2012 Can-Am Spyder RT Audio & Convenience Review

With the 2012 Spyder RT Audio & Convenience, you take a lot of standard features that enhance comfort and handling and an integrated audio system with iPod compatibility. (Integration with iPod cable not included)

When it comes to adventure travel, the best way to travel the open road is the place to pick up the Can-Am Spyder ® ® RT. This is a very innovative and elegant touring roadster with three wheels was studied. And 'confidential and will revolutionize travel in a sophisticated combination of freedom in the open air and peace of mind for a luxury car motion. If a leak or just two-up vacation tourism, luxury, Can-Am Spyder RT configuration items of comfort, convenience and performance to make the trek much more enjoyable.

For 2012, BRP has added a new color LCD screen at all Can-Am Spyder Roadster RT packets. Apart from the basic model Spyder RT Spyder RT all packages are also available in new colors. Quantum Blue Metallic (audio standard and comfort Spyder Spyder RT and RT-S), Lava Metallic Bronze (RT Spyder Limited) are new and get pure magnesium metal, Viper Red and Pearl White as a range of colors available in the range . The RT-S Spyder Roadster takes only dark gray mist six spoke wheels, adding to its most incisive. Finally, the Spyder RT Limited package, introduced last year, gets a lot of chrome accents and upgraded look more refinded.

2012 Can-Am Spyder RT
2012 Can-Am Spyder RT Audio & Convenience
The Can-Am Spyder RT range is separated from the RS Spyder roadster with the body upright, luxury cars inspired by the composition and separate outside. This creates a distinctive style fit, and finish that is unique in the industry and catchy. Industry Leaders Comfort functions, dynamic steering (DPS ™), cruise control, 41 gallon (155 L) of storage on board, with the issue of passenger ergonomics, the electrically adjustable windshield, wind deflectors, cuffs Heated seat range high lumbar support and more integrated.

All Can-Am Spyder RT is a pleasure cruise, but it requires liquid-cooled 998 cc Rotax V-twin touring a couple of calibration and performance. Electronic fuel injection provides instant throttle response and greater energy efficiency. Rotax factory emits 80 pounds-feet of torque at only 5,000 rpm, making it unique in the management of overweight and loading of bunkers, a passenger, and even pull a trailer behind. BRP an optional trailer, the RT-622 offers an additional 164 gallons (622 L) of storage.

The traditional 5-speed gearbox and manual clutch gearbox on foot (SM5) is constant in a Spyder roadster RT series, and is translated. Semi-automatic five-speed (including reverse) and electronic (SE5 ™) does not require a clamp or manual shifts, and is available for all other variants Spyder Roadster RT. Switching is done via the left thumb and left index finger. Can-Am Spyder roadster RT is available in four packages (standard Spyder RT Spyder RT Audio & Convenience, Spyder RT Spyder RT-S and Limited). Standard Spyder RT is based on each model, but every package adds a new level of technology and improved refinement.

The accessories include items such as a sound system with iPod compatibility, AM / FM and satellite radio (optional), the buttons, the rear adjustable air suspension, navigation GPS, LED lighting, unique colors and more.

2012 Can-Am Spyder RT
2012 Can-Am Spyder RT Audio & Convenience

2012 Can-Am Spyder RT audio and convenience features

What's new for 2012?

- New color display dot matrix

Matrix display:

- New Multi-screen amber matrix function for better contrast in the night

2012 Can-Am Spyder RT audio and convenience features and benefits

- Rotax 998 cc V-twin engine tuned for travel

- 41 U.S. Gal. (155L) of storage

- Vehicle Stability System

- Adjustable windscreen electronic

- Multi-function gauge color dot matrix

- Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS)

- Pilot heated handles

- Cruise control

- Very comfortable seat with lumbar support and integrated PNR

All RT 2012 Spyder features, PLUS:

- AM / FM audio system with iPod

- Automatic speed-volume

- Handles passenger heated control

- Secondary gauges (fuel temperature data of the engine)

- Push-button release of the electronic charge at the front


Prima-backed chair with passenger and driver lumbar support for maximum comfort on long trips.

Entertainment System

AM / FM audio system with iPod ready, weather band and satellite radio.

Heated Handgri ps

Thermal pilot handles are standard on all models Spyder RT. Also handles passenger heated .*

155 liters (41 gallons.) Cargo Area

Lockable, waterproof storage space in front of 44 liters (12 gallons.) Join as two halves apart, and the rear storage compartment.

Electric Windshield

Adjustable on the fly for comfort windscreen, either hot or cold day.