2012 Kawasaki KLX110 Review

Parents can buy a KLX ™ 110 children, but when they discover how much fun it can compete for the seat of their time for the little ones. And it is easy to see why: a little 'KLX is simply fun to drive package that inspires confidence and easy to use performance, which makes the children, beginners and experienced riders smile on their helmets during the day.

A mini-bikes for children and adults

Although KLX ™ 110 is purchased for "children," adults always seem to discover how fun it is. The next thing you know ... they are sneaking time the seat of their young. The KLX has many laugh inducing properties, including its reliable performance and availability for youth and adults. It is easy to see why adults can not stop the ride!

2012 Kawasaki KLX110
2012 Kawasaki KLX110
This bike versatile, easy going with electric start button. Just in case there is a traditional lever to start the backup, but once you get used to the pilots feel the magic, it is likely to forget all that. The 111cc four-stroke torque is easy to use. To make it friendly for beginners KLX110 is equipped with centrifugal clutch system Kawasaki automatic, no clutch that allows easy movement. The gearbox offers semi-automatic four-speed access to the full KLX spread of torque.

Optimal control wheel and the frame is the key to any beginner / children bicycle, and the KLX requires high quality front and rear suspension. An attack in which the travel from 4.3 inches and a lot of resistance to bottoming handles things in reverse, when the muscle, 30 mm telescopic fork provides 4.3 inches of wheel travel to tame the bumps on his forehead. Tapered at the bottom of the steering column for a longer life.

2012 Kawasaki KLX110
2012 Kawasaki KLX110

With all these features, it is logical that mimics his cousin KX ™ 2012 KLX110 style wise. And that is why the design team with the bike on the KX-inspired body radical: gas tank, seat, side panels, bumpers and wings look like they are straight out of the race winning KX450F. A comfortable, stylish MX-Head is part of the face with a curved handle gives a high degree of comfort and control for a wide variety of controllers.

The Comfort. The control. Surprising power still manageable. And aesthetics. Kawasaki's legendary reliability. To get started. And all this in a young child and a beginner-friendly. Not surprisingly, adults and veterans of the love of driving a bit 'KLX when children are tuckered out.

2012 Kawasaki KLX110
2012 Kawasaki KLX110

2012 Kawasaki KLX110 features and benefits

In short ...

- The electric starter button

- Four-speed

- Super-reliable, 111cc engine torque

- Automatic (centrifugal) clutch

- Low seat height 26.8 "

Par power air-cooled four-stroke 111cc engine ercentage over pre-2010 models -

- Push-button electric start makes it easier than ever to get rolling, while a redesigned kick is there to back up? The start button and kill switch is located on the left handlebar for easy access

- KACR (Kawasaki Automatic Release) provides an easy start-ups

- Is lying KLX engine design is perfect for cooling the engine and a low center of gravity

- An inspection hole in the engine for easy maintenance

- Large 18 mm carb knob is easy to grasp with gloves.

- Four-speed

- Four speeds to harness the power of the engine: While the overall proportion of first gear is almost the same, the additional equipment is combined with a final push effectively short gaps between each gear, while expanding the range available operating speed

- Robust and reliable centrifugal clutch to teach entry-level riders to transfer to work without disturbing the clutch lever

- A shift drum cam groove and the spring of positioning, smooth camera, the results to feel beautiful and have the commitment gear

Security and parental control

- For added security, the KLX110 will start in neutral

- The motor switch is easily accessible on the left handlebar

- A butterfly stop screw allows adult supervisors to control the rate of children as they learn

Chassis can

- 30 mm telescopic fork with 4.3 inches wheel travel provides excellent control of body

- Tapered roller bearings in the steering stem lower durability

- The control design is a wide range of riders and MX style seats

- Rear suspension controls the single rear wheel via a lower arm pivot. The spring and damping rates for optimum control of rear wheel travel through a 4.3-inch, and excellent bottoming

- 14-inch front and 12 inch rear knobby tires on steel rims forces provide a great off-road traction and durability, and keep the low seat height

- Rear brake drum style provides many controllable braking and feel

Big KX ™ Style, built to last

- High-strength steel backbone chassis KLX has a strong year, lightweight and built to take abuse

- Four strategically placed heat shields provide protection from exhaust

- Low, 26.8-inch seat height can accommodate a wide range of riders

- Cool KX450F style tank, seat, fairing, side panels and fenders looks fast even sitting still

- KX-style waffles half sleeve offers excellent comfort and control

- A stand practical side makes life easier

Other Features

- A U.S. Forest Service approved spark comes as standard equipment

- The KLX110 meets California "Green Sticker" requirements for driving pleasure all year round