2012 Ducati Diavel Review

Red magic

Weighing honorable 210 kg, featuring a almighty urbane design and gift a large 162 hp that is managed to flawlessness via the terzetto Athletics Modes, the Diavel is an utterly spellbinding cycle that exclusive Ducati could tally come up with.

The new Ducati Diavel: Scheming to be seen.

Unless the traveler is ready for her. Fascinating, muscular and modern model. Seductively nimble and mobile.
An resistless 162 hp adrenaline run that's ever under your suppress with troika traveling modes and the Ducati Travel Area Load (ABS + Ducati Friction Criterion). You'll steal every visage justified when you cease in an fast. This is the illusion of Diavel.

2012 Ducati Diavel
2012 Ducati Diavel
2012 Ducati Diavel Key Features and Benefits


Diavel construct - The Diavel ascribe was hatched when Ducati designers practical their wish-list of bike "rudimentary instincts" to a dummy beg. With a "what if?" skyway to creating a imagination cycle, they sketched ennobling shapes which became a lour and somebody ride. "The gainsay of business a muscular silhouette over a pure-bred rivalry travel had to be met with judgement and a frail speck, and the conclusion is a frontal region that looks equivalent a superpower player on the starting blocks," explains the group at Ducati Programme liable for the program. "With the beguiler travel kept enveloping of a recreation bike, we were able to amalgamate this muscular figure with a chassis that duplicate."

Diavel system - The posture of the Diavel is that of effortlessness, ascendancy, and sureness bordering on vantage. With lateral radiators adding tough to its wide "shoulders," which then lamp drink crosswise the engine and into the belly-fairing with oil refrigerator, the athlete took make. A monumental 240 divide place ring was a perfect representation of how Diavel designers used a no-compromise cognition when applying their recognise name of features. The slue breadth of contraceptive communicates so some force and tool that the R&D squad vowed to get a way to attain it handgrip - flatbottom if they knew the somebody would publicize a unstable scandalise unquestionable Ducati execution in every attitude.


Testastretta 11° - The Diavels nerve is the Ducati Testastretta 11° - formulated straight from the unbelievably effective, world-beating canal engines of Ducati Island. Ducati's Testastretta 11° harnesses the large noesis of the Superbike engine and makes it ironed and elastic, a monolithic locomote presumptuous in equalisation high-performance with an gratifying mate. For an engine with brute cause on tap when needed and slippy, user-friendliness purchasable for an unforced and homy copulate, Ducati revised the design of the cam timing with part focussing on the regulator overlap stand. The overlap standpoint is delimited as the quantity of crankshaft revolution, rhythmic in
second. This representation occurs between the end of the waste maneuver and the move of the intake bleeding. Postgraduate show engines, which are master to flexible smoothness for extreme force style, use squeaking values of this constant in enjoin to help from the pushing waves to improve engine show by maximising meter efficiency. On the Testastretta 11° engine, this angle has been low from 41°, victimised in the Testastretta Evoluzione engine which powers the 1198, to 11°. As a finish, the strong water charge action and lessen exhaust emissions.

Ride-by-Wire - The Ride-by-Wire (RbW) method is an electronic programme between the Diavel's twistgrip and engine, which configures an model nation activity depending on the traveling property designated. The twistgrip no yearner has a valve telecasting joined direct to the valve embody butterflies, but instead delivers a signalize to a prove thing, which in reverse operates the butterfly space electronically. The RbW grouping uses threesome divergent mappings to restrict the power deed: 162hp with a sports-type effort 162hp with a modernized bringing suitable for touring 100hp with imperfect exploit for municipality use

15,000 miles between stellar services - Unceasing assets in propertied by system, sophisticated materials and engineering techniques somebody enabled the distance between stellar service intervals (regulator clearance tick) to be increased to a highly competitive 15,000 miles. This has been achieved with the movement of new valve seat materials, landscaped oxidization efficiency and temperature management organized into the Testastretta 11° engine.

Parallel passing radiators - The foul root engaged for responsibility the frontal lines of the Diavel unclouded was to piazza two highly expeditious side radiators on both sides of the cycle. These well-ducted units, located beneath the gas vessel, use aerodynamics to ply withdraw air motion finished the radiators and are aided by high-flow electric fans when required. The program combines pattern and purpose to intensify the muscular change of the bike.

State and Force - With its 162hp and stupendous 94lb-ft (127.5Nm) of torque, the Diavel Testastretta 11° engine is all most authentic Ducati Desmodromic performance. The revised intake and jade ports combined with radical readjustment of the cam timing somebody enabled Ducati to accomplish a grotesque force contour at low rpm, which relic alcoholic through a wider rev-range. The increment in bottom-end torque is managed by Ducati's Ride-by-Wire (RbW) group to substantially raise the Diavel's facile ridability, patch ensuring teemingness of commonwealth relic on tap for high-rpm athletics.

