2012 Kawasaki Versys 650 Review

Q. What a great bike for travel superslab, A romantic weekend on canyon roads or simply the pleasure of driving in general? A: Kawasaki Versys ®. Introduced both by the media and public bicycles a few years ago, the name Versys "bike of the Year" by Motorcyclist magazine and placed on a variety of top 10 lists in publications enthusiasts. This solidly built tool Versatile will lead you to find other reasons to ride and more roads to explore.

Power Curve "The Versys quickly silenced the skeptics who think that two 649cc parallel can not pump so much power. Complete flexibility Versys aggressive style "dynamic force, and adjustable windscreen offers a variety of drivers. For more ride comfort saddle, rubber pads on the rear engine mount and rubber inserts in the upper hole of the stirrups to isolate the rider's feet from engine vibration, which is softer, more relaxed ride.

The Versys' compact, liquid-cooled, fuel injected, 649cc, parallel twin engine was the perfect engine for the right bike to do everything light and agile, from the beginning: it is quite alive to advanced riders and predictable enough to inspire confidence in the rank beginner. The torquey Twin delivers a deep band of the power in the lower and middle of its rev range, making the Versys a great travel companion suburban relaxed. His genius is evident surprise when the roads turn twisty, because despite its comfort and courtesy, fun to ride Versys also a sports management authentic and excellent fuel economy. With its large fuel tank 5 gallons, you can go a long way from full.
2012 Kawasaki Versys 650
2012 Kawasaki Versys 650
Long journey of high-tech suspension system is multi-role of a critical Versys' mission. Showa rear suspension and dual damping companies gradually so that the bike is moving its way, which provides a first round plush that companies almost level sport bike suspension loads increase. Wheel of short, compact engine allows use for longer than the average gull-wing swingarm to reduce the gas caused by the interruption of business, and handling. Dual-sport-inspired, adjustable conical tube 41 mm inverted fork absorbs bumps big and small, and like the back, companies conveniently than the pace is accelerating.

Surely the key to success Versys is a beautiful, well-designed cabin, which offers mostly vertical, natural position down the steps and the properties of the seat constructed to provide maximum comfort for both rider and passenger. The comfort is further enhanced theme adjustable windshield, which offers three different positions. Instrument panel easy to read and informative enables riders to quickly scan the gauges and keep your eyes on the road. Perhaps the most versatile bikes out there, Versys excels in almost any task, it is always a dead end road congestion Canyon carving long distance tour.

2012 Kawasaki Versys 650
2012 Kawasaki Versys 650

2012 Kawasaki Versys 650 ABS

Cycling of many talents

The Versys ABS refuses to be limited to a single ranking. Why? ... Because it is a great on so many things! Long travel suspension for excellent handling in city driving position very comfortable for long distance comfort, precise handling with excellent traction, smooth power delivery with a high level of usability - the Versys ABS really delivers on many levels.

Ideal for a bike for getting around town all week and cover large distances over the weekend, Versys ABS is a very talented artist indeed.

2012 Kawasaki Versys 650
2012 Kawasaki Versys 650

2012 Kawasaki Versys 650 Features and Benefits

The main features of

• bike comfortable, versatile fit in a variety of driving conditions, secondary roads will

• 649cc parallel twin digital (DFI ®) provides smooth power, reactive power

• The long journey of the performance of a wide range of situations

• Suspension adjustable rear mono-shock offers progressive damping as the load increases suspension

• 3-way adjustable windshield allows customized wind protection

• aluminum swingarm and wheels 17-inch cast aluminum to reduce unsprung weight for better ride comfort

• Sub-engine exhaust promotes greater weight centralization

• Its aggressive styling gives it a distinctive look Versys

DOHC 649cc Parallel Twin engine

• The most compact engine in its class can reduce the size of the whole bike

• crank shaft and triangular front design keeps short-to-back

• Semi-dry sump oil system reduces overall engine height

• narrow, chrome composite plated aluminum cylinders reduce engine width

• Tuned to provide smooth, reactive power, low

• mid-rpm range for the deployment of emergency response - ideal for negotiating city traffic, Backroads tight and everything else

• A 180 degree crankshaft and balance shafts to produce a remarkably smooth engine

• oil jets on the connecting rod ends spray oil on the underside of the pistons with cooling

• under-engine muffler 3-way catalyst mass concentration of AIDS in the handling and looks great

Liquid cooled

• The engine temperatures remain constant long engine life and sustained power in difficult conditions

• Closer tolerances of the engine means more power

• Coolant is routed through the engine cases reduces the number of external hoses

Digital fuel injection (DFI ®)

• two 38 mm Keihin throttle bodies with ECU control valves of the secondary throttle valve for optimum performance and driveability average

• Sub-throttle, located behind the main throttle, give the throttle response and precise Versys feel good and

• Auto-idle system makes starting and warm-up easily, even on cold days

• The fuel injection provides precise high fuel consumption, and 3-way catalyst reduces emissions

Digital ignition capacitor discharge (CDI) System

• Microprocessor controlled timing requires adjustment and is ultra responsive to engine

• Powerful, the spark plug mounted "stick" ignition coils are compact, lightweight and reliable

A six-speed

• Versys' transmission tapes racing style uses a compact layout that is easily removable as a unit of the case for maintenance of the engine gearbox much lighter

High strength steel trellis frame

• Versys "exotic-looking trellis frame is small, light and thin, knees and hooks for comfort and control

• The analysis of a computer in the 3D design process achieves optimum rigidity balance for a ride and handling

Single shock rear suspension

• distinctive gull-wing aluminum swingarm is controlled by a single cylinder horizontal full frame construction typical integrated with the rear hub line because of head control

• Short, compact frame and engine design allows the rear fork is longer, which improves the overall treatment

• The Showa shock has adjustable preload and rebound damping and uses a free piston and two-stage damping valves for smooth action during initial compression that becomes stronger near the end of the race to feel more planted

Long travel fork

• Long 41 mm inverted fork combines the best dual-sport bikes and racing-type suspension provides outstanding performance on a wide range of conditions

• Tapered, relatively short outer tubes help provide the ideal balance of stiffness and rigidity of the chassis integrates the settings of the platform

• depreciation fork height, spring preload and rebound can be adjusted to tune the suspension to specific conditions, styles and expenses

Petal brake discs in style

• Dual 300mm petal-style discs with two piston calipers in front and a single 220 mm disc with single piston caliper petals at the back offers plenty of stopping power

• Same rotor design as found on the Ninja supersport machines ®, petal design rotors provide better cooling and resistance channel

• Six-spoke wheels, like those found on the Ninja ZX-6R and ZX-10R ™, six-spoke wheels they consume less material between the spokes to the rim thickness is reduced and the total weight of the wheel

• Lightweight wheels increase the overall performance - suspension, handling, acceleration / deceleration and the initial curve

Ergonomic comfort

• Each of the two-piece seat was designed for a different thickness and firmness of foam to optimize comfort for both driver and passenger

• the passenger seat and grab bars was to provide a natural seating position for greater comfort

• An easy to read instrument panel has a large analog tachometer and digital display for speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, dual trip meters and clock. White LED backlighting provides increased visibility at night

• rail passengers, seat upholstery materials and comfortable seating position for passengers making fun Versys

• Rubber pads engine mounts to the rear and rubber-coated hollow in the footrest therefore reduces engine vibration and a smoother ride


• The fairing, double stacked headlamps, front fenders and mirrors, and a style LED backlight Versys Z1000 give a bold high-tech

• The windshield has a large air pocket for comfort even three-way adjustable, it is adaptable to a variety of riders and climates