2012 Kawasaki KX450F Review

2012 KX ™ 450F highlights begin with the DNA Supercross winner of the bike last year. The advanced design of the aluminum perimeter frame and dominate the engine received a host of improvements to create a more compact chassis and powered by centralized mass energy available, more than ever before. Called the costs of the technology if KX450F has a brand new Launch Control mode that changes the parameters of DFI with the push of a button to maximize the pull of the starting grid. This is achieved without sacrificing the speed of midrange grunt or a straight line which is famous KX450F.
2012 Kawasaki KX450F
No other motocross production offers a higher degree of control to the rider or the interface engine character that the new KX450F 2012. With a choice of four different positions controlled two-position foot rests and two optional plug-in parameters DFI (plus virtually unlimited mapping capabilities with the use of DFI Accessories Kawasaki Racing Kit software) - thanks to its injection advanced digital fuel (DFI ®) System - KX450F is only capable of adapting to changing track conditions and the surface and needs in a surprisingly wide range of riders. Available colors: Lime Green

Just sit on the new 2012-model shows that it is a brand new bike. The new frame thinner (4mm thinner than its predecessor), minimalist new look and a flat-tank places online driving position offers a much slimmer and better ergonomics. A choice of four different controlled positions and two different positions of the foot-PEG allows the rider to tailor new bike for their riding position. Already we can see that this is a completely different bike, and he has not even started yet.

Kick it for more than a new unit and does a masterful job of communicating with the KX, but not without user intervention. Supplied with the switches of DFI, pilots can quickly and easily in their choice of three maps (standard hard or soft), the track conditions.

But perhaps the most exciting addition to the brand new 2012 Kawasaki KX450F is the use of the world's first launch control on a bike MX. Activated at the touch of a button mounted run the Launch Control system, similar to the Kawasaki factory racers, operates a separate engine, maps designed to provide an effective race starts on slippery surfaces. (The map in Launch Control "unique people" ignition, so the tires to gain traction in low traction situations, and if the runners to focus on their lines.) When the rider moves to the third speed The system automatically disconnected, change back to map normal engine.

Other new features on the 2012 KX450F, including a new Uni-Trak suspension at the rear, a new plant-inspired tuning, new front disc brake petal, front tires narrower and lower center of gravity, revised transmission for more gently teams, new factory style and much more.
2012 Kawasaki KX450F
2012 Kawasaki KX450F features and benefits

Better high-end power and a wider range of power

Four new way adjustable bar position

Footrest adjustable in two positions, which can accommodate more riders

New chassis finer features abdomen

Improved to facilitate the transfer, durability and increased security breach

The new way to launch control, more opportunities to nail down the hole

Changing ignition preprogrammed cards as easy as changing coupling caps DFI LAN without PC

2012 KX450F riders can simply activate the new Launch Control mode - a key feature never before seen production motocross bikes. The button system activates a dash on the left handlebar, and optimize off-the-line acceleration by changing the timing of the first and second gears to maximize grip and reduce the possibility of excessive wheel slippage. The passage in the third round of automatic interruption of the Launch Control mode and restore the timing parameters installed in the ignition map. Control efficiency is further improved launch platform designed to maximize the performance of the suspension and traction of the rear wheel.

No other motocross production provides a greater degree of control on the interface of the broker or the character of the new KX450F engine 2012. With a choice of four different positions on the handlebars, two position footrest, and on mapping of virtually unlimited capacity - thanks to its advanced digital fuel injection (DFI ®) System - the KX450F is only able to s' adapted to track conditions and the surface and the needs of a surprisingly wide range of riders.

DFI system comes with an ignition map pre-programmed, but new for 2012, these cards are replaceable without the use of a laptop - or other electronic devices separately. Cards can be quickly and easily switch between three settings - standard, hard (conditions) and soft (see conditions) - replacing the wire clip DFI cap coupling the side of the steering head. No additional accessories needed to switch between preset settings - just install the cork clutch with your desired mode of ignition and start earning. The ECU is also yet fully re-programmable using the KX FI Calibration Accessory Kit, the same tool used by the Kawasaki factory and privateer teams in the AMA and FIM race.

The KX450F has improved average power and high-end and a wider power range, with many improvements. KX450F race-proven piston below deck box provides optimal strength, like last year, but was revised to optimize the rigidity balance and improved medium-high speed nature. New thinner piston ring further improved surface treatment reduces friction and improves throttle response. A new intake cam provides a slight increase in elevation of the intake valve and allows the engine to breathe more deeply, increasing power. The resulting combination provides a greater amount of torque and improved performance at high rpm. This extra power, which makes the soil more efficiently than ever with the new electronics, as well as improvements in the transmission of multiple chassis improvements designed to complement the aggressive power.

