Honda Cross Runner Review, 2011

Take the flexibility and exciting position of a bare machine performance and give the pipe upright and looks like a rugged adventure bike, which you have something special. The distance runner.

Together with a unique, stylish image, Runner Cross V4 800cc engine offers an exciting driving in all conditions throughout the year - and around the city or for long trips away from the whole country.
2011 Honda Crossrunner
A motorcycle that reflects the control of the new decade

The Crossrunner - a bike that offers a unique driving experience adaptable to different moods. We gave a variety of recipes, upright riding position and providing an experience that amplifies the effect of the angle of the speed, acceleration and tilt. All the while the feeling of total control.

It 'been 120 sessions in the wind tunnel, which helped us to build a bike with such unshakable stability. Self-cross flow technique Second place went to complete the appearance of trends - which has helped more aesthetically pleasing low exhaust system 4-2-1.

Designed to maximize passenger comfort and create a sense of harmony between the driver and passenger, Crossrunner also addresses the emergence of another important factor in the initial stage. The engine.

With most machines using a sports tourer line four cylinder, and most bike adventure with a twin engine, the design team had an exciting opportunity. A smooth, supple and expressive 800cc V4 engine, specially tuned for a machine that allows a pilot to find a flowing rhythm.

With the attributes of a machine with two of the adventure of naked performance, the Crossrunner is a new type of bicycle. An effort that can adapt to different driving styles. 

2011 Honda Crossrunner
Honda exciting entry in the category Adventure Touring

Runner cross represents the best of both genres in cycling: the performance of the machine flexibility naked upright riding position and a robust appearance of a motorcycle adventure.

The runner is powered by a 782cc liquid-cooled, four cams, V4-VTEC engine that delivers a smooth curve of power with excellent torque at all engine speeds.

This rider offers a carefully controlled, if it is a short trip urban, or cover large distances.

You pilot the level of control is further enhanced by larger than normal control rod assembly, is responsible for the accuracy steering inputs quickly still small, but its Twin spar aluminum alloy frame offers excellent rigidity.

Runner Cross is also designed to maximize passenger comfort. The passenger sits in a low platform to make installation and removal while maximizing protection from the wind.

Lower the exhaust system of the motorcycle gave way to a 4-2-1 passenger seat, flat bottom, and an attractive design for the exhaust, ground clearance and distinctive feature of V4 engine.

Crucial machine data is provided by a cockpit instrument "floating", positioned high for maximum visibility at all times, including an LCD digital speedometer, tachometer, twin trip meters, a temperature sensor coolant, an ambient temperature gauge and clock.

A 43mm fork cartridge offers maximum control of the front wheel and excellent rider feedback.

Cast aluminum Pro-Arm swingarm, Pro-Link coupling system and gas rates charged HMAS damper with adjustable rebound combine for comfort and precise control.

Braking is the highest standard and provides high-performance brakes combined with the standard fit ABS to create powerful, safe brake control and optimized feedback.

The rider of the Cross will debut in the second half of 2011 in two striking color versions, including Graphite Black / Metallic Silver and Candy Red Moonstone Matt flamboyant / Matt Moonstone Silver Metallic.