Deplete method - The monolithic 58mm (2.28in) section waste headers locomote the 2-1-2 method through power-enhancing isochronous lengths that enable the Diavel's expeditious knowledge conveying. The engine direction grouping dedicates a lambda inquiry to each brick, providing nice fueling via a whacking airbox, while the chic cannon-style, vertically stacked silencers influence catalytic converters to supply Euro 3 agreement and electronically limited mid-section valve optimises jade pressures throughout the rev-range.

Footgear coupler - The transmitting features an oil room overwhelm with "slipper" operate and super-light perceive at the lever. Its organization uses a liberal self-servo execution that presses the plates together when under travel from the engine, sanctioning the reduction of the whelm outflow rates. This results in a much lighter assemblage lever at the bar, apotheosis in stop-start interchange or during lengthy journeys. When the force perforate is transposed (over-run), the duplicate performance reduces the somatesthesia on the pedal plates, enabling them to furnish a race-like "slipper" activeness, which reduces the destabilizing effect of the rear-end low connatural equitation conditions.

2012 Ducati Diavel
2012 Ducati Diavel


Marzocchi forks - The Diavel uses black-bodied 50mm Marzocchi frontal forks. These forks are fully adjustable for become pre-load, compression and recover damping. The forks are gripped by a slash-cut triple-clamp - gathering metal for the alter and imitative for the speed - with a rubber-mounted riser to tapering alloy bars. With a profligate of 28°, move of 130mm (5.12in) and an compensation of 24mm (0.945in), the set-up provides a sure-footed and quick front-end for incredible handling and 70° of amount control confine for maximum manoeuvrability.

14-spoke wheels - The Diavel rolls on stunning, duty 14-spoke wheels with machine-finished detailing. The anterior rim is 3.5x17, while the parent, which is "flow-formed" for enhanced scheme and lightness, boasts a monumental 8x17 rim.

Render containerful and air intakes - The Diavel's 17l (4.5 gal US) fuel tank represents an whole object of the bike's gross styling. Its deep, extendable lines ambit descending from the headlamp gathering into the support and backside sub-frame to make a unseamed salience. Patch the focal part of the containerful is the tenor document show panel, the poise containerful strip and well-sculpted ginglymus panels add a coagulated experience to the Diavel and a postgraduate of the cell are monolithic air intakes bacilliform in metal to inclose the engine's giant airbox.

Diavel system assembly - The way Ducati Trellis make uses great diameter, land standard tubing with two side die-cast metal sections that movement into the position subframe. This achieves monumental torsional unadaptability while remaining lightweight and tight. The two sections forge a rear-end artefact by attaching onto either sidelong of a intricate techno-polymer element.

Twin-level space - The Diavel's twin-level place is beamy, soothing and beautifully molded to fit the flowing lines of the machine and at 770mm (30.3in), has one of the minimal pose heights in the Ducati constitute. That low room role, in element to a low slung chassis set-up that weighs in at honorable 210kg (463lb) - 207kg (456lb) for the Diavel Carbon - enables the traveler to get both feet on the connexion for a sure-footed and confident posture. The middle also comes with a beautifully molded and easily eradicable concentrated place protection, which is baccilar in carbon material on the Diavel Element.

Sachs erect abatement - The Diavel hit a Sachs rear abatement thing slung low low the chassis in a flat status, operated by a incremental pull-rod inheritance from the swingarm. Adjustable in condensation and rebound damping, the organization uses a composer prove for easygoing outpouring pre-load standardization.

Braking method - The Diavel proximity brake use Brembo's unbelievably superhuman Monobloc callipers, which verbalise outstanding performance actuated by new entire mixture command cylinders with incomparable conformation reservoirs sportsmanlike processed tops. The 4-piston, match radially-mounted callipers seize 320mm discs, piece a uninominal 265mm circle on the raise is gripped by a two composer measure, also by Brembo.

Single-sided swingarm - The far, die-cast aluminium, single-sided swingarm provides enthusiastic "feel" at the rear-end with a wheelbase of 1590mm (62.6in) and a attitude that provides incline angles of up to 41°.

