2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Review

With its smooth power delivery, low seat height, and excellent value, the Ninja ® 250 has all the vital elements to make the perfect sports first. Powered by a compact liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine, the sporty Ninja appeals both ends of the spectrum of experience - Experienced pilots will appreciate the extra power of the road Ninja compared to other bikes in the 250 class, while beginners love the seamless delivery of torque at low speeds. With the road superior performance, aggressive supersport bodywork and a price tag that packs serious value, the Ninja 250 is an ideal way to embark on a life of pleasure rider.

249 cc liquid-cooled, parallel twin engine is optimized for a smooth, predictable power delivery in the city and the excellent performance of the road, while the smooth six-speed gearbox Positive Neutral Finder offers the right gear for almost all situations. This powerful engine and gearbox to help provide a Ninja 250 a lot of pleasure in the initial learning curve, all the way through advanced sport riding and track days.

Surrounded by an aerodynamic fairing and windshield modern, not the 250 only look great but also offers effective wind deflector for a wide range of driving situations. An easy to read instrument panel with fuel gauge and neutral indicator is another interesting feature in the new rider.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
A natural riding position and comfortable ergonomics combined with a light and agile handling offering pleasure response in the streets of the city. Part of this great maneuverability and stability of the wheel comes full-size 17-inch sport.

Powered by Track-worthy stopping a large petal-shaped 290 mm front and 220 mm rear brake discs grabbed the strong two-piston hydraulic caliper. Like the larger models Kawasaki Ninja, 250 are equipped with high quality components and optimized for performance in their class.

Lightweight and agile, the Ninja 250 provides low cost, combined with impressive performances ... No wonder the sport is selling No. 1 in America!

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Features and Benefits

Key Features

• 249 cc liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine produces an output that goes better way than competing class 250

• Low 30.5-inch seat height add a new trust pilot

• Six-speed offers a wide range of ratios to accommodate various driving conditions and positive neutral finder is much easier to find neutral when you stop

• True Ninja ® design for larger supersport models

• Disc brake petal-shaped sports offer is great and excellent braking

• 17-inch wheels allow the use of modern sport motorcycle tires

249 cc parallel twin-cylinder DOHC

• Compact parallel-twin offers good mass centralization for superior handling

• Designed to provide hassle, no steps, with an output speed of midrange and high effective performance excellent road

• Piston rings robust help prevent oil

• Excellent high-rpm performance, appealing to riders who want to exploit the full potential of the engine

Cylinder Head

• Combustion chamber designed to maximize combustion efficiency and reduce emissions

• The ports on the intake and exhaust ports contribute to good off-idle response and smooth power

• valve timing and designed for a strong low

• and mid-range torque

• Direct valve actuation helps ensure reliable operation at high rpm

• Valves feature thin heads and stems reduce weight forward and an effective flow


• Two Keihin carburetors CVK30 effect sensor provides a pleasant and help provide a low

Reduction of mechanical noise

• Self-adjusting cam chain tensioner reduces mechanical noise caused by the cam chain and minimizes the friction power

• To minimize mechanical noise allows the use of a past leak-free for better performance

• complex structure to strengthen the ribs helps eliminate airbox reverberation and reduce air intake noise

• Air access from the side for easy filter replacement

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Exhaust system

• 2-in-1 contributes to the low Ninja 250

• and mid-range torque and smooth, step-free power curve

• Slightly upswept silencer extensively tested to determine the size of the room, connecting pipe length and diameter to less noise and more power

• Meets strict emissions with dual catalysts, one in the collector and the other in silence

• The use of two catalysts to minimize the power loss caused by pressure against the exhaust system

• The first catalyst is placed near the exhaust ports efficiently as possible

Liquid cooling

• Radiator Denso engine provides efficient cooling with minimal space and weight

• Call the fan uses a quiet motor that also saves space

• Remove the bottom of the crankcase further helps cool the engine


• Involute splines reduce friction and backlash between the gear meshing gears easier and smoother power

• clutch damper spring reduces hesitation at low speeds and minimizes shocks rolling on and off the throttle for a smoother clutch feel

• Friction base of paper plates help increase clutch durability


• Sturdy and durable diamond-style frame made of tubular thick-walled steel provides stability that inspires confidence at high speed and low

• muscular frame mounted swingarm contributes to the rigidity and helps achieve an optimum balance between rigidity of the substrate

• Place the tube swingarm with a 60 x 30mm section adds to the rigidity


• 37 mm telescopic front fork stabilizer settings to promote the Ninja 250 is smooth, stable ride and better control around

• Uni-Trak ® rear suspension helps provide predictable performance and good ride comfort

• The rear shock features 5-way preload-adjustable, so the ride height must be maintained whether riding solo or with a passenger


• Characteristics of 17-inch wheels as its big brother the Ninja

• The proper use of sport bike tires contributes to easy handling, neutral low speed curves and feel good


• Large-diameter, 290 mm brake disc front and balanced action two-piston caliper provide excellent braking power and a natural feeling of direct leverage

• two pistons on the rear 220 mm petal disc is responsible


• a natural position on horseback with a slightly forward-sloping seat and wide handlebars and high


• The style, fit and finish of striking full-fairing bodywork up to its Ninja supersport siblings

• Seats Aggressive dual-lamp headlight design, slim tail and separate hood supersport further aspect

• hood and windshield gives the driver a significant amount of wind protection

• Two headphone supports located under the rear seat

• under-seat storage can hold a U-lock or similar device

• Two hooks under the tail and the rear passenger foot pegs provide anchor points for securing items to the back of the bike


• The instrument panel features easy to read, large analog speedometer and tachometer face analog speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and warning lights