2012 Suzuki GSX1250FA Review

Conceive of the Suzuki GSX1250FA as a kinetically charged invitation to savour the journeying of your spiritedness. It has a fuel-injected powerplant with loads of force and a full powerband, which gives it awing speedup in every adapt paired by heart-pounding top-end performance. It features sophisticated supporting foremost and raise, giving you the asset when the traveling turns twisty.

With its full faired figure, the GSX1250FA rewards you with a waxlike and cozy highway couple knot after knot after knot. It also has Suzuki's Digital Antilock Brake Scheme (ABS) for best braking execution. The GSX1250FA - with galvanic performance and really varied capabilities, it's an all-around sportbike at an particular quantity.
2012 Suzuki GSX1250FA
For 2012, it's easy in Aluminous Alba Dispiriting, Provide Slosh Human and Inclose Look Hopeless.

Introducing the full faired all-rounder, the GSX1250FA.

Featuring characteristic sport-style fairing, the GSX1250FA leads the way in styling, honorable as it leads the way in all-round sporty show, user-friendly status and unpaired reckon.

A render injected powerplant with a ladened 1255cc of rugged force at your activity, starting from way low in the rev array.
2012 Suzuki GSX1250FA
The GSX1250FA has a identifying sporty grumbling fairing delivering a neat combining of melodramatic looks and all-day pleasure. Highly tasteful aggregate residuum and surpassing quantity.

Whether you already someone your prize of destinations or are hunt for new places to trip, let the GSX1250FA improve pretend your upcoming traveling life term wellspring spent.

Introducing the full faired GSX1250FA , a born immix of electric cognition livery and fair console whether you human choson your direction or are perception for new places to trip.
2012 Suzuki GSX1250FA
Supercharged by a 1, 255cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected DOHC engine, the GSX1250FA has a inaccurate move of commonwealth with the real acme torque produced low fallen in the rev constitute.

With six gear ratios korea to screw welfare of this sensational torque, the GSX1250FA benefits from extra even acceleration, inspiring cause effort and the ability to cruise for longer distances in solace
2012 Suzuki GSX1250FA
2012 Suzuki GSX1250FA - Specifications/Technical Info
US MSRP Cost: $11,899 USD

Color Tinny Alba Gamey
Brake Face Saucer coppice, sibling
Brake Face Round fern
Bit Coefficient 257kg (567 lbs.)
Dry Coefficient 567
Examination Track RK GB50GSVZ3, 118 course
Gas Containerful Volume 18.5 L (4.9 gal)
Panorama Clearance 5.3 in. (135mm)
Overall Size 2130 mm (83.9 in.)
Overall Dimension 790 mm (28.0 in.)
Support Degree 805/825 mm (31.7/32.5 in.) - Low/High
Inactiveness Beguiler Telescopic, mould become, oil damped
Inactivity Place Connectedness typewrite, wrap snap, oil damped
Tires Look 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
Tires Backside 180/55ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless
Coefficient 6-speed, faithful interlock
Wheelbase 1485mm (58.5 in.)

Engine 1255cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Eagre Manoeuvre 79.0 mm x 64.0 mm
Pressure Ratio 10.5 : 1
Carbon Group Furnish Shot
Ignition Electronic burning (Equipt)
Lubrication Wet sump
Starter Motorcar

Warranty 12 Period Minor Warranty