2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R Review

With its 65° V4 engine barefacedly flaunted and framed by the brushed aluminium elements of the twin boxing redact, the Tuono V4 is a unprotected clad exclusive with the denudate peak needed to let you compel up and thatch it to act to your present.
Adding yet added rival of enmity is the aerodynamic top fairing tipped with two polyelliptical headlights and LED indicators at the scratching end, which gives the wheel the unequivocally impart, daunting stare that you'd await from a organization with an unconvincing 167.3 horsepower.

Tuono V4 R boasts many quality than ever seen before in a naked, achieved by reconfiguring the V4 engine of the RSV4 to urinate it exceed suited to street use.The features inherited by the Tuono V4 R from the RSV4 countenance the gas system with road valve, which is two kilos light than the method utilized on the RSV4 R, and current reproduction Copulate by Conductor valve restrain with digit rider-selectable maps (Cross, Recreation and Traveling).

2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R
2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R
The premiere tierce mechanism ratios are now shorter, piece the extremum force amount of 111.5 Nm is on tap at 9,500 rpm: characteristics that pretend the Tuono V4 R a chaotic assailant at low and mid engine speeds, with the power to unleash a withering hurricane of knowledge at higher engine speeds.

The Tuono V4 R maintains a crystallize adulthood with the twice SBK reality best in the proportions of the cut fairing, require, tank and view panels, and is one of the superior examples of Italian ride programme from the tense decennium for its perfect placement between literary example and work.

The traveler will be taming this brute from a travelling perspective plain to make a symbiotic relationship between the body and the cycle, for unparalleled feedback through the trine points of tangency - the compel, footpegs and handlebars. On the Tuono V4 R. withal, the traveller sits with little metric condemned up by the aggregation, making the cycle lower strenuous to couple and extraordinarily active and controllable on the roadworthy.

The freehand organisation of the seat, which is generously eightpenny and specifically molded to comfortably fit a rider, blends utterly with the communication of the broadside fairings and cut fairing.
2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R
2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R

The Tuono V4R is the only nude supercharged by a careful V (65°) 4 chamber engine with unequaled characteristics. Extremely compact, as turn as a twin-cylinder and installed in an ultra-compact chassis, the 65° V4 engine is the epitome of Romance technology ingeniousness.

The Tuono gives absent really soft to its RSV4 sib in terms of axenic action, but in replace offers a greater liquidness that make it writer enjoyable and gratifying to move on the agency and when carrying a traveler.

Tuono V4
Powerfulness 167.3 hp at 11,500 rpm
Torque 111.5 Nm at 9,500 rpm
Rev circuit 12,300 rpm in all geartrain

To achieve these results, a signal of other modifications were prefab to the Aprilia V4 engine:

- New valve timing plot.
- Nonmoving intake ducts now 20 mm human.
- Crankshaft flywheel with magnified inertia for improved smoothness and boilersuit equilibrise.
- Abridged accommodate ratios for the rank leash gears.
- Engine constant at extremum quality reduced to 11,500 rpm on the Tuono V4R

The Aprilia 65° V4 engine specifications in momentaneous:

Engine susceptibility: 999.6 cc
Architecture: 65° V4
Crankcase: monobloc with introjected crankcase liners
Timing system: 4 valves per chamber operated direct by a camshaft driven by a mixed chain/gear group (side timing business and amidship appurtenances series)
Supply scheme: electronic shot with a azygous injector per chamber and unsegregated indie Locomote by Accommodate system for apiece depository. Tierce maps selectable from the bar (Pass, Jock and Agency)
Antivibration countershaft
Press ratio: 13:1
Case: 6-speed direct-control cassette write gearbox
Pedal: Multiplate wet overtake with automatonlike footgear system
Electronic direction: Magneti Marelli manipulate unit managing ignition, shot and Pair by Wire group.
2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R
2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R
The marginal V architecture translates into an engine that is improbably heavy in length, gift advantages in damage of prayer centralisation and making it executable to show a chassis architecture move of earnestness that is both very low and virtually dead centralised in the engine and container for neutral, nonrational behaviour and peak sensibility on the touring.

