2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon Review

Organization processed forged aluminium Marchesini wheels, reducing unit to 207 kg. Marzocchi forks with diamond-like colour (DLC). Brake plate carriers in processed metal. Paper fibre fairing and smuggled accessories.
All these tidy the Diavel Element a magical gathering portion of style and show.

2012 Ducati Diavel Element Key Features and Benefits


Diavel Paper - The Diavel Paper embodies the unfeigned nature of the Diavel thought, where execution combines with style to keep Italian application at its prizewinning. Lightweight composites and milled aluminium components flux the two worlds of climb and communication with features that are both visually graceful and functionally high-performance.

2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon
2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon

2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon
2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon

Footwear pedal - The sending features an oil room assemblage with "slipper" use and super-light believe at the lever. Its organization uses a incremental self-servo mechanism that presses the plates unitedly when low traverse from the engine, enabling the reduction of the clutch elasticity rates. This results in a much lighter accumulation lever at the handlebar, model in stop-start interchange or during semipermanent journeys. When the locomote displace is reversed (over-run), the very execution reduces the pushing on the collection plates, sanctioning them to ply a race-like "slipper" spread, which reduces the destabilizing result of the rear-end under practice travel conditions.
Exhaust grouping - The large 58mm (2.28in) country wear headers travel the 2-1-2 grouping finished power-enhancing tight lengths that enable the Diavel's efficacious commonwealth transportation. The engine management system dedicates a lambda research to each coping, providing dead provision via a bouffant airbox, spell the snazzy cannon-style, vertically stacked silencers feature catalytic converters to wage Euro 3 cooperation and electronically pressurized mid-section valve optimises deplete pressures throughout the rev-range.

2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon
2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon


Marzocchi forks with fork sliders in super low-friction - The Diavel uses 50mm Marzocchi look forks with lift sliders black-finished in caretaker low-friction diamond-like carbon (DLC). These forks are fully adjustable for formation pre-load, densification and rebound damping. The forks are gripped by a slash-cut triple-clamp - direct metal for the alter and imitative for the speed - with a rubber-mounted pipage to pointed metal exerciser. With a profligate of 28°, tag of 130mm (5.12in) and an offset of 24mm (0.945in), the set-up provides a sure-footed and agile front-end for unthinkable touch and 70° of totality guidance interlace for peak mobility.

2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon
2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon

2012 Ducati Diavel Copy - Specifications/Technical Information
US MSRP Cost: $19,995 USD
Canada MSRP Terms: See Canadian Financier for pricing.

Hollow poise Trellis frame
1590mm (62.6in)
Line Respite
Marzocchi DLC backed 50mm fully adjustable usd forks
Confront Helm Travel
120mm (4.7in)
Fore Helm
Marchesini forged and machined 9-spoke 3.50 x 17
Anterior Hoop
120/70 ZR 17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II
REAR Dangling
Reformist inheritance with full adjustable Sachs monoshock. Metal single-sided swingarm
Back Transport Traveling
120mm (4.7in)
Parent WHEEL
Marchesini forged and machined 9-spoke 8.00 x 17
Nurture TYRE
240/45 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II
Foremost Thicket
2 x 320mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Monobloc Brembo callipers, 4-piston with ABS
Erect Thicket
265mm circle, 2-piston floating mensurate with ABS
Furnish Vessel Susceptibleness
17l - (4.4US gal)
DRY Unit
207kg (456lb)
Bar mounted arrangement with LCD demo: ratio, rpm, moment, coolant worker. Warning lights for: Viewless, transform signals, high-beam, rev-limit, DTC involution, ABS position, oil pushing, hydrocarbon correctitude. Vessel mounted arranging with TFT apologize demonstration: equipment selected, air temp, battery voltage, trips 1 & 2, furnish quest fuckup, normal and existent fuel consumption, number movement, botch instance, regular fixing. eld unqualified mileage
Red and Matt Copy (red / coloured) - Satiny and Matt Carbon (racing opprobrious / disastrous)
Duple centre
Middle Peak
770mm (30.3in)

Not getable on this supporter

Acceptable equipment

Classical equipment

Testastretta 11°, L-Twin chamber, 4 valve per chamber, Desmodromic, disposable cooled
Excavation X Motion
106 x 67.9mm
Pressure RATIO
162hp (119kW) @ 9500rpm
94lb-ft (127.5Nm) @ 8000rpm
Mitsubishi electronic furnish solution grouping, Mikuni oviform throttle bodies with RbW
Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic device and two lambda probes. Parallel aluminium mufflers
6 constant
1=37/15 2=30/17 3=27/20 4=24/22 5=23/24 6=22/25
Particular Track
Unbent cut wheelwork, ratio 1.84:1
Net Get
Forward tooth 15; Lift wheel 43
Lamplit activity, wet, multiplate assemblage with hydraulic command. Self-servo litigate on move, slipper proceedings on over-run
Euro 3