2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Review

They are known as "soft spot" motorcycles, so balanced, nice and all may be well above two-wheeled counterparts, forging a lasting reputation as the machine exciting, stylish and practical Streetbike.

There are not many such perfectionists now narrowly focused on two wheels in the world. Since its inception in 2006, the talented Ninja 650R ® is a member in good faith of this elite group, winning the praise of the owners and the media. But in 2012, is massively redesigned Ninja 650 better than ever.

This practice, running wheel has a number of new technologies and design elements, such as a ring completely new style chassis, revised suspension, body angle, new instrumentation, improved engine performance, a comfortable saddle, lower seat height, and much more. The new version-and-improved mass-promises even more all-round ability, which is suitable for beginners and veterans.

It all starts in the engine compartment, where an advanced, compact, water-cooled vertical twin 649cc works his magic with the help of a digital fuel injection equipped with throttle body 38 mm throttle and subassemblies for optimal response and offer accurate. The engine produces ultra-close of a great power, lots of character - especially in the midrange and low - an impressive display of technology, including dual overhead cam eight-valve acts on light. Lightweight pistons operate plated cylinder liners, while a 180-degree crankshaft - along with a balance shaft - maintains a surprising level of refinement of the engine.

It has always been an engine of great street bike - torquey, smooth, and blessed with an impressive top end, but still enough punch to meet low-and mid-range for novices and experts please . But this year is even better thanks to the key changes of the exhaust system including a tube connector section header and muffler design of three bedrooms. The rush to the rear at high speed, but the Kawasaki engineers have pushed the extra power in the midrange area, causing even more around simplicity of use and responsiveness in the city. Included in the Ninja 650 engine estimated at 50 mpg fuel economy *, precise injection and twin cans nice and you look at what may be the engine of the street the most flexible and rewarding bike on the planet.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650
Rotate the engine is completely new chassis wonderfully useful dual pipe circumference, which provides additional rigidity against the old grid layout Ninja, while maintaining a close to life the design leads to a beautiful country. The new frame is a thin, lightweight, compact and aesthetically pleasing, but the swingarm is forged axle holders to the rear wheel arch, through the suspension travel in style. The new backbone of the sub-frame provides a 10 percent increase in towing capacity. Along with the new suspension settings front and rear (there is a greater comfort from 2012 41 mm front fork and single rear shock), the entire platform installation - which includes the new intelligent road tires Dunlop II - to extend the ' ethos of "sporty-yet-comfortable," won both the 650 model Ninja fans over the years.

It 'a better car, even with a large handlebar 20 mm compared to the previous version, and 2 pieces of foam on site assembly, which is thicker than before. Both the handlebars and saddle are mounted on wheels and footrests, more vibration-free comfort. And still enjoy all that good ergonomics, it sets a new instrument cluster with analogue tachometer above the LCD information display speed, distance meters, fuel consumption, remaining range, etc., where the light bus info to the right.

People see you riding with a motorcycle will see lighter and aggressive style, as well. The all-new chassis is more clearly defined and that our race winning super sport machines, with flowing lines and a tapered heater, which fits perfectly with the rest of the bike. Body parts to make the new Ninja 2012 650 more slippery in terms of aerodynamics, while an adjustable, 3-position of the windscreen allows riders to customize the interior is still air cocoon of comfort maximum driving. The heat is transmitted from the engine more efficiently than before, thus adding to the comfort level.

Together, all this sweet a medium-sized steering wheel, which is excellent for beginners and vets - is not easy to obtain. Pull out the light and engine torque 650, light-pull clutch and throttle to complete the job quickly work. Crisp, linear brakes do a simple matter of slowing down, while the low seat height gives the maximum confidence once stopped drivers. And light control and maneuverability to keep novices smiling throughout the day. Experts will appreciate the new Ninja engine is a powerful and flexible, modern suspension, brakes, and an agile process. It seems a new aggressive style that goes 100 mph, although still sitting.

In 2012, Ninja 650 can really do anything - from travel, cruising, hiking or strafing APEX. As we said earlier: Sweet.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS

Ninja style, fun to drive and easy to use

The Ninja 650R ABS offers a package that is fun and easy to assemble and match their street performance with aggressive style of Ninja Supersport. The most obvious change for 2010 is the addition of ABS, while the sharp style of the bike aggressively gives the appearance of a modern supersport machine.

-Injected 649cc liquid-cooled, parallel twin is by far the most compact in its class. Rpm torque quickly, increasing the tension of the pilot, and the response is smooth as silk, especially medium-low speed.

Sporty, easy to handle and wrapped in an attractive style Ninja supersport, the new Ninja 650R ABS allows riders to experience the fundamental joy of motorcycles.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Features and Benefits

New 2012

• Redesign double tube perimeter frame provides sufficient rigidity, stable handling, low seat height and improved aesthetics

• Mounting pipe swingarm provides improved rigidity and maximum style

• Redesigned exhaust system has a new connector pipes, a higher volume of 3 bedrooms assembling silent for a better mid-range while maintaining advanced high-end power and a superior finish

• redesigned bodywork provides better aerodynamics, better heat dissipation motor and sharper is identified with the flagship ZX-14R ™

• It is easier to design clutch cable traction control to reduce fatigue and improve

• Revised suspension settings, and increased wheel travel front and back offer improved comfort offering excellent compared to other situations

• brake pads provide better braking performance and better control

• Assembly of New dashboard is equipped with an analogue tachometer and a digital readout module in an instant transfer of information in the future

• 20 mm wide handlebar provides improved ride comfort and control

• Redesign of the Assembly building has two thick pieces of foam and wide for better comfort for the driver and passenger

