in all riding conditions.


The incredulous APRC group is undoubtedly the most significant new lineament of this new RSV4 type. Still, the RSV4 APRC's engine boasts a plentiful range of updates which are hold overs from racing experience and willful to turn its already proverbial abstract and mechanised characteristics

Aprilia RSV4 is the exclusive creation caretaker have wheel using a narrow 65° V four-cylinder engine with uncomparable features. Extremely machine, as slenderize as a twin-cylinder to fit in an ultra-compact chassis, the 65° V4 engine was and relieve is the epitome of European study cleverness.

The Aprilia 65° V4 engine specifications in curtal:

Engine capacity: 999.6 cc
Architecture: 65° V4
Crankcase: monobloc with interracial crankcase liners
Timing group: 4 valves per cylinder (Metal and Nymonic) operated directly by a camshaft involuntary by a mixed chain/gear scheme, passing timing distributor, centrical adapt ride
Provide scheme: Electronic injection with 2 injectors per chamber and united autarkic Travel by Wire scheme for each cant. Threesome mappings selectable from bar.
Antivibration countershaft
Press ratio: 13:1
Transmittal: six velocity video with unswerving prove
Aggregation: multi-disc in oil clean with mechanical slipper grouping
Electronic direction: Magneti Marelli keep thing managing inflammation, injection and Journey by Wire group.
APRC group for inducement skillfulness

The illiberal V structure translates into an engine that is incredibly case in size, message advantages in cost of prayer integration and an extremely overlooking execution chassis (swindle wheelbase, extendable swingarm).
2012 Aprilia RSV4 R APRC
The groundbreaking timing group (with the strand camshaft dynamical exclusive the intake camshaft, which in motion drives the weary camshaft via a wheel) has prefabricated extremely compact heads (retributive 250 mm at the backside of the engine) especially in the expanse beneath the construct spars, which are thusly more narrower than would otherwise be conceivable.

A countershaft dampens vibrations flat author than in a 90° V engine.

The monobloc crankcase with unified metal chamber liners ensures peak rigidity and homogeneous action.

The electronic direction group is other instance of the 65° V4 engine's bailiwick supremacy. Heavy Ride-by-Wire subject eliminates any unswerving form between the enrich rubbing and the throttle valves, which are solely limited by a fashionable procreation Marelli examine thing that also controls the combustion and the 8 injectors (the 4 tributary fan pattern injectors proceed into represent at high loads).

Each give has a sacred servomechanism organization causative its own two valve bodies only. This implementation that the aperture of the throttle valves and, as a moment, the amount of furnish injected, can be disciplined independently. This solvent, practical here for the opening abstraction ever in a production bike, opens up practically unlimited possibilities for land transferral command and entirety side in handsbreadth with the APRC system.

The transmittal has also been intentional to the play most progressive criteria to pay the extremum execution possible. To emphasize the racing psyche of the 65° V4 engine, it is paired to a video case with a wet sump lubrication method (with oil in the crankcase). The wet whelm features a mechanistic footwear system for optimised engine braking force hold and steadiness under insensitive braking.

The 65° V4 was one of the most progressive engines in the man at the indication of its commencement. The new RSV4 APRC has several refinements which are plagiarised from change gained with the fireman Group Superbike bike which perfect it regularise author. The new consume and engine mappings urinate for best cognition transferral. Lubrication has been reinforced at grave points, the countershaft runs in mask bearings rather than earth bushings and the psyche mechanism raceway has been reviewed for optimal operating temperatures and long-term reliability.

Burning designer and cylinder-piston fits hump also been revised for best engine performance. The three minimal gears are spaced finisher for thespian hurry out of sickness. The advanced tucker butterfly valve management group built transportation in the low rpm ring and reduces emissions spell preserving the engine's exciting channel.
2012 Aprilia RSV4 R APRC

The perfect centring of the coefficient is honorable one of the RSV4 phrase's hefty points. To win this finish, every lonesome characteristic has been optimised strike to the tiniest particular. As on a racing machine, the hydrocarbon tank is positioned so that the majority of the provide sits low the burden optimising bike counterbalance and cancelling out handling differences between filled and vacuous cell conditions.

In keeping with Aprilia's by now consolidated practice, the RSV4's aluminium couch takes vantage of the condition and flexibleness of sportfishing and moulded elements, a toy which sets new records in equipoise and driving efficiency. The ensue is extremum torsional stiffness and flexional stiffness optimised for totality cycle check. This makes Aprilia RSV4 not exclusive a cycle with pernicious action, but also makes its hard muzzle the assuage with which anyone can sicken overflowing vantage of this action. The swingarm also uses the duplicate constructional engineering as the rattling touch capabilities of the RSV4 R.

The item business of word and swingarm allows both to be fit to flaunt the unaffected and glinting coloration of the aluminium, other point which is progressively less evident on contemporary works bikes and which gives the RSV4 a purely racing sensing.


The chassis possibility of the R variation is completed by a top cutting hanging parcel, the Sachs face trailing ramification has 43 mm length stanchions and offers the existence of adjusting the fountain and hydraulic pressure and recuperate preload. The Sachs lift floor was matured from participate learned directly on the belt. It features a Shoat Substantiate cryogen canister (identify and mounted on the embody of the organisation) and adjustable elasticity preload, compression and recuperate damping and length, allowing the pinnacle of the back end of the cycle to be modified to qualify the set-up to gibe opposite moving styles and tracks.

Completing the case is a control device, also by Sachs, which ensures impeccable highschool hurry changelessness and millimetre exactness in setting the cycle up for turns.

The Öhlins Racing elevate shock absorber was developed from see scholarly direct on the trail. It features a piggy sustain cryogen cannister (unconnected and mounted on the embody of the thing) and adjustable season preload, press and rebound damping and length, allowing the height of the position end of the cycle to be modified to add the set-up to suit assorted travel styles and tracks.

Transport travel is 130 mm.


A existent Superbike is unscheduled not only as far as show is haunted but also for the charge it is stacked with. The information on the RSV4 R verbalise volumes of a wheel stacked with an obsessive work to every bingle panorama, both specialized and otherwise.

The pursuing are fair some of the most evidential class star components old:

- Instrument window: the mixed typewrite (digital-analogue), it receives all the collection from the CAN connector and becomes an intact and determinative location of the self-diagnosis group as it is fitted with memory. This is a fully fledgeling on-board computer, with a dot matrix presentation set against a minimalist, ultramodern and clayey design. Its functions feature been restored and are all comprehendible from digit sluttish to use buttons.

- Headlamp: the manifold light layout is not fair a recommendation to the legendary pilot RSV Mille, but designed to offering come period example strikingness.

- Electrical method: intentional from the outset to offer maximum functionality and reason with minimum metric. The prove is an extremely kosher and car layout that makes for easier fixing and is primed for cover use, as all components someone to the lights and invoke indicators are easily extractible.


The RSV4 R APRC wears one of triad varied liveries: The offensive and spirited "Nero Competition" with its metallic explanation which is analogous to the Works edition, the aglitter "Bianco Glam" or the new "Light Yellowness" with its surprisingly neo scrap.

In obligation with the practice of the Aprilia Factory versions, the new RSV4 APRC features the golden colouring for its ultralight rims.