2012 Benelli Macis 125 Review

On the recite for 2012 is the palmy model the Benelli Macis 125. Directly placeable for its underivative ornament, the hypothesis sports single lines and is twinned with an undeniable slashing efficiency so that modify the daily journey from bag to office becomes an enormous pleasance. The Macis give be open at all Benelli dealers from Genre 2012.

Benelli. 100 age before

Attribute, creativity, represent. Benelli reboots after their 100th gathering anniversary in 2011 to digest on the mart with flatbottomed greater option. The goals tally been stated understandably: peak fluid property, an updated, many shining capableness, production in Italy but with marketing dealings throughout the humans. With all this, 2012 is sure to be a banner twelvemonth with combining of the existing creation structure in sight of the gentle unveiling of brand new models that leave top off Benelli's provide and over the manufacturer's relaunch started cardinal period ago followers the acquisition by QJ.
2012 Benelli Macis 125
2012 Benelli Macis 125
Lineament takes early precedence: the large task of investigating, developing and fine-tuning the whole 2012 orbit has allowed us to win the highest standards on the mart and assure the Benelli customer reliability, optimized hydrocarbon demand and meticulous wheel cerebration. And that naturally includes the joy of travel a Benelli, which is the distinctive, basal trait of every motorbike that comes off the assembly distinction of the Pesaro works.

Pesaro, Italy: this is where Benelli's hub lies, in an efficient, new toy vaunting the highest standards of attribute that was maintained as the chief production office. The "Prefab in Italy" symbol relic an critical environs for Benelli, which is superficial forwards to overcome the opportunities offered by the spherical marketplace, aware of the fact of its persona as a variety soul with a legendary chronicle and assured of its furnish of top-end products slack out for their degree, ornament and sporty temptingness.

The Benelli ride limit for 2012 has been renewed, debonnaire and enriched with new models.