MV Agusta F3 Oro 2012 Review

MV Agusta can officially announce that the price of retail in Italy Model F3 highly anticipated new. As previously announced, the production is ahead in four months, which means that the new model will be available at dealerships later this year.

In accordance with the tradition of the brand, high-volume manufacturing F3 again preceded by a small number of limited edition "Gold Series" versions appealing to fans, the Italian engineering.

These exclusive models from which only 200 examples will be built only on special order differs from the standard version via a wealth of detail, both in terms of aesthetics and technique.

2012 MV Agusta F3 Oro
MV Agusta F3 Oro 2012
The F3 Serie Oro is immediately recognized by the plates of gold frame and swing arm single side, and the forged aluminum wheel painted the same color. The deliberate, minimalist graphics subtly emphasize the lines of the bike, and to identify it.

The design of the sensual body has a special livery that highlights its curved shape. The end result is a striking reinterpretation of the traditional silver and red livery MV Agusta. While the mirrors are painted, and the cradle of the seat to match the color of the tubular space frame F3S. The clutch cover and the plates are polished machines, while the alternator cover is completely machined from solid, to provide these components with the sensation in the hand makes each unique, ETC. The attention to detail extends to the air intake and exit cooling, which is a gold finish, gold and DID chain final drive. Coverage entirely handmade both driver and passenger use leather and alcantara, the Serie Oro ultimate touch of elegance. As usual with MV Agusta Serie Oro models, a gold-plated mounted on the upper fork to identify each cycle individually numbered, complete image of exclusivity.

2012 MV Agusta F3 Oro
MV Agusta F3 Oro 2012

Many mechanical parts are unique in the Gold Series models, such as the excellent Brembo brakes with radially mounted on a single piece monobloc racing jack plates. Öhlins upside-down fully adjustable shock TTX control, and together represent the best of the suspension. Space frame and seat sub-frame is TIG welded to ensure a strong rigid structure, and appearance of great refinement. With the aim to allow each driver to optimize driving position, running boards and mounting plates are machined, and are fully adjustable, like brake levers and gear change and rear.

Components made from carbon fiber F3 adds a unique richness of the bike. The front fender and rear panel of the cover, air box and intake flaps, fascia inserts, upper and lower chain guards, rocker protection cover, crown cover, lower fairing, and stacked exhaust outlets are manufactured in this view, good-looking material, each carefully crafted and covered with a transparent protective layer.

2012 MV Agusta F3 Oro
MV Agusta F3 Oro 2012
About F3 series:

The new MV. A new work of art on wheels has arrived that will change the balance of power. As with all MV of this new model is synonymous with excellence, style and technology. The new F3 apply these principles to a new market segment, the middleweight supersport category.

If F4 is considered the most beautiful motorcycle in the world, set the style and performance that all others are judged, the new F3 completely surpassed all previous notions of what a Super Sport motorcycle should be to redefine a category entirely new. Light, power electronics and working in complete harmony with a new bike that pushes the concept of maximum Super Sport.

Powerful, hyper-lighter and more compact than any other bike in existence. The F3 sets a new standard by which all others will be judged supersport bikes and compared. A completely new project that was created by the CRC, the research center has designed and developed continuously dream motorcycle.

Styling is clean MV Agusta, who with her sister in F4, F3, but it is even more unique. The new "average weight" of MV follows the philosophy of all the illustrations of MV Agusta, while pushing the limits of the Supersport category with obsessive attention to detail. The exhaust system has a triple muffler pipe on the outlet side, and is the perfect example of how the design and function perfectly coincide. There is no doubt, the F3 is a real new MV Agusta

2012 MV Agusta F3 Gold Features and Benefits

MV F3 engine

The center of the new F3, 675cc three-cylinder in line, playing a tribute to the most successful motorcycle brand in the word. This layout of the MV course has been an unprecedented number of races and world titles. This legendary engine has now returned in the form of avant-garde in the performance supersport Medium weight with the technical solutions are based on the needs of Claudio Castiglioni, who is convinced that this is an ideal architecture in weight supersport East. The engine is the most compact, incredibly short and narrow engine ever seen in this category. The system is incredibly modern in design, technologically advanced and is able to produce maximum power seen in this category. One of the many technical features of a drive shaft rotates in the opposite direction, never-before-seen production supersport engine.

MV F3: Electronics

The most advanced electronic engine control system has been designed to meet this extraordinary three cylinders. For the first time in MV (and in the middle weight supersport class) is a multi-line maps around that optimize performance in any driving condition. MV CT traction control is included in the engine management system to increase the dynamic control to a new level F3.

MV F3 Chassis

As always, those who ride the MV Agusta was used to having the best components and maximum performance of the chassis. The new F3 continues this tradition with a quality level that exceeds most of the 1000cc superbikes on the market. As with all previous MV, contains part of the design of the tip of a mixture of steel and aluminum side plates that wrap the ultra-compact engine, which provides a level of compactness never seen on a motorcycle supersport. The compact dimensions of the left engine maximum freedom to design the most advanced chassis on the market with a single-sided swingarm unusually long, which ensures traction and feedback to the rider. Components, which are always of the highest quality. The Marzocchi fork is fully adjustable Sachs rear shock as well. The front brakes consist of Nissin radial master cylinder and Brembo radial calipers and discs.

It is simply the best and the new standard by which all other medium supersport bikes will be judged.

Three-cylinder, made in Italy

The domain of the MV Agusta Motorcycle Grand Prix is ​​due in part to its engine design success. Of the 37 world titles by motorcycles Cascina Costa, 10 are assigned to the bike in line with the three cylinders. MV Agusta was the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to believe in this technical solution, the risk paid with countless victories. The project began as a three-cylinder overhead cam double 350 followed by a version of 500 cc, these bikes are legendary for their power and reduced weight and improved aerodynamics over the four-cylinder competition.

The project was designed at the request of Count Agusta, developed at the track led by Giacomo Agostini and the greatest champions of all time to win immediately. Twin cam 350 initially, followed by 500 twin cam, these bikes have become the benchmark for all other manufacturers have offered unmatched performance by allowing them to dominate the competition. This domain has been translated into 10 world titles, nine Italian championships and 215 race wins. The MV was a three-cylinder unmatched by the competition by implementing technology that was ahead of its time and destined to become the future for all high performance engines.

Even today, the classic three-cylinder MV Agusta is an example for the rational application of technology and pure style. A style so unique that transcends the soul of the MV is today. Having to choose which layout engine is the power of the new MV Agusta average weight, Claudio Castiglioni chose the most efficient configuration of three cylinders. A choice of advanced technology, while at the same time respects the long history of MV Agusta and countless success with this engine layout. Today, as well as in the past, F3 takes advantage of a very compact design, advanced technology and unrivaled power.

With the new F3, history and future merge into one entity to shape the most beautiful and technologically advanced "600", a bike that clearly marks the beginning of a new era.