The five-speed manual transmission handles the torque load with an ideal balance between accuracy and durability with an extra dog team (3-4), which enhances the feeling of change. A new short-range selection gives a smoother, more positive feel and reduces stress when changing speeds, so that more effective transfer of shares, while the new first gear is 2.8 mm thick to increase strength and durability. Movements advantage of new pedal 3mm footrest and provides added durability. Finally, heavier clutch springs help channel substantial torque of the motor during the height of the door.

Not only, the electronic engine and transmission were significantly higher, but the new body and a more subtle rider is positioned to join the party in 2012. The reduction of the total width of the main spars across the frame 4 mm KX450F 2012 to provide the central part is thinner than ever. Frame rigidity has been improved by changing the shape of cuff inside the new chassis, which flex more and the stiffening of the top around the bottom of the swingarm pivot. These changes increased the grip of the rear wheel and also gets an extra space for the position footrest mounting alternatives.

In another innovation of the industry-first, the 2012 KX450F offers two footrest positions to choose from. The position of spare places footrest five millimeters smaller than stock, which not only allows more riders, but a low center of gravity and gives the pilot a lower position, which increases the stability of both physical and mental health.

The link arm of the Uni-Trak ® rear linkage suspension is now slimmer, with a stiff little more than add traction to the rear wheels. Kawasaki also offers optional tie bar rear suspension, which can be used to reduce the height of the seat. The unit is one millimeter shorter option shares, resulting in a reduction of six millimeters in height of the seat - a subtle but effective "inseam challenged" riders.

The Kayaba rear shock has a beefy 50mm piston and also receives a high plateau area Kashima Coat in its interior. Ample adjustment shock body to ensure attention smooth, reliable and consistent on the rear suspension not only delivers superior performance, but also helps the pilot to relax and conserve precious power on the way to the finish line .

The front guard Kayaba Air-oil-separate fork oil (AOS) and air in separate chambers for the performance remarkably stable over a long amortization Motorcycles. A revised lower crown contributes to improved fork action. The new terminal is recognizable by its design to rear opening. The Diamond-Like Carbon super hard (DLC) coating on the outside of the inner fork tubes and high-tech Kashima Coat treatment on the inner surface of the fork tubes to reduce drag compared to a standard fork and help create smooth, fade-free action of the fork.

Mass concentration and a lower center of gravity was the 2012 KX450F further the goals, so a new tank, an updated body and a shorter silencer to move the weight toward the center of a motorcycle and make the new KX-more agile than ever.

The new tank has a size shorter and narrower upper section forming a straighter line, even more so with the seat and allows greater freedom of movement of the rider. The new tank also features an upgraded fuel pump, which is lighter in weight with an integrated filter cover that wraps around the entrance and acts as a fuel trap. This also eliminates the need for a pipe of the pressure regulator fuel return.

The manifold has a new shorter length and a central cone. The new muffler is a full 60 mm shorter than its predecessor, but features a revised section and the same total volume of 2011-model and enforce regulations of noise.

A new rigid mounting wave-type front brake rotor, front tires thinner foam seat and back to add to the long list of improvements in 2012 KX450F. A minimalist bodywork, revised mittens and small plates help them feel slim and stylish new look of Kawasaki's flagship motocross machine. Spares no attention to detail, the seams between the radiator shrouds, seat and side covers are flush fitting, which helps prevent spikes and allows the operator to change position and maneuver the bike more effectively .

Alumi blue finishing cap oil and two caps to highlight the cover of the generator KX450F engine available to date, and the blue finish a controller-match ban, and patches of color in the new graphics. New clutch cover with embossed logo has an ace design the Kawasaki Racing unveils Insignia as the black paint has worn off the boot of the rider.

The 2011 KX450F is available in Kawasaki lime green, black with wheels alumite coated, anodized blue lights and aggressive graphics.

Riders who ride their KX450F at designated events are eligible to receive support from Team Green ™, Kawasaki's amateur program support race. Each year, Team Green provides regional support vehicles and highly trained technicians with over 100 events across the United States, providing information and technical assistance to those who race Kawasaki products. Kawasaki also offers a comprehensive contingency program for amateur and professional riders who place well at events.