2012 KTM 450 EXC Review

The 450 EXC can boast of being the most driven the bike in enduro sports, and series winner in E2 World Championship. The top dog has been updated and refined in almost every aspect - the framework for electronic fuel injection and engine management system for materials. Most importantly, expand the new redesigned chassis and engine OHC 450 EXC competitive edge with a length of extra bike. Extremely light, extremely agile and endless stream - that's what winners look like.

With the 450 EXC no signature of the land or can not cope. When the dust ends, there is a better solution than a street-legal EXC. Roads connected by road, no problem. Paths full of different passages, rocks and slippery trunks and roots, no problem. Street Legal has never been so versatile and fun.

2012 KTM 450 EXC
2012 KTM 450 EXC
2012 KTM 450 EXC Features and Benefits

Now even more ergonomic


The new 450 EXC seater ultra-thin body lines and rear spoiler as well as an excellent focal points, finishing wheel ergonomics when handling easier and more accurate. Rear fender no longer protects the driver even more effectively rotated stones.



With the engine of the newly developed 450 EXC, KTM engineers have created a new dimension: the engine was redesigned from scratch and is now more compact, lighter and more powerful than ever. Reduced weight piston compressors and two balancing shafts reduce the vibrations.


The new management system development Keihin electronic fuel injection ensures a spontaneous response of the engine. Several characteristics of the motor can be activated with a switch to the option card.


The 450 EXC new engine has a common oil system for the engine and transmission, and two oil pumps. A pressure pump lubricates the engine, while a suction pump draws oil from the crankcase, it helps to lubricate the transmission and clutch. At the same time and in relation to a steel membrane, occurs under pressure in the house, which increases the engine power.

Balance shaft NEW

The new 450 EXC, balance shaft laterally integrated not only eliminates the vibration, but also serves to drive the water pump. This is an intelligent multi-use to promote compactness and low engine weight is 450 EXC.


If 450 EXC new engine weighs about 2 kg (4 lb) lighter than its predecessor, but it gives a better resistance to damage caused by stone chips or fall. This is achieved using a high-strength aluminum alloy elastic and changes from sand casting to casting.


When designing a new crankshaft is 450 EXC, KTM engineers focused on reducing the weight back and forth. The new, lighter, and a new piston rod lighter, have managed to achieve a low vibration, maximizing the speed of the engine power.

NEW Cylinder and Piston

EXC cylinder 450 has been developed specifically for the configuration of the new engines. The new, alternative forged piston 15% lighter weight minimizes and maximizes durability at high rpm. New rings, pistons, nitrided ensure maximum wear resistance.


All ports and combustion chamber have been redesigned OHC cylinder head new 450 EXC. The new camshaft actuates four valves per rocker lightweight titanium valves of high quality used on the intake side.

New clutch

The newly developed 450 EXC clutch cage with a sturdy steel and respectful of the transmission back depreciation, uses a puck for the first time, instead of the usual conical springs, and therefore can reduce operating power. The hydraulic actuating mechanism Brembo ® facilitates the sensitive modulation of the clutch.

New exhaust

Silencer 450 EXC new and improved not only offers increased capacity and a new design also reduces the noise level of the stricter standards for the future.

Now, with more frames TOP


Frame completely renovated, made of high quality chrome molybdenum is characterized by an even greater lateral rigidity. In addition, it is still best to absorb the shock suspension system for use with ease and comfort of 450 EXC needs to be further improved.


450 EXC: The new, lighter, shock aluminum swingarm fits more centrally in order to swing the load more evenly. The new, 7 mm (0.28 in) longer PDS shock absorber with adjustable rebound and high / low speed compression damping, and a new option has been installed more categories, so it will progress even more.

Fork, new attitude

EXC 450 is equipped with the latest range of adjustment WP inverted fork and the new wider setting. Reactivity sensitive, and a great alleviation to open cartridge fork 48 mm (1.89 in) outer tubes are the perfect complement to ease of use and accuracy 450 EXC.

New bikes

Virtually unbeatable in terms of weight and stability, new tires CNC centers, Excel rims, rays of zinc / nickel coated aluminum nipples. To reduce unsprung weight and thus strengthen gyro simple handling EXC 450.