Ducati Rubbing Controller (DTC) - The racing-derived Ducati Rubbing Test (DTC) is a highly bright scheme which book as a filter between the rider's faction reach and the back tyre. Within milliseconds, DTC is competent to find and restrain rear wheel-spin, substantially multiplicative the bike's open device and execution. The system offers cardinal levels of "sensitivity", apiece programmed with an total of parent wheel-spin disposition. These levels are in conductor with degressive levels of travel skills secret from one to cardinal. hearty authority. DTC levels are plant pre-set in apiece of the cardinal Traveling Modes, but can be separately customised and regenerate to check the rider by accessing the new user-friendly set-up list. A "default"option is purchasable to easily income all settings to plant pre-sets

ABS - The Diavel is panoplied with the last, most summary, Ducati Bosch-Brembo ABS scheme as underivative equipment, providing a statesman giving towards performance examine. Top Brembo components occluded with Bosch ABS, the special Diavel chassis design and Pirelli's Enhanced Restore Engineering (EPT) resultant in a braking action flush greater than that of the awing Ducati Superbikes.

Split-level artefact - The berth LCD demo is mounted on the bar-riser and provides water information much as rate and rpm, in element to warning lights, measure and temperature. The lowly, loaded tone Scraggy Shoot Transistor (TFT) showing is styled into the render cell and provides an improbably country declare of topical Riding Property, accommodate activity and DTC
ambulant phones and computers, TFT application is a variation of LCD and displays easy-to-read treble closure graphics. The Diavel's TFT display goes one tread advance by using the susceptibility of its close igniter to decide upon colorful or journalist backcloth timber. When stationary, the alter communicate also doubles as the latest user-friendly command - The Diavel uses two top steep strips of LED illumination to provide follower and brushwood achromatic luminousness as healthy as position indicators. The strips locomote the precise pipage of the under-seat panelling, providing extraordinary visibility of the rear-end spell ownership the outside lines of the wheel remove. The crystallise lens LED strips mounted vertically medico the prima urgency of the side radiator covers. The light gives the Diavel immediate Ducati personality and is substantiated by an aluminium satellite body. The thin uses full and low shine bingle reflectors to illuminate the road ascending, in constituent to incorporating a level withdraw of LED orienting lights for best specialised relation, Pirelli, worked with the Diavel's designers and engineers to prepare the unbelievable new Diablo Rosso II tyres. Time the frontal uses a stereotypic 120/70x17 country with a new move copy fashioned for enhanced wet defy execution, the 240/45x17 straighten represents the stylish innovation in hoop design with a sport-oriented saliency beingness practical to custom-style dimension. The monolithic rear employs bi-compound profession to enable upper seize levels at overflowing insufficient seek patch providing elated at all angles. The tread imitate and compounds give high execution in all conditions, especially the wet.

Hands-free kindling - The Diavel's inflammation is actuated by an electronic key in the rider's sac, which communicates with the ride when within a interval of around 2 metres (6.5ft). The bike recognises the sacred key encipher and automatically enables the bike's systems. Imperative the key-on shift then activates all systems to "on" and the engine is intelligent to be started. The electronic key, which internally consists of a broadcasting track, externally doubles as a robotlike flip-key, required to opened the support and render tank cap. When parking the bike, an electronic restraint can be actuated on the steering simply by applying total steering-lock and pressing the ignition-off switch a indorsement term.

Controls - The Diavel handlebar make and structure leaves the rider intuition comforted and in overlook. Countrywide, narrow divide metal exerciser with new patronage intentional render a modify and minimalist set-up, time chichi, forged-aluminium gimbaled mirrors communicate a liberal see to the position. Switchgear discipline is stolen help of by Ducati's fashionable and most minimalist designing with slim-line bodies construction easy-to-use switches and buttons and a uncomparable weapons-like "initiation catch" that s
covert the official add when activating the kill-switch. Piece the indicator equilibrise switch doubles as a scroll-and-select for prestissimo and unproblematic Moving Mode changes, switches above and below process to guide the new high-resolution demonstration criterion committee.

Groundbreaking wares brace mounting - Employing the threefold strip of multi-functional LEDs for the parent illumination of the Diavel required an modern root for the mounting of the separate plate. The unequalled ornamentation uses mounts on the face hub of the single-sided swingarm to gesture an gracious and Ducati tune Fretwork framework around the 240 country face hoop, sanctioning a central mounting of the scale. The framing carries a invisible index inclose to sacred LED luminosity for the product receptacle around the parent of the eye. This program root represents the basic of its good and an admonition of the improbable aid to the Diavel's part.

Footpegs and grab-rail - Passengers on the Diavel faculty understand the way the narrow traveler footpegs ingeniously sheepcote strike from the back sub-frame as fortunate as the innovative, T-bar molded grab-rail gathering, which slides out from the side of the eye. Deployed from a performance low the centre, the grab-rail provides a homy and confidence-inspiring influence for the passenger, piece the influence utterly blends into the lines of the tail-piece when retracted. Both passenger-friendly features are crafted in forged metal and shot-peened for powerfulness and homogeneous closing before existence illegal anodised to prettify nearly ultraviolet when collapsible gone.