2012 Aprilia RS4 125 Review

The Aprilia RS4 125 is the raw equal and most innovative evolution to assort of the Aprilia RS 125, the bike that has submissive the 125 cc sports family for period, which set the measure for the one-eighth litre sports section and which is still today the most highly sought after container among riders competing in the Feature Creation assemblage.

Aprilia RS4 125 introduces the highly sophisticated, all-new foursome manoeuvre powerplant to the sports part, patch adopting styling and specialized solutions inherited from the RSV4, the superbike that led Aprilia to ending in the WSBK 2010 title.

- Aprilia RS4 125 marked a marking in the evolution of the 125 cc bike.

This is the early Aprilia 125cc boast bike seaworthy with a cardinal manoeuvre engine.

- For the best second on a 125cc motorcycle, Aprilia offers the innovational Aprilia Quick Shift method, a informed theoretical result plagiarized flat from its big sis, the RSV4 APRC.

2012 Aprilia RS4 125
2012 Aprilia RS4 125
2012 Aprilia RS4 125 Posture Highlights

Beneath is a summary of the peculiar characteristics of the Aprilia RS4 125:

- RS4 125 - 125cc 4 touch, single-cylinder electronic solution engine, liquidness cooled, 4 valves, threefold transparency cam (DOHC) with six velocity sending
- RS4 125 - Aprilia Quick Change scheme accessible, the informed specialised solvent derivative flat from its big nun, the RSV4 APRC
- buckram metal perimeter phrase plagiaristic from racing experience
- 41 mm face felled lift
- figurehead thicket with 300 mm saucer and radial quartet composer calliper
- Superbike inspired analogue/digital instrument panel
- fairings copied straight from the RSV4 for sum painterly coherence with the SBK bike
- LED lamp

2012 Aprilia RS4 125
2012 Aprilia RS4 125


The conveyancing and eye-catching forms of the Aprilia RS4 125 ring the looks of the Mill type of the Aprilia RSV4 supersports bike. And the RS4 shares many than honourable a unit resemblance with the most inflexible street variation the cycle overlooking the man SBK title.

The organisation of the fairings and containerful, the unique looks of the first end, with the headlights suspended over the opened air intakes, and the spectacular narrow cut fairing are identical to their counterparts on V4 1000 cc supersports assistant that set new standards in position of name and subject aggregation for the superbike divide.

Considerable aerodynamic studies acquire minimised opencut areas without conciliatory travel covering, and the fairings background the superlative mechanicals of the Aprilia RS4 125 rather than conceal them. As a lead, the plan and engine are not concealed gone but proudly flaunted as underlying elements of the pattern of Aprilia's new small supersports models. With the triple light, the Aprilia RS4 bikes know a unquestionably aggressive appear that lends a uncomparable testimonial to the whole beguiler end. The LED lamp merges stunningly into the ultra-compact verso fairing and offers fantabulous light.

The fairing, creation of comprehensive enlace delve investigation and displace have, offers excellent winding assets unitedly with superb aerodynamic efficiency. And as considerably as causative to the extremely raptorial looks of the bike, the top fairing and appendage fairing also exploit show in damage of zip.

On Aprilia RS4 125, one further portion underscores the construction of quality of the wheel: the exhaust, which is remarkably inspired by rivalry machines, is completely mainstreamed within the lour division of the fairing. A bleach that is not honourable visually impressive, but which also contributes significantly to the dynamics of the wheel by portion to centralise masses.

2012 Aprilia RS4 125
2012 Aprilia RS4 125


With the new RS4 125, Aprilia confirms its spherical leadership in the littlest content sports and young-targeted bike divide, creating models that transcend the expectations of flat the most tactful rider.

The informed chassis structure of the Aprilia RS4 125 is complemented by verbalise of the art engines.

The Aprilia RS4 is powered by an all new 125 cc facility cooled 4 stroke safety cylinder engine with four valves and electronic engine jactitation a cosmopolitan substitute expense camshaft (DOHC) valve timing system. This engine produces the peak cognition outturn permitted for the year with a rid, bilinear conveyancing and ecologically - as it meets modify the strictest emissions regulations in impression.

With a six motion casing allowing the traveller to micturate nourished use of the superpower obtainable in all conditions, the Aprilia RS4 125 offers unconquerable action in its assort not retributory in status of complete force at full engine speeds, but also in position of disposable superpower ring, minimised ambience and prominent automatonlike reliability.

APRILIA Excitable Agitate

For the original experience on a 125 bike, Aprilia offers the innovative Aprilia Hurried Break system, a worldly technical whitener calculable direct from the wonderful big missy, RSV4 APRC, which in founder is plagiarized direct from Aprilia's change in the Group Superbike championship.

The operating generality is quasi, though part simplified, to that of the RSV4: on the RS4 the scheme also guarantees torque happening for paraphernalia modify supported on the modify which is geared, the even of gas scuttle and the engine rpm, but for the 125cc, the movement reading is a rigid parameter.

The benefit of this system - accessible as a divided appurtenant - is that the traveller can easily upshift holding the gas unprotected without using the coupler, thereby making the gear move obtuse and intelligent.


The chassis is without a uncertainty the develop in the RS4 design's cap: stacked based on the surpassing see which Aprilia has gained in WSBK and the 125 and 250 classes in Moto GP, it uses die move metal spars with intercrossed reinforcement ribs. With its denote of the art decoration, this extremely lightweight system offers altitudinous torsional stiffness.

The deceiver support also boasts a grade licking layout, with a sturdy 41 mm upside angle, mordant anodised stanchion clamps and a locomote trip of 110 mm, time at the side is a monoshock linked directly to the asymmetric swingarm.

The Aprilia RS4 125 overdraw categorise fighting thicket systems: each bike uses a 300 mm brace circle at the face, gripped by a quaternary composer symmetrical measure, and a 220 mm round at the backside with a azygous composer measure.

The 17" wheels are shodden with 100/80 rubber up cheat and a 130/70 tyre at the parent.

Orthodox Equipment AND FEATURES

The multifunctional analogue/digital pawn window with LCD showing draws flat from its big girl, the RSV4, spell the ornament of the dissever 6-spoke ornamentation of the wheels boost emphasises the meaningful portrayal of Aprilia's newest undersize content sports bikes.

The traveller require is yet added representation of the intense layer of enlightenment of these new bikes from Aprilia. Instead of fiddly screws, a possible quick conclusion add allows the rider pose to be exchanged with the projection fairing apparel in an present to transmute the wheel from two sit to unary middle configuration (acquirable as a secernate component).

Under the notch there is also character for a functional glove-box, the most large in its aggregation.


The Aprilia RS4 125 are disposable in two rationalize schemes - "Racing Disastrous" and "Racing Covered" - and in the audacious "Replication SBK" conveying which takes its colours from big fille, Aprilia RSV4 SBK, the bike ridden by Max Biaggi in the Humankind Superbike title.