2012 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer Review

V Star 1300 Tourer has everything you need to see the boulevard and the country in comfort and style.

For 2012 Yamaha V-Star 1300 is a companion to ride relaxed stable. For 2012 V-Star 1300 Tourer version of the V-Star 1300 has all the same great features, plus a windshield, saddlebags and passenger backrest lock. Value-added items are sure to have the miles rolling by a style and comfort.

V-Star 1300 Tourer has the same class leading power and handling of the regular V-Star 1300 plus 3 of the most sought after "casual touring" extras.

A windshield, saddlebags and passenger backrest lock for the Tourer a weekend escape perfect machine. Spacious floor corridor wide panniers, all components combine to provide unprecedented performance, comfort and style.

2012 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer
2012 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer
The most powerful V-Star Tourer.

The 2012 Yamaha V-Star makes you feel good all over. Rule allows a relaxed driving position is sitting in shape is just 27.2 inches and with standard features such as a transmission belt, leather-covered hard back and an adjustable windshield, you're ready to ride with style and comfort. And do not forget the 80 cubic inch, fuel injected V-twin engine that provides plenty of power, a great exhaust note and tons of reliability.

2012 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer Highlights and key features:

Fuel ± 18kpl/51mpg (Imp)

60-degree V-twin injection

Windshield, saddle bags & backrest

Main features:

• V-Star 1300 Tourer comes standard with hard leather-wrapped side air bags, passenger backrest and windshield. The package is designed to tour the factory, so it is styled in accordance with the flowing lines of the bike.

• a mid-sized V Star 1300 Tourer brings the modern classic Under a lighter, sportier, hot-rod inspired ride.

• 80 cubic inches (1304cc) liquid-cooled, fuel injected V-twin produces excellent power at all levels with a highly stimulating exhaust note.

• The modern-classic design, including the gas tank without flange and two in a drain, V Star 1300 Tourer gives badge showing Star ®.

• Steel chassis is 48 percent of the weight of the bike on the front wheel for quick, lightweight and maneuverability.

• Functions as an authentic cruiser belt drive and steel fenders and fuel tank, additional features to further open.

• An estimated 42 mpg * indicates more than 200 km of driving fill-ups.

• Star Accessories Catalog is packed with high quality parts that invite Star owners to fully express their individuality.

2012 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer
2012 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer

2012 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer Features and Benefits


1304cc (80 cubic centimeters) liquid-cooled, short stroke, SOHC, 8 valves, pumps 60 ° V-twin engine with excellent power and torque for acceleration and cruising performance unmatched. At 110 km / h, the engine is turning only 3400 rpm, for relaxed highway cruising.

Electric starting system features a mechanical centrifugal decompression device in the exhaust camshaft for easy, no starting problems and battery size and weight.

Coolant not only allows higher state of harmony, but also reduces mechanical noise for a quieter engine.

In an attempt to maintain the classic air-cooled appearance of the engine cooling fins have been added as an obvious style.

The short stroke engine design reduces the engine "stature", while the 60 degree "V" makes the engine more compact mass so centralizing and lower center of gravity to read more easily manipulated.

Classic V-twin "pulse" and highlight the character of this engine engine without the annoying high-frequency vibration has been eliminated.

A piece cylinder heads feature four valves per cylinder to provide optimum breathing efficiency for maximum effect. Each head is equipped with one long reach spark plugs.

Stylish chrome cylinder head covers.

SOHC valve train features 36 mm intake and exhaust valves 32 mm with coil springs for a great unique special power and torque. Angle valves are set at 20 degrees. Specially designed roller rockers activate the valves. The roller rocker system allows a greater amount of valve lift without causing wear on the camshaft and excessive friction. The part of the rocker shoe has a needle bearing to further reduce wear and slip resistance. The camshafts are designed specifically to provide power to the ruling class.

Optimized squish area forces the fuel / air mixture in the center of the combustion chamber for more complete combustion and therefore power.

The water pump that is integrated with the oil pump and is located inside the engine cases to keep cleaner, more traditional air-cooled look to power. The engine uses a wet sump lubrication.

The radiator is mounted between the front frame down tubes to minimize their appearance, especially when the machine is next door. Even the rad hoses have been discreetly placed a cleaner look. An electric fan aids in cooling stop and go traffic.

Automatic hydraulic cam chain tensioners reduces mechanical noise and prolong engine life.

Ceramic composite materials to reduce the weight of the coated cylinders, cylinder life and provide uniform heat dissipation. The cylinders are tapered "V" to emphasize the appearance of the V-twin design. Bore of 100 mm.

Forged pistons offer great durability and reduced weight of the faster engine response and less vibration.

Crankshaft has a single crank pin design that improves the speed and nature of the engine.

An axis, the left and right double motor counter balancers reduce vibration to a minimum and maximum comfort.

The design of the oil pan and features internal cooling lines for a clean, air-cooled engine. There are special piston coolers that spray oil on the underside of the pistons.

Easy access, spin on type oil filter

Classical side-mounted 3.7 liter airbox houses a viscosity type of filter paper and adds a touch of style.

Dual 40 mm Mikuni Bore-return type fuel system, throttle body with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and ISC (Idle Speed ​​Control). This is a "closed" system, which uses an oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor "sniffers" used in the exhaust and ECU information is returned, which in turn adjusts the fuel / air mixture for the emission maximum clamping force. Oxygen sensor is located before the mufflers, so the use of slip-on will not affect this system.

Bore is 40mm and each injector has 12 holes and a double jet fuel atomization and more complete combustion filling. There is one injector per cylinder. Benefits of fuel injection include improved fuel economy, operating automatic choke, emissions reduction and stable idle during startup.

2 in an exhaust system with a 3-way honeycomb catalyzier at the point of entry to the muffler. The catalyzier reduces harmful exhaust emissions, while the muffler produces a throaty V-twin growl. The rear muffler has a "diagonal cut" final.

Smooth-shifting 5-speed gearbox 5 March overdrive offers excellent cruising performance and reduced rpm at highway speeds. The motor rotates at 3400 rpm 110 km / h.

System clean, quiet, maintenance-free drive belt is very low and easy to customize. The belt is unique to the XVS1300 and features of the carbon grains for strength.

Specially designed boot has a damping mechanism to prevent damage from bouncing.

Air Intake System (AIS) reduces harmful exhaust emissions (CO + HC).

A classic piece of heel-toe shifter provide versatility and enhances overall cruising experience.