2011 Honda CRF450R Review

Long as the bike of choice for motocross gave great divide, the 2011 CRF450R incorporates improvements that this bike will retain its status as the first order. The prodigious output range is now even stronger thanks to the lowest level of traction and a mid-range grunt, with better throttle response through a new throttle body. Articulation and revised suspension settings, more control, smoother roll and better rear wheel traction. A progressive steering damper Honda (HPSD) product lines to follow, even better than before, and a new silencer complies with the noise level in decibels required for 94-some racing organizations in 2011. All this and more make the CRF450R 2011 a shoo-in to maintain its dominant role among the bikes in the MX Open class.
2011 Honda CRF450R
Motocross is a battle, and you better bring a "" game, which always appear in both, or be prepared to eat a bucket of the ankle. But when you have 2011 Honda CRF450R It 's all behind you who get to enjoy the taste of dirt celebration. Why? Since we have made some serious updates to CRF450R.

First, the 450 gets a new throttle body, new fuel injectors and ECU new allocation for the engine is at a lower end and a couple of ways, and throttle response, even better. Power is easier to control, but without loss of high-end, more than ever for riders of intermediate and expert. Our designers and chassis CRF450R also busy updating the crib and taking the opportunity to enhance the rigidity of the base. A new link shock absorber lower front support for the improvement / assessment and subsequent action, in particular, better suspension sharp blows.

And finally, the new rules say that each 2011 AMA MX bike will have to comply with the new rule of 94 decibels. CRF450R and CRF250R both do this easily, thanks to a new exhaust system that works in conjunction with the new configuration of FI. So while others may only change a silencer, which is just where we started. And the first time that the door falls off, is shown.

How bad would you win in 2011?

The 2011 CRF450R is to increase participation in the open class. First, the revised fuel injection can offer the kind of energy expected to need a driver for this strong, while the throttle body and ECU mapping new socks and low fat, making it easier to ride CRF450R . The new suspension setup with the new link at the bottom to give you a tour and a more luxurious feel more controlled, while the revolutionary HPSD (Progressive Steering Damper Honda) still gives the bike more responsive handling and the best band you own corners, and this is where races are won.

How can you best MX bike in the world even better.

Tool Fuel Injection HRC setting allows you to fine tune the fuel injection of the CRF450R is a particular song conditions. Click on the link below, so you get everything you need to know.

A winning program.

Programmed fuel injection optimize air / fuel delivery perfectly smooth, and with the new-for-2011 ECU programming, performance, the CRF450R is more responsive and more powerful than ever.

More control. With less effort.

Developed by our factory race team, Honda Progressive Steering Damper is lightweight, compact and improves cornering ability while reducing driver fatigue.
2011 Honda CRF450R
2011 Honda CRF450R Specifications

New for 2011

• finalization of the revised engine and a new 46 mm throttle body to increase low and midrange power, and give the best throttle response.

• Forks has a light valve cartridges and a new cylinder for better control and smooth ride up.

• Review performance valve shocks improve control and increase rear wheel traction.

• coupling the suspension New chassis balance improved and increased the traction of the rear wheel in the track conditions difficult.

• Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD) has a larger diameter piston (20 mm to 24 mm) for better monitoring features.

• Redesign silencer reduces noise emissions to 94 dB.


Rear Suspension - The rear suspension received a new clutch to provide better management and monitoring CRF450R, and a more balanced suspension. The fully adjustable Pro-Link ® rear suspension exclusive sports KYB ® and a large integrated reservoir rear shock absorber 50mm for improved suspension action in the worst driving conditions.

Injection Less Battery - CRF450R was the first MX bike has fuel injection, and has always been the standard class. In 2011, we made it even better, giving it a new throttle body and a brilliant new programming unit of the gas, and even easier to get started.

Lightweight aluminum frame - CRF450R race-inspired aluminum twin-spar frame revolutionized the beginning of the MX-tech when it first appeared in 1997, a radical CR250R, and has continued every year. Last frame boasts enhanced lateral and torsional rigidity and minimum weight and maximum durability and to ensure sharp handling. Updated frame 2011 takes the concept further.

Unicam ® 449cc engine

Works Style Brakes - Honda MX bikes has always been a major brake on the track, the 2011 CRF450R and continued with this tradition. Discs front and rear of the factory-spec master cylinder will help you journey down quickly, so you can focus another guy in the corners.

Front Suspension - Kayaba inverted front suspension has a sophisticated air-oil separator (AOS) with a control system exclusive Honda 48mm diameter fork compression and rebound damping and 12.2 "Travel-New-for-2011 options, it matches. the new rear suspension.

Honda Progressive Steering Damper - We did a HPSD revolutionary and made it even better for 2011 and give a larger 24 mm piston. For more attenuation when you need it, but the activity HPSD has yet to be completely transparent when not.

94 dB Exhaust system - teams with new muffler CRF450R motorcycle throttle body injection revised fuel injector and to help low and middle fat.