2012 Kawasaki KX250F Review

No other bike in its class spent more time AMA Supercross podium Kawasaki KX ™ as 250F. The race proven technology yields quart leading motocross in 2012, but with improvements that allow the added power KX250F even more usable, durability, and even better handling chassis.

As the KX250F continues to lead the way in stages, but also continues to gain favor with the publication of the fans who repeatedly a gold standard in motocross machines. The KX250F offers advanced technology to the right of the showroom, giving pilots the verge of winning on the track. With a race-proven performance of the KX250F, motocross no production of other offerings that much control, refining capacity and driver customization when it comes to engine and suspension. Since the beginning of the production line, the KX250F gives an advantage to the private pilot plant - the difference between scoring a podium overlooking a championship.

2012 Kawasaki KX250F engineers sought to create even more impressive with the cutting-edge performance, which is achieved by equipping its Digital Fuel Injection (DFI ®) system, a second jet-fuel use in the production of first cross bike near the air intake of the airbox. The new nozzle "upstream" helps to build one. Larger and more powerful than the power of the spread-rpm salt mist atomizing injectors that feed two 250cc four-stroke power plant differ from the different body size, but produce the same capacity for each cycle. Together, Kawasaki injectors 1-2 packs a double punch, producing a second dose of fuel to increase the acceleration of high engine power and functionality overrev KX250F.

2012 Kawasaki KX250F
2012 Kawasaki KX250F
2012 KX250F seems to dominate

The Kawasaki KX250F has revolutionized the industry in 2011 with first production the massive use of separate front fork function (SFF) in motocross. Now, with the announcement of another first for the year 2012, the first injection of a double motocross, Kawasaki KX250F 2012 the still setting the standard for what a motocross race won fourth should be.

The Kawasaki KX250F bike is a winner! George Lucas took the model to an MX championship victory in Australia in 2008. The model won the East and West Coast SX Championship in the United States in 2010 and another title on the West Coast this year. With a series of changes announced for the 2012 model to arrive, the model looks set to continue its winning tradition.

The KX250F received fuel injection in 2011. It intensified in 2012 with the addition of dual injectors. This gives the KX250F 2012 a significant increase in flow. Power is greater at all speeds, but mostly in the range at high speed. The couple is reminiscent of a carburetor engine and the amazing response FI is unchanged.

2012 Kawasaki KX250F
2012 Kawasaki KX250F

The KX250F is the only mass produced motocross based SFF Showa (forks separate function) between the damping and shock absorbing functions. The result is a configuration that provides both direct action and business performance amortization - a combination difficult to achieve with a traditional fork. In 2012 KX250F receives a new, stiffer main spring for the best performance and highest in spring to operate over a wide area. The titanium-coated ultra-hard outside the inner fork tubes to reduce friction is also owned the 2012 model. (The KX250F is the only motocross rider in its class to introduce this standard ready for the race surface.)

Superior traction of the rear wheel is provided by the Uni-Trak rear suspension news. The elevator goes up always swing arm for precise suspension tuning for 2012, and is now less rigid arm pulling handling so smooth and scratch resistance improved. In 2012 KX250F also has new seat urethane to help keep its shape longer and a revised shift drum to reduce the distance ranges must travel to engage the gears. The result is a smooth shifting action.

Indices beautiful plant for 2011-style model, namely the graphics factory-style, black rims and finish alumnite alumnite blue suspension adjusters have been preserved with the addition of a blue finish on some of the linings engine for 2012 to give the KX250F, it seems to match its performance tuned.

2012 Kawasaki KX250F
2012 Kawasaki KX250F

2012 Kawasaki KX250F Features and Benefits

In addition, a second fuel to help build a broader spread of power

Unique separate function fork (SFF), as well as factory riders

More robust engine power at high rpm extends deep into overdrive

Spring rates have increased front and rear suspension for race-level riders

Thicker and more durable engine components boost reliability

Smooth-shifting transmission provides a feeling more positive

In a nutshell ...

- New system of double-digital fuel nozzle

- The more robust engine power at high rpm extends deep into speeding

- Provides improved transfer operation renewed displacement and duration

- Thick, stronger engine components to improve reliability

- Revised Showa separate function (SFF), offers a more flexible first shot, and improve the functioning of the Corner, marking

- Increased Spring rate front and rear suspension to improve grip and provide a more solid feel

At high speed, high performance engine

- 249 cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, four-valve, single cylinder, DOHC offers incisive power at all engine speeds

- Improvement of spring decompressor for easy starting

- Back nickel in the walls of the cylinder has a greater adhesion factor for durability

- The shaft is thicker new arm for enhanced reliability

- New stiffer shaft rebalanced to improve the performance and durability

- Thick crank web design has a balancing factor to ensure a violent way in the factory pilots reduced engine vibration, smoother delivery and increased performance in a mid-high range RPM

- Revision of stator ACG and the inertia of the rotor complete the changes on the crankshaft

Digital Fuel Injection (DFI) system

- Redesigned the system adds a new "upstream," closer to the injector without the airbox

- Brand new second injector is a different size, but along with the primary nozzle

- Added sits on the air inlet port and throttle position sensor throttle body 43 mm throttle sensor unit to protect the penetration of fuel

- Connect the throttle valve opens more rapidly progressive after the 3 / 8 open

- A simple and effective: No, battery fuses or relays

- The throttle response crisp and precise throughout the speed range

- Offers easy engine starting

- Helps prevent engine hesitation after the jumps and other high-impact situations

- Optional calibration kit with new fixtures, type 6-pin connector allows for easy adjustment

