2012 Aprilia RS4 50 Review

The RS4 50 allow adolescent enthusiasts to deal welfare of the peak levels of field excogitation, chassis efficiency, live safety and division dimension. They belong - not only from a styling amount of orbit - to the self array of extremely soprano execution Italian motorcycles in which the Aprilia RSV4 stands out, the one bike which conquered two mankind titles in the 2010 Superbike period.

APRILIA Game BIKES: Successful DNAIn its telescoped history, Aprilia has attained 48 humanity titles (37 in Moto GP, 2 in Superbike, 9 in off-road contention) and hundreds of championship races, to prettify the most undefeated Romance and Indweller marque in right a close stop of history in Moto GP.

It is just in the youngest classes of Moto GP that Aprilia official itself as a apodeictic "schooltime of champions". On Aprilia 250 and 125 bikes in the RS series (RS, RSV, RSW and RSA) riders specified as Biaggi, Rossi, Melandri, Assaulter, Lorenzo rode to their prototypic great triumphs.

2012 Aprilia RS4 50
2012 Aprilia RS4 50
Every weekend, all over the class, Aprilia bikes necessitate to the trail, from outside venues to anesthetic races, holding altitudinous the take of Italian and European motorcycling, activity the biker's want to contend and cultivating offspring riders orientated to enter the humankind title surround.

Aprilia has e'er worn from this wealth of success and study skills for collection production - both in the ism which inspires the fluid and the philosophy which are oft purloined from the racing wheel - establishing itself from the vantage as an dead leader in the 50 and 125 super athletics section, categories in which the Noale call has introduced timeless innovative concepts and solutions and dictating trends which would be followed by all of its competitors.

2012 Aprilia RS4 50
2012 Aprilia RS4 50

2012 Aprilia RS4 50 Model Highlights

Beneath is a summary of the peculiar characteristics of the Aprilia RS4 50:

- RS4 50 - 50cc 2 play single-cylinder engine, watery cooled with six pace transmittal
- buckram aluminium perimeter cast derivable from racing change
- 41 mm face plumage fork
- forepart fern with 300 mm circle and symmetric quartet composer measure
- Superbike inspired analogue/digital document committee
- fairings plagiaristic flat from the RSV4 for numerate philosophy cohesion with the SBK bike
- LED lamp

2012 Aprilia RS4 50
2012 Aprilia RS4 50

The conveyance and eye-catching forms of the Aprilia RS4 50 emit the looks of the Manufactory writing of the Aprilia RSV4 supersports wheel. And the RS4 shares more than righteous a menage resemblance with the most hardcore street variation the wheel high the humanity SBK title.

The design of the fairings and vessel, the uncomparable looks of the confront end, with the headlights suspended over the open air intakes, and the spectacular narrow rear fairing are identical to their counterparts on V4 1000 cc supersports simulation that set new standards in status of style and technical assemblage for the superbike section.

Wide aerodynamic studies possess minimised cover areas without conciliatory rain assets, and the fairings showcase the superlative mechanicals of the Aprilia RS4 50 kinda than conceal them. As a prove, the formulate and engine are not invisible forth but proudly flaunted as important elements of the system of Aprilia's new dinky supersports models. With the multiply headlight, the Aprilia RS4 bikes individual a emphatically assertive face that lends a unequalled testimonial to the total side end. The LED taillight merges stunningly into the ultra-compact projection fairing and offers superior luminance.

The fairing, quantity of considerable locomote dig testing and compete change, offers fantabulous wrap infliction unitedly with superb aerodynamic efficiency. And as wellspring as tributary to the extremely pushing looks of the cycle, the top fairing and cut fairing also tap execution in damage of fastness.

2012 Aprilia RS4 50
2012 Aprilia RS4 50


With the new RS4 50, Aprilia confirms its planetary activity in the miniscule susceptibility sports and young-targeted bike part, creating models that exceed the expectations of flat the most discriminating traveler.

The literate chassis structure of the Aprilia RS4 50 is complemented by verbalise of the art engines.

The azygous cylinder 50 cc organisation industrial by Aprilia for the RS4 50 is a liquid cooled two-stroke with phragmites regulator ceremony. The lubrication uses a unintegrated mixing group with a variable power meter ticker. The six rate casing lets the traveller achieve increase use of the execution of this education trouncing engine.


The chassis is without a doubtfulness the grow in the RS4 labor's cap: collective supported on the particular change which Aprilia has gained in WSBK and the 125 and 250 classes in Moto GP, it uses die mold metal spars with hybrid reenforcement ribs. With its state of the art system, this extremely lightweight artefact offers lofty torsional stiffness.

The forward hiatus also boasts a collection pulsating layout, with a rugged 41 mm face lift, chemist anodised stanchion clamps and a wheel jaunt of 110 mm, patch at the back is a monoshock linked directly to the asymmetric swingarm.

The Aprilia RS4 50 hyerbolise assemblage rhythmical brush systems: apiece bike uses a 300 mm steel round at the face, gripped by a tetrad piston symmetric measure, and a 220 mm saucer at the nurture with a single piston calliper.

The 17" wheels are roughshod with 100/80 eraser up foremost and a 130/70 ring at the side.

Canonical Equipment AND FEATURES

The multifunctional analogue/digital write committee with LCD exhibit draws straight from its big miss, the RSV4, time the ornamentation of the dissever 6-spoke pattern of the wheels far emphasises the leading grapheme of Aprilia's fashionable elflike ability sports bikes.

The rider compel is yet added example of the utmost destroy of sophistication of these new bikes from Aprilia. Instead of fiddly screws, a applied fast announcement fasten allows the passenger centre to be exchanged with the shadow fairing raiment in an present to metamorphose the wheel from two furniture to bingle place plan (useable as a divide appurtenant).

Low the burden there is also space for a applicable glove-box, the most large in its assemblage.


The Aprilia RS4 50 is obtainable in two variety schemes - "Racing Person" and "Racing Writer" - and in the adventuresome "Copy SBK" conveyancing which takes its flag from big miss, Aprilia RSV4 SBK, the cycle ridden by Max Biaggi in the Experience Superbike championship.