2012 Kawasaki KX65 Review

Kawasaki KX ™ s line is a good place for a lively young to get a taste of competitive driving. KX65 is a powerful two-stroke engine, lightweight chassis, disc brakes, long way to go - and a size that will fit more and more organs Young Riders' - is an appropriate way for children to start the path of glory Motocross .

Time to get serious

The Kawasaki KX ™ 65 is a great place for riders to get their first taste of horse racing. With its powerful two-stroke engine, lightweight chassis, disc brakes, long travel suspension - and a compact size that fits the young runners-KX65 is a bike that is suitable to take the first step on the road the glory of motocross.

The KX65 is water-cooled 64cc engine produces an incredible level of power for their small displacement. The smooth-shifting manual transmission and clutch to transfer that power on earth. The tilting of the steel semi-double cradle is equipped with the legendary Kawasaki UNI-TRAK ® connection system, which alters the lever of the rear suspension as the suspension compresses, so being hit d amortization strokes of light and great to receive farm progressive damping for a smoother ride and better control. Both the shock and fork have four-way adjustable trigger for optimum handling. The lightweight black aluminum wheels to reduce unsprung weight to help improve suspension action, and offer the same aggressive look that the wheels of the big KX models. The two wheels have hydraulic disc brakes that not only provide great stopping power, but require little maintenance and simplify wheel removal.

2012 Kawasaki KX65
2012 Kawasaki KX65
Young drivers who race their KX65 at events are eligible for Team Green ™, Kawasaki's amateur racing support program. Each year Team Green provides regional support vehicles and highly qualified technicians with over 100 events, offering technical information and assistance to those who race Kawasaki products. Kawasaki also offers a contingency plan for a program of amateur and professional riders than good designated events.

2012 Kawasaki KX65
2012 Kawasaki KX65

2012 Kawasaki KX65 features and benefits

In a nutshell ...

- 64cc two-stroke engine with digital ignition offers ideal timing for better throttle response at all engine speeds

- Electrofusion coated cylinder exhaust advanced and transfer ports for more power and performance at higher rpm

- A six-speed transmission offers a positive action and rugged durability, hard chrome fork ends round wear

- High steel frame provides exceptional traction on the torsional rigidity for excellent driving performance with a reinforced down tube for strength and durability

- Uni-Trak ® rear suspension offers progressive spring up and the damping force of the suspension compresses for a more controlled

- Disc brakes front and rear are lightweight, powerful and fade-resistant

- Industry-leading Green Amateur Racing Support Team ™

64cc two-stroke engine

- Digital ignition offers ideal time for optimum throttle response at all engine speeds

2012 Kawasaki KX65
2012 Kawasaki KX65

- Property ignition rotor magnets, rare earth, it is smaller, lighter and more durable. In a brief moment of inertia to improve response at low revs

- Ignition coil high voltage capability provides a higher secondary and punch a hot spark improves throttle response

- Rod Rod has elements of a cage for durability

- Primary Team is attached via a counter-nut to help reduce mechanical noise

- The oil pan gasket has left a plug for increased reliability of the engine

- Metafoam packs applied to the cover of the generator, pump cover water and water pump elbow for improved sealing

Electrofusion cylinder

- Advanced Exhaust and power increase the transfer ports and high-rpm performance

- Bridge between exhaust ports is machined for increased reliability and resistance to wear and seizure

- Light Shirt transfer heat efficiently with less heat

Liquid cooled

- Large radiator allows more consistent engine temperature, maintaining a high output power through the bike

- Cooling system provides greater reliability and less engine wear

Mikuni 24 mm

- Feeds four-petal reed valve for excellent throttle response

- Allows the engine to produce more power and torque at all speeds


- Affirmative action and durability foolproof

- Hard chrome shift fork ends resist wear

- Manual clutch mechanism mirrors larger KX models

- The clutch cover gasket metal composite carbon

Structure of high-strength steel

- Exceptional torsional rigidity for excellent management

- Reinforced down tube adds strength and durability

- Engine and chassis bolts feature rust-resistant coating

Front fork

- Four position rebound damping can accommodate different riding styles and terrain

UNI-TRAK ® rear suspension

- Higher rates of driving action allows the suspension compresses controlled

Nitrogen-charged shock

- Four-way adjustable rebound offers a variety of configurations for different track conditions

- External tank helps to maintain a constant damping

- Rebuildable aluminum housing

Aluminum swingarm

- Forged aluminum rocker arm to reduce weight and improve durability

Disc brakes front and rear - Lightweight and powerful

- Ergonomic design of the front brake lever offers improved feel

- Falmer

- Require less lever pressure

Lightweight aluminum wheels

- Alloy wheels black to give the same aggressive looks of the rims on the big KX models

- Reduce unsprung weight for improved suspension action

Detachable Aluminum Silencer

- Silencer is removable, and the pack must be replaced

- Oval shape mimics the style of the great models KX travel