- FI LED optional accessories allows DFI to communicate diagnostic information

Box-piston lower deck

- Part of the piston lighter and stronger the same design as factory riders, with a new tin to optimize its interface with the new nickel on the cylinder wall

- A modified form of the strip of finish to improve lubrication and wear resistance

- Short-piston reduces reciprocating weight

Lightweight and powerful Top End

- Lightweight, highly rigid, titanium intake valves and 31mm exhaust 25mm to reduce the weight and offers high speed

- Extremely light valves have extremely thin valve stems are best found in supersport machines, intake valves feature a head of thick for added strength

Intake ports designed for maximum performance at all speeds, especially in the field of high towers -

- Special Casting process leaves surfaces extremely slippery inlet supply for optimum efficiency at all engine speeds

- Silicon coated head gasket offers excellent sealing

Stainless Steel Exhaust System

- Stainless steel construction provides durability

- Large-volume muffler assembly to keep the noise level of 94 dB, while maintaining the production of energy

- Joint between the pipe and muffler provides an excellent seal, while a rubber shock collar rear muffler assembly is equal to the sustainability of the Serious

An efficient cooling system

- The radiators are solid thick and wide, and offer excellent resistance to the accumulation of mud, while offering excellent cooling performance

- Hot water jacket routes coolant head to the front of the slide, even for cooling

The transmission and change - a shorter stroke and softer fork shift forks solid (not hollow) offer a better action for change

- Strong, muscular, cover feature additional material around the engine mounts will help to increase long-term sustainability of

- Support for clutch cable is integrated in the clutch housing exact feeling

- Nosepicking screen spin-off oil filter housing can be achieved, facilitating maintenance

Quick rotation frame

- Use a little stiffness of stem cell control for easy handling

- KX250F is thin and lightweight aluminum perimeter frame is made of forged, extruded and molded parts

- Center of gravity and key dimensions as the swingarm pivot, output sprocket and rear axle positions designed to increase a minimum front squat training

- Side deck above the engine mount the head to increase the overall stiffness of the

Race-oriented suspension

- Revised race-oriented suspension system is equipped with a heavier spring forces, and revised damping settings for both front and rear

- Fork separate function (SFF), separated from the suspension and damping functions of a lower weight, higher performance, less static friction and easier adjustment

- The only fork features spring preload external adjustment in its class

- Super-hard titanium coating on the outer surface of the inner fork tubes reduces stiction and improves suspension action, while also helping to prevent scratches and damage to the tube

- Reducing friction Kashima Coat treatment within the outer fork tubes contributes to smoother suspension action

- Wrap-around fork guards to better protect the inner tubes

- Alteration of specifications piston rod to improve the flexibility and shock settings for improved rear wheel traction

- Features Kashima Coat on the shock inside the tank to reduce friction and smoother suspension action

- Rear shock absorber adjustment device of the double compression, allowing high speed and low speed damping to be tuned separately

Superior rear-wheel drive

- Swingarm features optimal internal rails and flex exceptional performance characteristics in curves

- Alloy swingarm uses cast front section, tapered hydroformed spars and forged chain pullers

- Uni-Trak ® rear suspension system, the articulation of the suspension arm mounted below the swingarm, allowing the rear suspension travel and a more precise fit

- Connection system will update the street-rod which is less rigidity for smooth suspension action and communication

- Ratios Relay Uni-Trak rear suspension settings to match rear shock damping for maximum rear wheel traction

Rider Interface

- Sub components offer streamlined interface driver, which helps pilots to feel comfortable and go fast

- Formed by injection molding, two-tone two decks offer a slim design

- The side plates are also two-tone and contribute to the elegant packaging

- Panel on the right has a passage added to help cool the silencer

- The frame is wider at the ankles to offer better grip and narrows at the corner under the seat to allow a slim riding position

- Slim Seat features improved polyurethane, which is designed for durability

- Head had a non-slip top and side surface for good grip when sitting and standing

- 50mm (front and rear) footpegs great grip and feel the thorns

- Starting clutch cable has a set of Grand Rapids, making it easy for riders to adjust the play in the clutch cable on the go

- The accelerator has a one-piece collar that provides stability during throttle operation

- Lightweight short grips feature a pattern designed to provide excellent adhesion

Factory-style components

- Black alumite coated rims, like the factory racers

- Titanium coated inner fork tubes to minimize stiction

- Lightweight wheels for maximum strength and weight savings

- Front wing thick and rigid

- Rear brake pad material offers powerful braking

- Brakes, front disc and rear petal help reduce unsprung weight, and stop the waveform used to clean the brake pads for more efficient performance

- Rear Caliper Guard protects the mounting damage

- Rear hub and spokes butted RIB without further reduce unsprung weight

- Renthal aluminum handlebars are standard

- Power Blue connector cover and oil cap for blue is the factory race bikes

- Factory-style graphics complement the KX250F is highly optimized for performance

Additional Features

- New countershaft sprocket cover to improve the appearance

- New polyurethane roller chain drive reduces weight

- The newly renovated space, can boot without a second fuel

- Large non-slip resin plate provides excellent protection with minimal weight

Optional Accessories

- Optional calibration kit DFI allows setting custom

- Optional indicator Fi gives the DFI system to provide diagnostic information

- Engine parts are optional magneto rotors different inertias, and 12-tooth pinion output

- The chassis parts are optional 1 1/8-inch handlebar handlebar

- 46-50 teeth-decompression lever in aluminum and steel rear wheels, solid petal brake discs, fork springs and different shocks and cable and manual