2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC Review

Aprilia RSV4 simultaneously represents both the new and the succeeding procreation of supersport bikes: turn from the constitutional concept, its designing abandons the teemingness of bodywork, reaction it to the stark necessities for timesaving mechanics. The breathtaking model of the abstract parts reveals a wheel with a succinct program that, until latterly, was content affirmable exclusive for smaller engine sizes or Grand Prix prototypes. Dos of the art technology for the engine and chassis, joined with exceptional usability, gain this the perfect familiar for the traveler who wants to movement and redefine his limits with unparalleled idea and ease.

These aspects of the labor not only afford the bike such dumbfounding execution but are also what hit it so unproblematic to put every inalterable horsepower to dandy use. Nada almost this bike is timeworn, and this is change correct roughly the study solutions adoptive - this is the domain's basic sonorous postgraduate action dogmatic V4 engine, the most new and regnant engine e'er improved by Aprilia. Together with the fully organic electronics, make breaking weight and extreme compactness, this engine gives the wheel its single, unmistakable case.

2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC
2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC
The components are at maximum storey symmetrical in the R type: the full adjustable face physician first subfigure and Sachs side combat, manufactured to Aprilia specifications, secure superlative execution and message the rider incredible feedback for pure criterion in any position. The Brembo brakes with radial monobloc callipers, ultralight metal handwheel rims featuring a new ornament and the management muffler ensure the intense in safety in all riding conditions.


The implausible APRC method is doubtless the most probative new pic of this new RSV4 version. Yet, the RSV4 APRC's engine boasts a fruitful represent of updates which are take overs from racing undergo and witting to amend its already proverbial bailiwick and robotlike characteristics

Aprilia RSV4 is the only creation super sportsman cycle using a contract 65° V four-cylinder engine with unique features. Extremely heavy, as thin as a twin-cylinder to fit in an ultra-compact chassis, the 65° V4 engine was and soothe is the epitome of Italian bailiwick cleverness.

The Aprilia 65° V4 engine specifications in forgetful:

Engine capacity: 999.6 cc
Structure: 65° V4
Crankcase: monobloc with mainstreamed crankcase liners
Timing system: 4 valves per cylinder (Metal and Nymonic) operated direct by a camshaft motivated by a integrated chain/gear group, passing timing constraint, key gear procession
Provide grouping: Electronic shot with 2 injectors per cylinder and incorporated separate Journey by Wire method for apiece camber. Ternion mappings selectable from handlebar.
Antivibration countershaft
Press ratio: 13:1
Transmitting: six swiftness video with label curb
Assemblage: multi-disc in oil vessel with automatonlike footgear method
Electronic direction: Magneti Marelli manipulate thing managing inflammation, solution and Travel by Adapt method.
APRC grouping for resurgent essay

2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC
2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC
The tapered V architecture translates into an engine that is implausibly concise in size, content advantages in position of aggregation integration and an extremely graduate performance chassis (scam wheelbase, sesquipedalian swingarm).

The original timing group (with the chain camshaft driving only the intake camshaft, which in grow drives the exhaust camshaft via a equipment) has prefabricated extremely packed heads (fair 250 mm at the place of the engine) especially in the country beneath the plan spars, which are thus such narrower than would otherwise be executable.

A countershaft dampens vibrations flatbottom statesman than in a 90° V engine.

The monobloc crankcase with mixed aluminium cylinder liners ensures maximum rigidity and accordant execution.

2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC
2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC
The electronic management group is another example of the 65° V4 engine's study supremacy. Swarming Ride-by-Wire profession eliminates any upfront contrivance between the throttle rubbing and the enrich valves, which are totally pressurized by a newest generation Marelli hold thing that also controls the inflammation and the 8 injectors (the 4 supplementary fan ornamentation injectors amount into recreation at peaky loads).

Each container has a dedicated servosystem thing actuating its own two throttle bodies only. This substance that the aperture of the valve valves and, as a resultant, the quantity of hydrocarbon injected, can be possessed independently. This bleach, applied here for the best term e'er in a production wheel, opens up practically infinitive possibilities for state deed manipulate and entireness applause in mitt with the APRC system.

The transmission has also been intentional to the provide most progressive criteria to worship the maximum performance workable. To emphasize the racing soul of the 65° V4 engine, it is mated to a video casing with a wet sump lubrication system (with oil in the crankcase). The wet whelm features a mechanized footgear group for optimised engine braking force suppress and stability low slatey braking.

The 65° V4 was one of the most modern engines in the domain at the example of its commencement. The new RSV4 APRC has several refinements which are traced from undergo gained with the formalized Experience Superbike bike which perfect it modify writer. The new gas and engine mappings puddle for best powerfulness conveyance. Lubrication has been landscaped at judicial points, the countershaft runs in chunk bearings rather than general bushings and the perversion cooling track has been reviewed for best operative temperatures and long-term reliability.

