2012 Beta 498RR Review

Beta RR Enduro models are known for their immediate and authentic approach, reliability, long maintenance intervals and, last but not least, their style 100% Italian. Today, a third-generation models have made their own engine RR4T Rignano Sull'Arno come to market, and the result of the continuous development of various driving skills. Many of the improvements and innovations, as well as chassis and engine, all designed to improve the reliability and driving experience. Various shifts are available now, to set a new 350cc engine, the first market Enduro Beta. 2012 Beta has developed a complete line of enduro, and rely on a weekend hobbyist and professional.
2012 Beta 498RR
Beta 498RR 2012 Features and Benefits

Updates for 2012 include:


* Redesign of the cylinder head including cam reinforced bridge, valve cages, and updated cam chain tensioner to help reduce engine noise.

* A new option for the primary gear and springs, and commitment to the operation of switches.

* Update counterweight bearings for increased reliability.

* Strengthening of the cam chain guide

* Increase the volume of oil in the engine cam chain to reduce friction.

* New oil drain plug for easy oil changes.


* All new 48mm fork with Sachs TFX technology, developed by Sachs exclusively for the Beta. This new design allows the holder to move in the race with very little friction.

* SKF seals and wipers with a new fork-lubricating compounds also reduce stiction.

* New triple clamp to match perfectly with the new front fork.

* Redesigned chassis plugs and a further increase in the diameter of the tube below the pipes. This new body has less flexibility, and improved stability.

* Front and rear brake discs.

* New clutch master cylinder Brembo clutch feel better and commitment.

* Silence redesigned (spark) provides better performance, while maintaining a quieter exhaust note.

* Redesigned headlamps and front fender support

* Striking new red 2012

MSRP Price: $ 8,899.00 USD