2012 Kawasaki KLX140 Review

Shooting KLX ™ 140 is a term is easy: all-rounder. And his life as a medium-sized, flexible and easy to drive motor in nature, 2012 Kawasaki KLX ™ 140 is a versatile machine that can accommodate a wide range of riders. Pilots will appreciate the small physical size KLX - larger than a typical mini touch - and the button, while the longest KLX140L appreciate the larger wheels with a 19 "front and 16" rear wheel to replace the standard KLX 17 "front and 14 "rear wheels. Both 140S are friendly to beginners and novices, but both offer a spacious cabin and adequate performance and management skills of advanced riders with a smile.

The fun, friendly, multi-talented fellow dirt

The multi-talented KLX ™ 140 features manageable size that will delight riders later, when the engine delivers power in a uniform way for new and seasoned riders can enjoy. Riders of all stripes to find something to love about this bike compact, if it is straight-forward to start or slightly larger than the size "hole" wheel. Cracking a smile is inevitable, regardless of the level of pilot experience.

2012 Kawasaki KLX140
2012 Kawasaki KLX140
Bring the KLX to life is as easy as pressing the power switch, and browsing the start button. The power switch has an LED to remind the pilots, while the power is turned on and prevents dead batteries. Powerful 144cc engine is easy to manage through a five-speed manual clutch, close ratio transmission. And the progressive clutch means that younger and beginning riders can more easily grasp the exchange and use of the switch, it also means half a progressive switch can be used at very low speeds. Switch also provides a more direct feel and more durability.

Engine at high speeds, quiet and surprisingly, the KLX is wrapped in a perimeter of high-strength steel frame covered by KX ™-like shrouds, a seat cover in two colors and hard work, aggressive body. The spacious cabin 140, the general control design and about the relationship footrest / frame - as comprehensive and convenient footrests - making it easier for passengers to travel on a minimum of effort.

33 mm telescopic fork with spring rate and adjusted to measure the damping parameters assumed the position of the front suspension. In return, the UNI-TRAK ® rear suspension links with adjustable preload with 5-provides a way. Smooth and controlled to provide even more options for the drivers of growth, the most advanced KLX140L, with a cushion easily fits the standard KLX140.

Lightweight RK EXCEL aluminum rims and an advanced braking components are another sign of this is a serious off-road motorcycles. Large 220mm front disc and twin-piston 27 mm front and 186 mm rear disc provide serious stopping power. Both use petal-shaped rotors, which helps clean the brakes and reduce unsprung weight for better control of the wheel.

In short? The KLX140 delivers an ideal combination of size and performance, while the equivalent of great fun for children and adults.

2012 Kawasaki KLX140
2012 Kawasaki KLX140

2012 Kawasaki KLX140 features and benefits

At a glance ...

- 144cc air-cooled single cylinder engine is simple to use and maintain

- First gear ratio allows optimum use of engine power

- Manual clutch offers young riders gradually the ability to control the clutch and shift

- Keyless start using the electric start button on the handlebars, LED indicates when the power button helps prevent accidental battery drain

- The 220 mm front disc petals and large-diameter, 27 mm dual-piston (same size as the KX450F/250F) for solid and easy to control the braking

- Quiet muffler is USFS approved spark arrestor with a, or access to designated public off-road KLX140L

144 cc air-cooled, single cylinder engine

- Reliable engine light and easy to use is easy to use and maintain

- Engine speed easily and allows riders to use the large full engine speed until the rev limiter at 10,500 rpm

- Exhaust pipe is curved to achieve optimum length for good power properties

- Quiet muffler is USFS approved spark arrestor with a, or KLX140 off-road vehicle access to designated public

- Oil-moistened air is washable, reusable, easy and very effective in situations of dust

Electric Start

- Keyless electric starting via handlebar-mounted button

- Orange LED light activates when the power button is pressed, indicating that it is "ON" to help prevent accidental battery discharge

- Digital CDI will help to ensure a rapid onset and reliable


- Oval piston-valve Keihin PB20 has several Kawasaki home modifications to provide fuel stable in difficult off-road conditions

- Partitioning the float to keep the subject of fuel sloshing too, when an umbrella around the main fuel jet jump traps

- Dual air vents help provide a stable fuel supply and eliminate doubt, even when the bike is at extreme angles

- Needle valve is suspended from a spring, which acts as a buffer

- Material rubber instead of plastic floating

First report of transmission

- Close help speed acceleration performance KLX

- Lever has a ball bearing design to facilitate the movement of the KX ™ models, and has a folding tip to reduce collision damage

Progressive manual clutch

- Manual clutch offers young riders the opportunity to master the clutch and shift

- Shock spring in the clutch engagement allows a 2-stage clutch that allows half-used while driving to diet extremely low or idling speeds and helps them feel better ensure the clutch and sustainability

Box-section perimeter frame - Ready for the off-road abuse, very rigid, KX-inspired high-tensile steel perimeter frame uses large pipes, high-performance KLX250S

- Aluminum swingarm is lightweight, strong and have a finish like the KX machines

- KX-style voltage allows precise adjustment of chain

Upper suspension

- 33 mm telescopic fork has springs and damping settings specific to each model

- KLX140 shock with adjustable preload 5-position functions

- Advanced KLX140L rear suspension, and the tank can be installed quickly KLX140 riders

KX-style wheels

- Solid, high quality cast hubs offer the same longevity as the KX

- Durable, lightweight RK EXCEL aluminum rims appear on the KLX 17/14-inch front / rear

Petal disc brakes front and rear

- 220 mm petal disc front and 27 mm caliber with two pistons (same size as the KX450F/250F) offers a powerful and easily controllable braking

- Rear brake uses 186 mm petal disc grip 27 mm single-piston calliper

- Rear brake master cylinder features large-volume, standardized reservoir, which contributes to stable braking and helps ensure sufficient fluid pressure, even if the brake pads for wear

- The waveform of the petal discs help clean the brake pads more effective braking power and reduce unsprung weight


- Bowl-shaped box-section chassis, running boards installed along the center line near the bikes' and the start lever to combine to offer drivers a good grip on the wheel and this convention is higher in the control of the machine

- Footrest / structure relationship is modeled after the KX for maximum leg grip

- Handlebar is rubber mounted to reduce vibration transmitted to the hands of the pilot

- Two-piece upper triple clamp and clamp handle makes it easy to install market-oriented

- Motif embossed on half the surface of the handle grip and improves rider comfort

- Two-tone seat cover has a nonslip surface for superior grip and smooth sides for excellent rider mobility when standing

Sharp, an aggressive body style

- Box-frame type ring contains a sophisticated style similar to that of the KX drivers

- Two-piece shrouds with ventilation holes inspired by the top-of-the-line KX race machines

- Fuel tank cover provides a smooth transition from the hood, and to promote high-quality fit and finish

- Exceeds receptors box design muffler at least possible for the rear side panel has a plastic lid that provides a quiet area that is cold to the touch than steel