2012 Can-Am Spyder RS ​​Review

2012 Can-Am Spyder Roadster RS ​​- combines sports and adventure

The Can-Am Spyder RS ​​line is the machine for the rider who has a passion for adventure sports and the desire to advance and conquer the open road across the country or around the block. Its performance-oriented, three-wheeled open-air setting to its advanced design and sporty, the RS Spyder BRP Turner is a legitimate leader, even when standing. However, this innovative vehicle, which is built with an attitude of performance, crisp acceleration and the intrinsic ability to master curves. Apparently, the rides and performs like nothing in the motorsports industry and is perfect.

This year, Can-Am Spyder RS-S model is even sportier performance with a front-end which is updated with Fox Racing Shox front suspension. These shocks have improved the performance of compression and rebound and threaded preload adjustment. The Spyder RS-S is also available in two new colors: Metallic Neutron green / black satin and Can-Am Red / Black Satin.

2012 Can-Am Spyder RS
2012 Can-Am Spyder RS

All Can-Am Spyder roadster RS ​​are grateful machismo proven 998cc Rotax V-twin ® The plant, which has a high torque and reduces the roads, with a twist of the gas, is combined with two of the five-speed transmission. Electronic five-speed gearbox (plus reverse) SE5 ™, which is controlled by the left hand (between thumb and forefinger), and does not need the press, is voluntary. SM5 standard (manual) five-speed reverse.

Can-Am Spyder Roadster RS ​​model to feature an innovative architecture and stable BRP. The two forward speeds and two races are the front forks and rear mono shock with a disc wheel, and a single machine. Spyder RS ​​is also equipped with Vehicle Stability System (VSS), the system has been developed in collaboration with Bosch. Connect the Y configuration, the VSS, which is derived from proven technology, automotive, such as ABS, traction control and electronic stability control, and the Can-Am Spyder roadster line offers confidence-inspiring handling and control.

2012 Can-Am Spyder RS
2012 Can-Am Spyder RS

You never know when the mood strikes. The spontaneous desire to leave and go somewhere. Anywhere. The RS Spyder

should be equipped for these occasions. Its sporty, but comfortable to wear and plenty of storage space, is ready to hit the road from you. Whether your trip around the block or in the countryside.

This opens the door to your business. At the end of each curve, and as soon as the continent has to offer. RS Spyder has a 998cc Rotax power V-Twin engine to take all the asphalt. You are responsible for where to go and how to get there once again combines cutting edge looks and innovative features, including vehicle stability system, and an optional semi-automatic. Do not wait to sneak out of town unnoticed.

2012 Can-Am Spyder RS
2012 Can-Am Spyder RS

2012 Can-Am Spyder RS ​​Key Features

- Rotax 998cc V-Twin engine

- Vehicle System Stability

Sports windshield -

- LCD multifunction meter

- US 12 Gal. (44L) for storing

- Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS)

2012 Can-Am Spyder RS ​​Features and Benefits

Vehicle stability of the system

And the architecture of the roadster Can-Am ™ can be adapted to a system of innovative and unique stability. Developed in partnership

Bosch †, and inspired by automotive technology, the system integrates ABS, traction control and electronic stability control features an incredibly confident.


Stability control system estimates the desired direction with the handlebars and to determine the appropriate response of the vehicle. The system brakes individual wheels and / or reduces excess engine torque until the control is resumed.

Anti-lock braking system

Sensors monitor the rotation of the three wheels. If one of the wheels are in danger of locking, ABS braking reduces the pressure on her. This procedure is repeated in rapid succession and can be performed independently on each wheel, allowing for maximum braking performance.

Traction Control System

Also the traction control system detects excessive rotation of the rear wheel (for example, slippery conditions), reduces engine torque by controlling the engine ignition and fuel injection. This allows the roadster to accelerate a little corrective effort of the pilot.

Dynamic Power Steering

Electronically controlled steering system provides power to the pilot will help to realize the different handlebars. The amount varies the vehicle speed can be adjusted to an appropriate level of steering effort.

Transmission options

Semi-automatic transmission

No clutch lever. No change foot. Can-Am roadster semi-automatic 5-speed using the shift paddles handy, a feature typically associated with sports cars. The shift paddles allows you to move faster and smoother, which means you can get the adrenaline rush as fast as you want. Simply put pressure on the thumb of your left hand to move and use your index finger and downshift. It 'also the opposite to increase maneuverability.

Manual transmission

Fluid motion is smooth, 5-speed gearbox created specifically for the Can-Am roadster. It 'also the opposite to increase maneuverability.

Maximum security

The digitally encoded security system (DESS ™) helps to protect the Can-Am roadster theft or other unauthorized use. The vehicle will not start unless the rider to use correctly coded electronic key.

Proven Rotax

998cc V-twin Rota x - in the last 50 years, over 6 million Rotax ® engines have been built, the power of the world's most impressive on-and off-road. Each of the Can-Am roadster is equipped with a 998cc Rotax V-Twin engine tuned to sports riding or touring. Engines Touring offers cruise control and an electronic speed regulator.