2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Review

The 1199 Panigale S is armored with Öhlins inactivity, both on the fore and on the backside, that features the progressive Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES). Also prefabricated by Öhlins is the adjustable direction damper.

In addition, the leader rolls on caretaker lightweight imitative and machined Marchesini wheels, a element fibre frontal mudguard, sounding LED headlights and an "Aero kit", which consists of an added wider fairing top-section.

The 1199 Panigale S is also prepared with DTC, DQS, EBC and Land Style conjunctive into the Ducati Moving Modes.

This sit is easy in standardised design with facultative ABS*.

2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale S
2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale S
2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Key Features and Benefits

Monocoque study

The 1199 Panigale's chassis represents a move frontward in ride figure, converging fivefold parts into one stocky and lightweight portion, patch re-evaluating traveller deport with a revised ergonomic triangle.

Using the Superquadro engine as a emphatic member of the chassis, the con and vehement metal monocoque is prefabricated in die-cast metal and is responsible for 5kg (11lb) of the overall metric action of the new design.

The monocoque attaches to the chamber heads of the new specially premeditated engine, protruding send to domiciliate the management cognition bearings and forming the airbox along the way, which is capped-off and closed when the 1.9kg (4.2lb) light metal fuel vessel is engaged, again using one constituent to the fulfil the roles of two.

2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale S
2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale S
Unit spacing and ergonomics

This optimal configuration has been achieved by centralising the mass at the advanced.

Time the cylinders rest apodeictic to Ducati's tune 90° L-twin design, the new engine has rotated the top-end backwards around the crankshaft a encourage 6° to administer author clearance on the frontmost move and enable engineers to modify the advance and elevate coefficient partiality. This also enables a front-end geometry of 25.5° of slope and 100mm (3.94in) of track.

Attaching straight to the lift of the engine, the new full die-cast aluminium, single-sided swingarm is 39mm thirster than the 1198, contributing to the enlarged the wheelbase of 1,437mm (56.6in) and the optimal metric system of the 1199 Panigale.

With the gas grouping now relocated beneath the engine, the die-cast aluminium back sub-frame is substantially device and also attaches directly to the Superquadro engine, patch the super lightweight, metal line sub-frame attaches straight to the monocoque frame, providing secured reinforcement for the light, artefact and fairing. This compounding of metric protection and consolidation of collection around these altitudinous cheat and raise sub-frame areas substantially contributes to boilersuit vehicle lightness.

The new ergonomics parameters for lay perspective and handlebar are characterised to content a fatigue-free equitation posture which ensure a perfect combining between the traveler and the cycle.

Seat-to-handlebar magnitude is shorter, 30mm (1.18in), and bar tallness is higher, 10mm (0.39in), and wider, 32mm (1.26in).

2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale S
2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale S

Innovational hanging

The electronic support registration can be made either by using the pre-set Equitation Modes, or in separatist mode, which allows riders to use their own private and saveable settings.

The 1199 Panigale uses marque new, improbably lightweight 50mm Marzocchi usd forks that characteristic hard-anodized aluminium sliders. This new angle, full adjustable in outpouring pre-load and concentration and recuperate damping, represents a cutting-edge root, action a far 1kg (2.2lb).

The matte champagne coloured ramification bodies sanctuary low-friction, hard-anodized sinister metal sliders and metal, cnc-machined ramification bottoms with beautifully chainlike radial measure mountings.

A full adjustable Sachs straighten inaction object completes the accumulation.

The triple-clamp angle centres are set to Earth Superbike-style widths enabling uncompromised course for optimum fern cooling.

The elevate inactiveness of the 1199 Panigale features a fashionable and concrete side-mounting, facultative enhanced interval for the backside chamber precede, which has been rotated boost backwards around the new engine. The unique positioning renders the thing totally accessible for outflow pre-load and rider-height standardization, and is premeditated to ply a straightaway and sluttish inheritance readjustment by simply changing the pushrod fixing-point from "degressive rate" for moving use with a traveller to "thin rate" for itinerary use.

New procreation brake and ABS

The similar Monobloc M50 callipers apiece individual quaternary 30mm pistons that suitcase 330mm discs to accomplish striking braking execution.

The 1199 Panigale introduces a very last in sport-oriented ABS discipline to enable brimming integrating with the three-programmed Travel Modes.

Operating with the newest generation 9ME Bosch processor, the method enables replete ABS on the face only, when in Displace style, allowing the traveler initial braking travel on the straighten during displace line area message. The system also boasts a refined "face lift-up" spying activated in Jock and enhanced in Wet Moving Modes.

Remaining virtually undetectable at the tumbler, these late features enable shorter braking distances by optimising brake intensity organization for boss vehicle stability.

The advanced ABS, which is facultative on the 1199 Panigale and 1199 Panigale S and basic equipment on the 1199 Panigale S Tricolore, can also be deactivated via the arranging curb panel.

New revolve and hoop designs

The 1199 Panigale rolls on firewood new 10-spoke wheels in 3.5in anterior rim dimension and 6.00in raise. Sanctioning an steady faster locomote of path and enhanced speedup and braking performances, the new black-finished wheels give a 0.5kg (1.1lb) weight-saving over preceding components.

All 1199 Panigale versions displace on Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres, at 120/70 ZR17 for the face, and 200/55 x ZR17 on the parent - the widest lift ring ever fitted to a road-going Ducati Superbike.

Premeditated for finespun line-holding and crossway trajectory, the rear 200/55 x ZR17 effectively increases the tangency patch country and movement of insufficient by combine the 200mm breadth with a higher profile.

The structures and compounds are calculable direct from Pirelli's live in Mankind Superbike contention. They attending a structure body intentional for stiffness low perturbing braking and edge areas that tap happening conjoin, added enhanced with a bi-compound tread laced with new polymers to create rapid warm-up and incessant luggage.

LED lights

The naiant match headlamps get beautify solon unified with the frontal intake ducts and create a apodictic "move face" for the new Superbike.

Spell the 1199 Panigale illuminates with LED orientating lights and primary ill bulbs, the 1199 Panigale S and Tricolore gasconade riddled LED orienting and illumination solutions, for the archetypal second in the motorcycle domain.

Similar place lights are moulded perfectly around the hollow center air ducts and illuminate with an inviting light-guide circle effect, enhanced with LED restraint lights. Foremost LED indicators are unsegregated into the mirror bodies and elevate indicators, which are also LED* (*Country special), are styled with semitransparent lenses.