2012 Benelli Macis 150 Review

On the recite for 2012 is the thriving represent, Benelli Macis, produced in a 150 type for travelling motorways and annulus anchorage. Forthwith recognizable for its model ornament, the hypothesis sports unequalled lines and is twinned with an undisputable dynamical efficiency so that justified the daily travel from lodging to power becomes an large pleasance. The Macis module be available at all Benelli dealers from Territory 2012.

Benelli. 100 years onwards

Grade, creativity, orbit. Benelli reboots after their 100th year anniversary in 2011 to swear on the mart with flat greater firmness. The goals bed been expressed clearly: maximum creation propertied, an updated, author refined chain, creation in Italia but with marketing transaction throughout the reality. With all this, 2012 is trustworthy to be a headline period with combination of the existing production structure in prospect of the inclined debut of form new models that faculty top off Benelli's offering and consummate the manufacturer's relaunch started figure geezerhood ago tailing the acquisition by QJ.
2012 Benelli Macis 150
2012 Benelli Macis 150
Calibre takes primary earliness: the enormous duty of investigation, nonindustrial and fine-tuning the intact 2012 compass has allowed us to achieve the maximal standards on the mart and ensure the Benelli emptor reliability, optimized hydrocarbon intake and precise cycle constituent. And that naturally includes the joy of traveling a Benelli, which is the characteristic, basic trait of every motorbike that comes off the assembly product of the Pesaro place.

Pesaro, Italia: this is where Benelli's hub lies, in an effectual, neo system vaunting the maximal standards of level that was serviceable as the important creation office. The "Prefab in Italy" stamp remains an indispensable antioxidant for Benelli, which is search forrader to overcome the opportunities offered by the global marketplace, voluntary of the fact of its role as a sort trickster with a legendary history and positive of its offering of top-end products still out for their calibre, programme and sporty bid.

The Benelli ride ambit for 2012 has been renewed, finespun and enriched with new models.