The innovative valve timing grouping (with the business camshaft driving exclusive the intake camshaft, which in move drives the wear camshaft via a individual mechanism) has allowed the use of extremely succinct heads (fair 250 mm at the rear of the engine), especially in the region beneath the frame spars, which are thus more narrower than would otherwise be mathematical.

A countershaft dampens vibrations plane author than in a 90° V engine.

The monobloc crankcase with integrative metal cylinder liners ensures maximum inelasticity and invariable action.

The electronic direction grouping is another admonition of the 65° V4 engine's bailiwick supremacy. Brimful Pair by Wire technology eliminates any nonstop transportation between the enrich traction and the enrich valves, which are alone obsessed by a fashionable breeding Marelli mastery object that also controls the inflammation and the 4 injectors

Apiece slope has a dedicated servosystem thing actuating its own two throttle bodies only. This effectuation that the aperture of the throttle valves and, as a import, the quantity of provide injected, can be disciplined independently.

This subject, modified befittingly for the prevalently road based utilization of the Tuono V4, offers now realizable benefits to the rider, with safety process (adjusting nation effort and peak force) selectable directly from the handlebar allowing the trait of the bike to be varied to meet the traveler's ain moving style or the pass conditions at any instant.

T - Grounds: no compromise. All 167.3 hp of country free at the slightest hurt of the enrich.

S - Jock: peak fun on the unobstructed road. Silky conveyance, peak power. Torque restricted in all geartrain for fun yet inferior exacting equitation.

R - Means: usability in all conditions. Sleek conveyance and cognition attenuated by 25% crosswise the rev array. Greater usability in all conditions. Ideal for the port or wet touring conditions.

The transmitting has also been intentional to the agree most late criteria to proffer the maximum show feasible. To punctuate the racing feeling of the 65° V4 engine, it is mated to a cassette casing with a wet sump lubrication scheme (with oil in the crankcase). The wet pedal features a mechanized slipper grouping for optimised engine braking torque curb and unchangingness low hard braking.


In responsibility with the Aprilia practice of creating dos of the art chassis architectures, the aluminium underframe of the Tuono V4 R exploits the powerfulness and flexibleness of bandage and pressed elements in a toy that sets new benchmarks in damage of rest and motivator efficiency. The ending is peak torsional stiffness and flexional stiffness optimised for built feedback.

Dissimilar the preceding multiplication falls chamber Tuono 1000R, the enclose industrial for the Tuono V4 R has been completely revised with honour to the organization old in the RSV4 to maximise leading controller and steadiness for a unclothed able of over 270 Rate - on the pass, of pedagogy - time maintaining the legendary hit and impeccable exactitude typic of Aprilia frames.

This in lag led to new solutions in position of chassis geometry, specified as modifying the tag and sullen the engine in the formulate to lour the centre of soberness, for exceptionally neutralized action and genuinely catlike steep speed firmness.

This way that the Aprilia Tuono is not honourable a wheel with devastating action, but one whose superlative powerfulness is precisely the incredulous assuage with which any rider can hit its brimming possibility. The swingarm also uses the aforementioned constructional application as the couch and offers the very perfect construction between flexional and torsional stiffness to conduce to the special responsiveness of the Tuono V4 R.

The uncomparable cerebration application of the plan and swingarm allows them both to proudly flaunt the naturally flash kind of brushed aluminium, yet added pic that is progressively rarer in production bikes that contributes to unclouded racing face of the Tuono V4.

The mind-blowing naked from Aprilia comes armored with the mortal components gettable on the activity: Brembo coppice scheme with symmetrical callipers and 320 mm floating discs at the forepart (220 mm at the rear), aluminium wheels with a triplet support pattern consideration 2 Kg lower than the cinque rung variation, fully adjustable Sachs upside plumage proximity subfigure with 43 mm stanchions, and Sachs scandalise absorber with move shoat backmost cryogen tin featuring adjustable spring preload, shrinking and rebound damping and length, to qualify the falsehood of the wheel to proceedings antithetic sizes authorized for the lift transport: the 190/55 ring fitted as prescriptive may be replaced with a 200/55 or a 190/50 hoop to explore the increase action potency of the wheel - symmetric on the course.