2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic Review

It's called classic for a reason: rates are based on the style of the time when all anyone had a muscle car, 8-track pumping the air and a low profile motorcycle turns heads. The Vulcan ® 900 Classic is definitely the bike to draw attention with its spoked wheels, low profile seat and chrome muffler cutter bar.

And for those seeking an even more distinctive, the Vulcan 900 Classic Special Edition Badass breathe with a new treatment for 2012 down the fork, fender struts, air cover, engine covers and cases and cylinders and valve covers. A meteorite beautiful Pearl Grey / Polar white paint job is enhanced by a streak of goal. Comprehensive look at the pipes are chrome special edition wheels and white wall, the ultimate in retro style.

It is powered by a 903cc engine, like his brothers Vulcan 900. This engine offers excellent performance and smooth roll-on acceleration. Floor Rider with a heel toe shifter and improve driver comfort. The instrumentation includes a tank mounted fuel gauge handy and easy to read analog tachometer. And its fuel tank 5.3 liters is the largest in its class.

2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
The visual treats continue to curved fins on the classic V-twin research, which bristles with modern details, including inside the four-valve liquid-cooled performance and reliability. Counter balances the engine work with a single pin to produce that distinctive guttural V-twin sound and feel, but without the annoying vibration V-twin.

The drive belt robust and reliable final Vulcan 900 keeps the overall weight down, improves rear end style and provides the rider with additional customization options. Not to mention the biggest rear tire in its class also contributes to the Vulcan 900 big bike feel.

Vulcan 900 is a low seat and tapered seat does not discriminate against shorter drivers. Quite comfortable distance, the front seat bucket runs beautifully largest reservoir capacity in its class, and the bottom base rails provide a shortened form of a narrow sidewalk REACH - ideal for shorter riders. At the same time, perched on the back pad is a painless two-wheel experience to share. Wide handlebars, seat and board layout provides the ideal ratio ergonomic, which makes installation relaxing.

2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

Some of the other features that make the Vulcan 900 uses a wide audience is a fork offset and rake designed for light, low-effort maneuvering in the city speeds. The Classic 900 is equipped with an auto-fast idle rpm using a relay feedback to help ensure a fixed engine speed in all starting conditions. It is easy to control fuel injection for ultra-low speed riding surprisingly easy, and abundant low-end torque provides thrilling roll-on acceleration. At home in town or on the open road, this bike built for hours on hours of driving pleasure.

Big-Bike Appeal

Vulcan 900 Classic takes its styling cues of its bigger brother, the Vulcan 2000 Classic. Along the lines of low, alluring body shape, a low seat and a super-fat rear tire, the Vulcan 900 cruiser is the presence of much greater capacity in combination with appropriate characteristics RIDER treatment that is expected mid-range bike.

Just one look and you will appreciate the high quality construction and workmanship for which Kawasaki cruisers are famous. Medium is really cruising at its best.

2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic Features and Benefits

Key Features

• 903cc liquid-cooled V-Twin offers an optimal balance between performance and handling

• Digital fuel injection for precise throttle response and better fuel economy

• Rider floor with the heel lever and advanced rider improve comfort

• 5.3-liter fuel tank is the largest category

• Stylish tank-mounted instrument panel includes fuel gauge

• Fat 180 series rear tire is higher in the class

• Powerful and stylish V-belt runs cleaner and requires less maintenance than a chain

SOHC 903cc V-Twin

• Developed to provide a healthy dose of low-end torque

• Smooth and reliable

• Gear-driven balancer allows use of single pin without excessive engine vibration

Four valves per cylinder

• Facilitates the valve area for optimum flow, which has more power and more torque at low revs

• overhead cam design is simple simple, easy and convenient

Traits • Extremely efficient intake ports feature a narrow near the combustion chamber to increase the flow rate of recruitment of more efficient filling and increased torque

• Whether taking on a big low-end response

Liquid and air cooling

• Exceptional thermal control fins of the cylinders and cylinder heads in combination with liquid cooling

• Maintains consistent engine temperatures for long engine life and sustained power

• Automatic fan keeps things cool even in traffic

• Includes temperature warning light

Silent Double Slash-Cut

• Big Slash-Cut muffler look great and contain honeycomb catalysts to reduce emissions

Positive Neutral Finder

• Just lift the shift pedal from first train one stop to find neutral easily, every time

Electronic fuel injection

• organs gas choke double sub optimal performance and driveability

• The sub-throttles, located behind the main throttle are controlled by the ECU for the DFI ® system retains more precise throttle response, similar to a constant velocity carburetor

• atomization injectors produce a fine mist light fuel for acceleration, better combustion and fuel

Kevlar reinforced drive belt

• Reduced unsprung weight for the drive shaft to improve the ride quality and suspension action

• More power more efficiently reaches the rear wheel compared to the drive shaft

• cleaner and less maintenance than chain drive

Double cradle frame

• Very rigid large-diameter casing backbone allows a larger fuel tank, and helps contribute to the high stability and easy handling at low speed

• Triangular swingarm appears Hardtail design, but acts as a shock hidden under the seat

• Long and low for minimal seat height, maximum visual impact

• Fork offset and frame geometry combine for light, low-effort handling at low speeds

• Long wheelbase contributes to highway stability

Low seat with steps

• Very low 26.8 inch seat height allows riders to easily plant both feet on the ground at stops

• More relaxed comfort for two

Tank-mounted speedometer with indicator lights and lamps Warning

• Provides the necessary information at a glance

• Compact design full clean look of the bike

• 5.3-liter fuel tank is the largest in its class

41 mm fork

• Excellent rigidity and 5.9-inches of travel - the most in its class

• 32 degrees of tilt and excellent straight-line stability

• Wide range of classic junction density

Disc brakes front and rear

• A head of 300 mm and 270 mm rear disc with dual piston power by the best stop in the classroom

Personalized Spoke Wheels

• chrome steel rims and spokes

• "line-style" polished aluminum front hub

Wide Tire Rear

• 180 mm rear tire provides stability and design an effective image

• tire wider than that found in most large-displacement cruisers

• the rear tire in its class

Special Edition
• The new 2012 Special Edition is a fork of blackout treatment, rear fender, engine covers and cases, and the cylinders and valve covers.

• The new, 2012, checkered flag pinstripe detail for a factory custom views