2011 Honda CRF250R

Despite the numerous comparison tests and win prizes in 2010, the CRF250R will be a new season a series of improvements that will help to continue his winning ways. New Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD) with larger, 24mm precision piston shock monitoring AIDS, and new suspension settings front and rear help make the stars even better machine balance base management in 2011. Variations CRF250R engine tuning now a stronger bottom end and hitting mid-range, and this model also has a new muffler that meets the 94 decibel noise level will require some organization of the race in 2011.

Are you a winner? Want to ride like one? Then you better a 2011 CRF250R. We have given our quart wonder some serious upgrades for 2011, and he likes to win.
2011 Honda CRF250R
Because there is a rule escape 94dB New this year, gave us a new muffler CRF250R. But it also gave us a new ECU parameters, along with the exhaust gives you more usable power, especially in the midrange. It's a win-win: a bike is even more quiet and easy to drive.

How CFR450R, we also gave the new CRF250R Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD) with a new, larger 24 mm piston. What gives more attenuation when you need it, but it is still open as usual, when you do not. Better management, better balance, better performance monitoring, in particular at the borders: the new 2011 CRF250R has it all.

The technology needed to win.

The CRF250R has won Motocross Transworld Delivery Magazine "Bike MX 250 Ember Days of the Year" is not just one, but four consecutive years. Year after year, the CRF250R continues to lead, not only in technology but in terms of how easy it is impressive cycling. Changes in the exhaust system, the values ​​of the new suspension, HPSD greater power, better and the middle of the 2011 CRF250R 250 best ever.

The light is Strength.

Compact and battery-free, the CRF250R programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) system optimizes performance and improves fuel economy.

Not only peace: Better.

Muffler, combined with a new chassis and the plate. It is a sophisticated bike, just slip a new muffler did not get the job done.

The Power of One.

More power and more compact - that's all you can ask your machine MX CRF250R and offers Unicam ® engine. Big Time.

Straighten and fly right.

We improved the steering damper Honda CRF250R progressive (HPSD) for the year 2011 with a large piston, providing sharper cornering and handling fees.
2011 Honda CRF250R
2011 Honda CRF250R Features

New for 2011

• New optimization engine added response and power generation midrange.

• Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD) contains larger piston diameter (20mm to 24mm) for improved tracking characteristics.

• Revised fork valves provides a better balance and scratch resistance.

• A new shock tube helps the optimal platform for better balance and suspension action.

• redesigned the muffler to reduce noise emissions by 94 dB.


Unicam ® 249cc engine

Works-style front and rear brakes - Compact dual-piston front caliper, anodized aluminum brake pistons and lightweight 240 mm front brake disc increases, minimizing unsprung weight for improved turning and handling. HRC works-type rear brake system increases the brake discs 240 mm with its integrated reservoir master cylinder and fluid back, set-up, which eliminates a separate reservoir and hose.

Work style front and rear brakes - Compact twin-piston front brake caliper, brake pistons and lightweight 240 mm anodized aluminum front disc increases braking power and reduce unsprung weight for improved and handling. HRC-type rear brake system adds a brake rotor of 240 mm of integrated reservoir master cylinder and fluid in the rear, a configuration to remove the tank and hose.

Fuel injection without batteries - Other fuel injection systems are relatively heavy in the east CRF250R, which is lightweight and compact - let's call it the essence is.

Aluminum frame double Spar - the 2011 CRF250R features an aluminum frame equipped with a double beam HPSD fork crown made of forged aluminum. We even changed the cradle of this year to work better with the silencer nine.

94 dB exhaust system - muffler CRF250R a new team of mountain revised injection system settings to gain weight low and medium frequencies.

Honda Progressive Steering Damper - We take the revolutionary HPSD and was even better in 2011, giving a greater than 24 mm piston. Provides greater depreciation in case of need, but the operation remains fully transparent HPSD when they do.