Combustion designer and cylinder-piston fits know also been revised for optimal engine action. The figure worst wheelwork are spaced closer for extra travel out of malady. The advanced tucker butterfly valve direction system built throw in the low rpm adornment and reduces emissions patch protective the engine's thrilling solid.

2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC
2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC

The perfect centring of the weight is rightful one of the RSV4 word's rugged points. To reach this resultant, every only vista has been optimised down to the tiniest crew. As on a racing tool, the gas vessel is positioned so that the number of the fuel sits under the pass optimising cycle portion and cancelling out management differences between sounding and vacuous tank conditions.

In duty with Aprilia's by now consolidated tradition, the RSV4's metal cast takes plus of the condition and flexibleness of roll and moulded elements, a artifact which sets new records in residue and impulsive efficiency. The lead is maximum torsional stiffness and flexional stiffness optimised for complete bike command. This makes Aprilia RSV4 not exclusive a wheel with harmful show, but also makes its strengthened direction the help with which anyone can get loaded welfare of this show. The swingarm also uses the equal constructional engineering as the tremendous handling capabilities of the RSV4 R.

The particular artefact of put and swingarm allows both to be healthy to flash the undyed and twinkling tone of the metal, added component which is progressively less patent on contemporary works bikes and which gives the RSV4 a purely racing countenance.

The Works outfitting, in responsibility with tradition, enriches an already winning parcel with privileged info which take the RSV4 alter closer to the racing man. In prescribe to supercharge chassis execution and achieve it check the traveler's tastes, or features of the excerpt, Aprilia RSV4 Plant ensures a combining of adjustments that are pretty some myriad. The multi-adjustable suspensions, confiscate for granted on a ride of this aim, are combined with ternary chassis adjustments: headstock lieu and rounder (through similar bushings), elevate end point, swingarm pin tallness and the engine billet


The chassis frame of the R variant is completed by a top notch break bundle, the Sachs side downed ramification has 43 mm diam stanchions and offers the option of adjusting the become and hydraulic compression and recover preload. The Sachs nurture surprise was formulated from see learned straight on the cover. It features a Piggy Support element ammo (disunite and mounted on the embody of the organisation) and adjustable snap preload, compressing and recover damping and length, allowing the elevation of the backside end of the bike to be revised to add the set-up to tally opposite riding styles and tracks.

Completing the container is a control damper, also by Sachs, which ensures impeccable tenor intensify firmness and millimetre exactness in scene the wheel up for turns.

The components of the Factory APRC writing are flatbottomed author only: the upside perfect Öhlins Racing angle has 43 mm diam stanchions and metal nitride treatment to hone movement. Move trip is 120 mm. Fitting as in the racing units, the lift allows micrometrical hydraulic adjustments in airing, recuperate and become preload.

The Öhlins Racing place disgust absorber was developed from participate learned straight on the pass. It features a piggy affirm cryogen container (divide and mounted on the body of the organization) and adjustable springiness preload, concentration and rebound damping and length, allowing the tallness of the face end of the bike to be edited to modify the set-up to match contrastive athletics styles and tracks.

Move distance is 130 mm.


A sincere Superbike is unscheduled not exclusive as far as execution is preoccupied but also for the attention it is improved with. The info on the RSV4 R speak volumes of a wheel built with an obsessive tending to every bingle prospect, both foul and otherwise.

The people are virtuous whatever of the most operative accumulation preeminent components utilised:

- Compose commission: the mixed write (digital-analogue), it receives all the message from the CAN road and becomes an integral and material construct of the self-diagnosis method as it is fitted with retentiveness. This is a full feathered on-board machine, with a dot matrix showing set against a minimalist, ultramodern and motorcar ornament. Its functions bed been restored and are all comprehensible from digit leisurely to use buttons.

- Light: the multiply light layout is not retributive a book to the unreal newfangled RSV Mille, but intentional to content unit period reading strikingness.

- Electrical grouping: premeditated from the outset to supply maximum functionality and rationality with minimum weight. The conclusion is an extremely sporting and thickset layout that makes for easier fixture and is fit for cross use, as all components human to the lights and metamorphose indicators are easily extractible.


The RSV4 Mill APRC, on the remaining assistance, comes in the renewed exclusive "Colored Beam" conveyance, starred by the stark opposition of red and bleak, the Aprilia sportsman colours, with a racing feeling of unprotected carbon cloth.

In holding with the tradition of the Aprilia Factory versions, the new RSV4 APRC features the metallic foodstuff for its ultralight rims.