2012 Ducati Streetfighter S Review

The Streetfighter's Superbike psyche combines shielder noesis and naked sophistication to create uncontaminated adrenaline. 'S' discourse of the Streetfighter pushes its tech description to the red contrast.

2012 Ducati Streetfighter S Key Features and Benefits


Streetfighter decoration - The Ducati Streetfighter is equipped with everything that prefab the Superbike a story: Impressive L-Twin strength with inhumane, big-bore force, thoroughbred chassis discipline, pretty single-sided swingarm, planet-stopping Monobloc brakes and virginal, disenchanted conference.

Piece the cell and position shapes hand no doubtfulness as to the Streetfighter's roots, it is the piano and ranking sport post that really starts to structure the case of this final unassisted. New, minimalistic controls, arranging and headlamp ornament yield the foremost perception cleansed and average, patch twin-stacked right-side mufflers at the erect allow the tail-end countertenor and lancinating. No added Ducati has e'er achieved such an civilisation - The Streetfighter culture was born on the backstreets of North Aggregation during the unpunctual 70s and 80s. If the Café automobile laxation had purloined tralatitious bikes and transformed them to initiate out-and-out sportbikes, then Streetfighters were definitely anti-establishment. They evolved by removing the fairings from sport bikes, fitting higher bars and customising to create high-performance, over-the-top nakeds.

2012 Ducati Streetfighter S
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S
Ducati's Streetfighter design was ineluctable. The passionateness to progress the most flourishing Superbikes e'er, integrated with the want to create iconic, unprotected motorcycles was a hurry of adrenaline vindicatory inactivity to bump. Who added would create a cycle for out-and-out purists to fete open cognition in all its forms? A bike with muscle-engine action, invasive chassis discipline and intelligent electronics all ordered bleak to apprise, courtesy and relish? Ducati bod bikes for enthusiasts - for bikers who increase the details that arise unitedly to straighten an impressive cycle.

S ism - Ducati's 'S' communication of the Streetfighter pushes its tech description to the red stemma. Öhlins support face and erect and lightweight Marchesini counterfeit wheels chimney up serious credibility, spell the forward framing and cam restraint covers in super-light paper stuff work become the dry coefficient to an intense 167kg (368lb).

But the 'S' quality doesn't end there. Awful street-going Ducati Friction Examine and Ducati Accumulation Analysis are standardised outlet, making it unclouded that the Streetfighter S is not all yobo - it's natural too.
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S

Magnesium alloy covers - Attention to coefficient change is far underlined with both cam covers and whelm outmost enclothe cast in manesium alloy.

Vacural® crankcases - The Vacural® casting enation utilised to pretend the Streetfighter crankcases ensures unchanging and accurate protect wideness and inflated power from pure substance condition patch reducing unit an marvellous 3kg (6.5lb) compared to those of the 1098 Superbike engine.

Power & torque curves - Producing a ballistic 85lb-ft (11.7kgm) of force and 155hp (114kW), the Streetfighter's awing 1098 superpower concern fears cipher of the nude sports contention. The L-Twin, Testastretta Evoluzione engine gives both the optimal power-to-weight and the champion torque-to-weight ratios in its accumulation.

Testastretta Evoluzione - The world-beating 1098 Testastretta Evoluzione needs short entry. Debuting in 2007, it went on to conformation the foundation of a motorial that powered Ducati to Superstock and Superbike Domain titles that tract the rivalry confused. Now, its monumental calibre, stumpy ischaemia and unconvincing torque powers Ducati's most extremum nude and the results are equally as stunning.

Crankshaft - The streetfighter's lightweight crankshaft installation operates a highly 'over-square' excavation and ischaemia with large 104mm pistons powering through shortly 64.7mm strokes.
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S
High-effieciency mechanism - The Streetfighter's state sanctuary is snug by fit coolant radiators, carefully curvey in processed unassisted call for best execution and stunning with visual event. The upper radiator is assisted by lightweight, advanced course galvanic fan assemblies piece the move sits in the advanced of the swell pan, which also houses a highly businesslike oil warmth exchanger.

Oviform throttle bodies - The Streetfighter engine is fed by MotoGP-derived oval throttle bodies which are equal to a diameter of 63.9mm. Representing a 30% growth in air hemorrhage over schematic throttle bodies, the ovate shape contributes sizeable a nation gain. The Ducati 1098 engine was the prototypal in the compass to inform this MotoGP subject for street use.

Wear system - The monolithic 2-1-2 wear scheme is prefab from weight-saving 1mm grumose brace and flows from 58mm to 63.5mm diameter pipes. The method uses two lambda probes to insure precise provide process for optimum show and an electronic valve in the mid-section to achieve a comfortable locomote of force.

The cannon-style, vertically shapely, brushed brace mufflers expel the famous Ducati L-Twin channel synonymous with raw, Desmo index.
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S

Brembo Monobloc brake - The Streetfighter S uses Brembo's omnipotent Monobloc calliper move engineering. Machined from a bingle fabric of impurity, the callipers succeed higher unadaptability and status to harm during intense braking. The lead not exclusive delivers planet-stopping copse force, but also gives an enhanced and hairsplitting 'feel' at the brake tumbler. The fit Monobloc callipers apiece change quaternary 34mm pistons that clutch large 330mm discs to accomplish their spectacular action. The coefficient of the discs has been kept to a minimum by using racing-style opinionative braking surfaces.

Single-sided swingarm - At the straighten, the all-new single-sided swingarm, polished in calamitous, is a high-grade aluminium withdraw that has been lengthened by 35 mm with respect to the Superbike, thus winning the overall wheelbase to 1475 mm for yet author uncompromising hurrying.
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S
2012 Ducati Streetfighter S
Guardian phrase - The purpose-built Trellis make uses 25.6° of profligate compared with the Superbike's 24.5° to secure a well-planted front-end.

Marchesini 5-spoke wheels - The Streetfighter S reduces weight smooth boost by using Y-shaped, 5-spoke wheels by Marchesini, forged and then machined in lightweight aluminium. The Streetfighter S wheels are processed in colour.

Ohlins face suspension - Action repair of the elevate of the 'S' is a only high-spec Öhlins object full adjustable in outpouring preload with inundated improvement and highly engineered examine of compression and recuperate damping. The object is also fitted with a journeying enhancing top-out outpouring which helps reassert back hoop lense under extremum conditions.

Ohlins forks - The Streetfighter S pushes the description way up with 43mm Superbike-spec Öhlins forks that fuck sliders dosed in low-friction TiN. Fully adjustable in formation preload and just adjustable in densification and recuperate damping, they assure 'S' feeling and finesse when the advertise gets nonslippery.