• Roadsmart adherent and durable Dunlop tires as standard II

• Increased fuel capacity and compact battery

Smooth, torquey, fast-revving, 649cc parallel twin-

• Liquid-cooled, DOHC, eight-valve fuel injected twin cylinder engine provides a flexible and responsive performance, especially in the lower

• the range of average speed

• More mid-range power in 2012 to produce a unique roll-on response and impressive passing performance, to help make even commuter traffic enjoyable

• a minimum of vibrations through a balance shaft driven crankshaft 180 degrees, which in turn drives the water pump

Oil jets on the connecting rod big ends • spray oil on the underside of the pistons with cooling

• The light plug mounted ignition coils to provide a hot spark and save space

• The large-capacity radiator to increase cooling efficiency

• Refrigerant travels directly to the crankcase, then the inside of the cylinder head and the minimal external plumbing, and a simplified cooling system

Digital electronic injection

• The parameters of fuel injection increases engine power while leaving the lower end it quick rev

• Sub-butterfly throttle bodies fitted with Keihin 38 mm offers optimum performance and handling

• behind the main throttle valve, secondary valve controlled by the DFI ® system ECU throttle response accurately, similar to the constant velocity carburetor

• Auto unused fast boot system simplifies and ensures that the catalyst has reached its optimal temperature more quickly

• Turn on the fuel pump to fix the fuel tank

Compact engine design

• Powerful twin engine is the most compact in its class, helping to reduce the size of the entire motorcycle and allows use of a thin (and new) double tube frame perimeter

• Installation triangular crankshaft and transmission shafts makes the engine short-dimensional face-to-back

• The drive input shaft, output shaft and change drum are contained in a belt pack style that allows a compact design and easy maintenance of the transmission

• The design of semi-dry sump reduces engine height

• Braided lines less aluminum cylinder with a narrow cylinder not keep the engine light and slim

Low Emission

• The injection of fuel efficient and a three-way catalyst in the exhaust very low emissions, able to pass the stringent Euro III emission

• 300 cell catalyst is compact and lightweight

• Under-engine muffler placement aids mass centralization and allows a low center of gravity

Vibration Control

• Rubber-mounted saddle, handlebars and footrests (rider and passenger) to maintain a low vibration and comfort to the highest possible

Twin Tube rigid perimeter frame

• Slim design framework, the dim light, rigid and compact narrow at the knees and footrest (50 mm closer to 2012) for driver comfort and optimal control

• The high perimeter steel frame wraps around the engine for optimum rigidity, rivaling that of any aluminum-design

• Framework for optimal stiffness is achieved through an extensive computer analysis, resulting in excellent handling and control wheel

• The new frame and swingarm designs flow together well aesthetically, and to work with the revised suspension settings for maximum control of the wheel

• Short front-to-back dimensions of the machine allows a longer swing arm and a shorter wheelbase, which contributes to the new Ninja is light and agile handling

• Clean the joint surfaces of welding the frame to emphasize the overall quality of the bike and attention to detail

Stylish Twin-tube swingarm

• New rear fork is tuned to complement the new chassis flex and stiffness properties

• tilt tube top right has a cross section D-shaped for strength and light weight

• The shape of the swingarm and the design contribute to the Ninja 650 high-quality appearance


• The revised parameters of conventional 41 mm fork and laydown shock with adjustable preload provide more travel for a comfortable ride and excellent wheel control improves

• fork lower ends around the axle shaft add to the performance of the bike and improve its high quality image

The ergonomic comfort and confidence

• A track-20mm wide, new 2-piece seat (foam wider and thicker for 2012) and the optimal placement of the footrest result in a lawsuit comfortable and natural riding position a wide range of riders

• A new structure of the sub-frame provides a low seat height and position narrow platforms to improve control and comfort when entering the country easier than ever

• The displacement of a single stroke rear suspension design with a small battery for 2012 allows a lower seat and

• The low seat height and slim overall design make it easy to plant both feet firmly on the ground to stop - a bonus for new drivers

Triple Disc Brake

• Dual front 300mm disc brakes with petal-shaped dual-piston caliper and single 220mm rear petal disc shaped deliver enough stopping power, especially with the addition of flu brake pads for 2012

• Front cylinder master brake has a 14mm piston for smooth actuation

Thin Supersport inspired Corps

• A design of the headlights twice the muzzle new dress lined hood features multi-reflector bulbs and lights Simple - like his brothers Ninja supersport

• 3-way adjustable windshield diverts air away from the pilot to create a still without an envelope and reduce the vibrations of the wind at higher speeds

• Recently renovated - and increased capacity - the fuel tank completely radically shaped eyes, a new fairing

• Significantly Ninja supersport design elements reinforce the new Ninja 650 is sportier image and compact appearance

• integrated turn signals feature clear lenses front and orange lamps

• A sleek tail with LED backlight improves the appearance of good body of new and radical

• inner wing on the back helps keep the underside of the tail cap clean

• Turn signals also function as emergency lights

• A new front fender design reduces the start, while its shape is the set of 650 new body Ninja

• Supersport mirror - as they were Kawasaki ZX-10R and 6R - highlight a new bike an aggressive stance and appearance

6-spoke aluminum

• Attractive six spoke supersport-style wheels look to strengthen the light of the bike and reduces unsprung weight for excellent suspension action

Instruments / Controls

• The new multifunction instrumentation includes a fuel gauge, digital speedometer, clock, odometer, dual trip meters, driving economy (ECO) and an analog tachometer above the LCD screen info-pod

• Meters clock and the trip are available simultaneously

• Easy to read LCD display provides quick drivers at a glance information on a variety of systems

• Power switch is now located at the top of the tank, which brings clarity for Ninja 650 newly developed tools