2012 Yamaha TT-R125LE Review

Kig for children and adults who love off-road as motor R125LE TT-2012 Yamaha 4-stroke, adjustable suspension, aluminum swing arm with 19 inch front and 16 inch rear wheel combo is nothing less than love in the first round.

There is no better way to build trust, as the 2012 TT-R! Designed for new pilots in mind, 2012 Yamaha TT-R125LE has a light, electric start and a smooth, predictable power delivery.

Instill confidence in children is so important. Asking someone to ride, and tell one of the best ways to learn about young people and dirt bikes.
2012 Yamaha TT-R125LE
Smooth, predictable power of a TT-R125LE ensures children build confidence and motor skills in a safe and controlled. Electric start and low seat height that the introduction almost perfect!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Adult supervision and proper protective riding gear, including helmet is a must when operating a TT-R125LE a minor.

2012 Yamaha TT-R125LE Features and Benefits


Powerful air-cooled, 124cc, SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke engine produces broad torquey power tuned for maximum, novice off-road environment ... perfect for a wide range of track conditions.

Convenient electric starter button backup manual with a shot too.

Lighter crankshaft and provides a rapid response of the engine

Design of silent timing chain and cam chain tensioner automatically through a low-maintenance, engine life, reduce mechanical noise.

Mikuni VM20 carburetor ensures a clear answer, the accelerator confidence and fuel economy. "Autocatalytic" valve seat and valve assembly alpaca needle, offset the negative effects of E10 (10% ethanol) fuel.

Smooth shifting 5-speed gearbox with manual clutch heavy adapted for maximum versatility and usable power.

CDI ignition system is ultra-reliable, ensures fast starts and never needs maintenance.

Easy access, tool-free air filter adds extra comfort and reduces the cost of tuning.

Washable, reusable foam filter and thereby reduce maintenance costs.

Light System, upswept exhaust offers quiet operation, a shield to protect the display type of Mother Nature and a cap style. Heat shields protect rider from hot components.

Rugged, plastic engine skid plate helps protect you from rocks and logs.
2012 Yamaha TT-R125LE
Chassis / Suspension

Rigid steel frame type diamond has a 1270 mm (50 ") wheelbase for quick, agile, off-road handling.

Lightweight, aluminum swingarm features box-section easy to use, adjust eccentric chain type.

4-position, adjustable preload, 31mm Showa front fork offers 180 mm (7.1 ") of wheel travel. This fork has a slightly stiffer setup that models to offer more aggressive TT-R125/E/L out the road and handling. preload adjustment allows the rider to adjust the fork to match the rider's weight.

Fork boots protect pipes and joints for damage.

Link Monocross only shock rear suspension offers 168mm (6.6 ") of wheel travel shock is a remote reservoir design to maintain consistent damping performance adjustments include: .. spring preload, rebound 20-way and compression damping 12-way.

220mm front disc with dual piston calipers offer solid, confidence-inspiring stopping power.

Rear drum brake with easy to use, the nut wing

"Seat height 295mm (805mm 11.6 (31.7)") above the ground creates a package of agility, solid management, able to tackle the toughest terrain.

6-liter fuel tank black plastic is designed to allow the movement of Easy Rider. This tank has a "fluorination surface treatment" which reduces the penetration of fuel for environmental protection.

Medium size 19 "front and 16" rear wheels inspire greater rider confidence fast, predictable direction.

Knobby tires provide excellent traction on dirt.


Inspired by the YZ-F Body Works ... as well as the parties may be found on our competitive YZ-series! We also added a style rad shrouds YZ. This Body "thin" allows rapid movements, Easy Rider.

YZ-style seat cover features "clamp", as a greater control YZs great. This flat design allows movement Easy Rider.

Large, folding, serrated footrests to provide an excellent basis, even in wet or muddy.

Motocross style track uses a crossbar for added strength.

Practice steering mounted starter

Mounted on the handlebars, ignition switch prevents unwanted joy rides.

Low maintenance, sealed battery

Folding footrests, gear lever and brake pedal to counteract the damage, whether the accident.

Lifting holes in the deck of the practice makes the bike easier to lift.

The brake lever and clutch covers help reduce dirt and mud accumulated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Adult supervision and proper protective equipment on horseback, including helmet, are a must when a youngster is operating a TT-R125LE.