2012 Honda Shadow Aero ABS (VT750ABS) Review

As a proven favorite, the Shadow ® Aero ® works gave the floor to drive a wide range of fans. The classic retro 2012 Honda Aero, low seat, power-packed V-twin engine is now a sophisticated electronic fuel injection and manipulation end, all at a price that is just in today's Committee on Budgets and understand why the fans so popular Aero.

Throughout our range of Shadow 750s, our 2012 Honda Shadow Aero is one of the most popular cruisers on the road. And a look will tell you why. Wheels classic, retro style, and spoke, full fenders and long, chrome muffler. Courtesy of the entirely modern performance of the 745cc V-twin, especially suitable for low speed torque. And maintenance reduction features such as shaft final drive. Best of all, Aero is a good deal, giving you a big bike-without-the grand prize bike. And it's a godsend when it comes time to fill, too. If you're ready to turn some heads in a big way, and enjoy a bike that will never go out of style, the Aero is the machine for you.

2012 Honda Shadow Aero ABS (VT750ABS)
2012 Honda Shadow Aero ABS (VT750ABS)
2012 Honda Shadow Aero ABS (VT750ABS) Features and Benefits

• 745cc liquid-cooled 52 degree V-twin

• retro classic style at an affordable price

• ABS and CBS

New in 2012

- Black Pearl / Silver candy dark red finish.

The engine power modern classic.

Nothing better than a V-twin when it comes to cruisin 'And the Shadow Aero, may be one of the best:. 745cc engine, which offers a lot of torque and power range range of user-friendly.

There is no doubt that its V-twin.

The Aero has a custom exhaust system 2-in-2, which flow into the bullet-style muffler. The result is a movement to the classic V-twin cruiser, the Aero makes a bike that sounds as good as it looks.

Less maintenance means more time to ride.

Cruises must go out and have fun, no maintenance problems. Therefore, the final drive shaft Aero is so logical. Clean, efficient and virtually maintenance free, is the smart choice.

Best of all, it's a Honda.

There is no shame to admit it: The first thing that grabbed attention was the Aero-style. But dig a little 'deeper and discover that there is much more than this bike. Like all Honda offers an unprecedented level of quality, innovation and value. And why the Aero look is in fashion.