2012 Kawasaki Z750 Review

In 2012, Z750 combines great street performance and aggressive styling. Specially designed for horseback riding in the high street, new age street-fighter offers a perfect balance between the engine and chassis performance. A wide power range provides powerful acceleration and fleshy on a smooth, linear torque curve, while the sleek chassis delivers performance in the turns fast and agile. The Z750's suspension settings and tire is set to offer driving characteristics and rider reactive over a wide range of road surfaces and riding conditions. In fact, this envelope to the balanced performance of the most remarkable is the Z750. Offering just the right amount of power in a package Z750 aspect responsive and crisp just may be the best balanced machine of the new model year.

2012 Kawasaki Z750 Features and Benefits


A slim and compact chassis provides superb maneuverability and precise handling Z750. Upgrades to meet the requirements of equestrian sport includes a repositioned steering column and a 41mm inverted fork which greatly increases feel and ride quality.

Chassis Sensitive

The framework provides a driver excellent handling response through the balance of rigidity. Furthermore, the relationship between seat, handlebars and footrests improves communication between rider and machine.
2012 Kawasaki Z750
2012 Kawasaki Z750
Sensual power

The liquid-cooled, 748 cc, 16 valve, has posted four had been re-tuned for better acceleration and passing power. Redesigned intake ports, new cam profiles and other changes in the intake system resulting in a flatter curve mid-range torque.

Better low and medium performance

The silent short with a stylish tri-ovular section has been reworked in-house using the latest technologies to "tune" against the pressure waves for enhanced response in the low mids.

Aggressive style

Hoods aggressive, aerodynamic front and side style to add to the already Z750 aspect muscle, further strengthening its powerful "Street Fighter" attitude.

Superb suspension

The 41 mm inverted fork provides a smooth response in the upper half of the race, complemented by firmer damping in the bottom half. It gives the feeling of a long-stroke suspension first, followed by a solid, planted feel in corners. Ultimately, it makes the bike both easier to ride and better results.

Great failure

As Ninja supersport machines Z750 boasts triple petal disc brakes provide excellent stopping power with reduced unsprung weight and improved heat dissipation.

Full instrumentation

Full instrumentation provides a driver information look-through style analog tachometer with an LCD display with digital speedometer, odometer, speedometer, water temperature, fuel gauge, clock, and more.

2012 Kawasaki Z750
2012 Kawasaki Z750

2012 Kawasaki Z750 - Australian Technical Specifications / Technical Data

Australia MSRP Price: See Australia Kawasaki dealer pricing


Type Liquid-cooled, 4 cylinder in-line four

Displacement 748 cc

Bore and stroke 68.4 x 50.9 mm

Compression ratio 11.3:1

Valve DOHC, 16 valves

Fuel injection: Ø 32 mm x 4 (Keihin) with oval sub-throttles

Ignition Digital

Electric Start

Forced lubrication, wet sump

Transmission 6-speed, return

Sealed chain final drive

Primary Reduction 1.714 (84/49)


The first 2.571 (36/14)

Another 1.941 (33/17)

Third 1.556 (28/18)

4e 1,333 (28/21)

Fifth 1,200 (24/20)

Sixth 1.095 (23/21)

Final reduction ratio 2.867 (43/15)

Multi-plate clutch, manual

Spine-like tubular structure (with engine sub-frame), high strength steel

Suspension travel: 120 mm

125 mm rear


front 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)

180/55ZR17M/C back (73W)

Caster (Rake) 24.5 °

Trail 103 mm

Steering angle (left / right) 31 ° / 31 °


Front: 41 mm inverted fork rebound damping and spring preload adjustability

Rear: Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with gas damper

Continuously Rebound

Spring preload 7-way


Front: Dual semi-floating 300 mm petal discs

Dual-piston calliper

Rear: Single disc 250 mm petal

The indicator of a piston

Length of 2085 mm

Overall width 805 mm

Overall height 1100 mm

Step 1440 mm

Ground clearance 155 mm

Seat height 815 mm

Curb weight 226 kg with full tank

18.5 liters tank