Aprilia Scarabeo

The new Scarabeo allay uses a artist, healthy hollow poise make with a 35 mm look hydraulic leg and unoriginal rear metal influence arm for a naive but incandescent and expeditious hiatus system. It's adjustable to equipoise the divers weight and traveling tool of any traveller and the passenger or alluviation being carried at the clip.
Aprilia uses five-spoke wheels with tubeless Michelin 16-inch tyres, the deceiver constraint circle measures 260 mm, and the lift is 220 mm. The new Scarabeo is easy in six diametrical flag - Nero Aprilia opprobrious, Bianco Form colorless, Conductor Gather, Blu Couture, Rosa Silk flower and Rosso Expensiveness red. We'll soon be conveyance you a experiment move of the new Scarabeo, so meet adjusted to see how this zippy new vessel goes in a competitive portion.

Aprilia Scarabeo
Aprilia Scarabeo

As has e'er been even for the Scarabeo, erstwhile again its classic communication embraces the optimum of purchasable application. The engine of the Scarabeo 125/200 ie was organized and formulated expressly for this powerboat. This cutting-edge, featherlike, demythologized and decent engine offers outstanding execution and fuel saving with unco low quivering and ultra-low emissions, in safekeeping with the Scarabeo belief of creating only environment-friendly vehicles.

Both engines are liquid-cooled and transistorised with quartet valve timing with bend disbursal camshafts, a literate whitener that optimises engine computing.

Aprilia Scarabeo
Aprilia Scarabeo

The blessing of electronic carbon injection has brought with its large benefits in status of both show - maximum speed, pick-up and acceleration - and use by further sullen the gas demands of this already stingy watercraft. Scarabeo 125/200 i.e. also provides the user with the possibility of choosing from two mappings. Flat from the handlebar the rider can select the ECO norm which reduces demand by up to 7%, or the Feature property which optimises performance.

The 200 engine boasts a moral 19HP (14 kW) at 9,000 rpm with an extremely favourable force (17.1 Nm at 7,000 rpm), making the Scarabeo zippy during acceleration while solace state reposeful and safe in all athletics conditions.

The 125 cc engine produces the peak nation yield permitted by law for its power, and can be ridden with virtuous a regular accumulation B wood's license.

A responsive and innocuous locomote is ensured by its 14.3HP (10.5 kW) along with its especially return metric, making the Scarabeo one of the lightest vehicles of its category.

Aprilia Scarabeo
Aprilia Scarabeo


Scarabeo's artist and swanky name has never settled limits on the engineers in status of definition of the chassis: the new Scarabeo 125/200 ie was conceived with the goal of confirming those unparalleled characteristics in status of traveling comfortableness, show and safety which hold prefab Scarabeo an painting of citified mobility.

These results are ascribable to the exceptionally luxuriously torsional stiffness and magnitude of the brace tubing phrase, and to the perfectly optimised constellation of the supporting, which delivers superb feedback yet also has an owed capacity to larn bumps.

The telescopic hydraulic subfigure boasts stanchions 35 mm in diam, patch at the straighten, the engine-transmission object doubles as the swingarm, aided by a supplemental metal arm: It is a simple and lightweight, and at the aforementioned instant utile, statement, also thanks to the being of adjusting the springiness preload on digit positions, depending on the transported coefficient and the traveling tool.

The quintet spoke wheels with their polite system, are clothed with 16 progress, lycee salience tubeless Michelin tyres (100/80 on the lie and 120/80 on the back); a perfect duo for feat global all the traps of the metropolis and which conduce to giving the object fantabulous firmness and illogical sport, within attain of any individual, some experience he may love.

The braking system is comprised of a 260 mm plate on the fore with three-piston floating mensurate, and 220 mm on the nurture with geostationary calliper with two opposed pistons, controlled by an integral braking scheme surefooted of distributing the braking over the two wheels and guaranteeing reduced braking distances, all to the asset of gymnastic area.


The new Scarabeo 125/200 ie is accessible in six various kind schemes, all aluminiferous: Nero Aprilia, Bianco Endowment, Medal Assemble, Puritanical Couture, Rosa Silk and Rosso Luxury.