MV Agusta Corsa Corta F4RR 2012 Review

RR, the acronym immediately evokes the magical world of competition. Cycling for people who require special driving experience more exciting. Created using more exotic materials, ultra-sophisticated suspension and a new short-stroke engine of 1000 cc to the MV Agusta F4 RR is more advanced and powerful in the world of Superbike. When designing the most sophisticated chassis is connected to the new MV short-stroke engine, the result can be an extraordinary machine. The MV Agusta F4 RR is the perfect tool for riders who demand the best performance. Evolved, exotic, and even more refined, the F4 RR is currently the best that technology can offer the world of motorcycles.

For the already refined MV Agusta F4, you add even more exotic materials, reduced weight, and most importantly, a 201 HP four-cylinder that makes the F4 RR the most powerful ever built Superbike. All "wrapped" with the advanced design that makes the MV Agusta F4 RR uniform and unambiguous. A project for those who demand the ultimate driving experience.

2012 MV Agusta Corsa Corta F4RR
MV Agusta Corsa Corta F4RR 2012
2012 MV Agusta Corsa Corta F4RR Features and Benefits

In detail, the highlights of the new MV Agusta F4 RR

- New sprint radial valve engine 201 hp to 13,400 rpm

- Further increase in bore diameter

- New primary drive

- New cylinder head

- New major contribution diameter titanium exhaust valves

- New lightweight forged pistons in "space RR Alu" - new exhaust 4-2-1-4

- Close-ratio box

- Variable length intake runners

- Multi-adjustable Öhlins fork 43 mm

- Öhlins TTX rear shock 36

- Öhlins Steering Damper

- Forged aluminum wheels

Engine: 201 Hp, Pure Power

The new four-stroke cylinders with radial valve is the soul of the MV Agusta F4 RR. The engine is brand new and is inspired by the experience of MV Agusta to compete. Apart from the crankcase castings, the arrangement of cylinders and other elements of the RR 4-cylinder with some previous F4. It has been completely redesigned with a single objective: the Performance. All thermodynamic again, a new crankshaft that has a reduced value of the inertia and bore and stroke dimensions with a new on-square relationship, which can reach rpm worth a real race bike. The piston diameter was increased from 76 to 79 mm while stroke is reduced from 55 mm to 50.9 mm. With this size limit was raised to 13,700 rpm rpm one layer, while reducing the linear velocity of the piston (from 24.7 m / s to 22.9 m / s) and therefore improve reliability.

2012 MV Agusta Corsa Corta F4RR
MV Agusta Corsa Corta F4RR 2012

To achieve stratospheric 201 horsepower to 13,400 rpm with an engine fully approved, including a complete exhaust system with catalytic converter, has paid great attention to detail. The thermodynamic efficiency has been optimized to ensure a record performance. For this reason, the leader of the F4 RR is brand new, including the provision of new escape routes and large diameter intake and exhaust valves. For the first time in a MT engine of mass production, all valves are titanium and reduced weight, while at the same time, significantly increasing the diameter (30 to 31.8 mm for the inlet and 25 to 26 mm for the exhaust pipe). The engine timing is optimized by using a new 4-2-1-4 exhaust system with headers of large diameter cone. In addition to ensuring optimal engine performance, the new exhaust system has a unique sound and is even more toxic.

The contribution is controlled by four throttle bodies with 49 mm single TSS length intake tracts variable.

The new F4 RR engine was designed according to the criterion of low friction. A new gear primary drive, significantly reduces the speed of the generator and water pump effectively reduce energy consumption of these parasitic components. As with previous F4 offers this new engine is a fast removable cassette box and uses a mechanical slipper clutch to ensure proper control, even in the most extreme braking. The electronic engine management has been refined in the previous F4. Traction control the modes of operation and two new maps for the engine and everything is now easily controlled via the new commands that are located on the left handlebar.

Frame: light, crisp

Frame and swingarm are common, as the F4 already excellent, but the side's desire to offer four-cylinder MV Agusta Superbike has also led to the use of some unique solutions. To optimize performance and adapt the F4 RR for all circuits and circumstances, the MV Agusta F4 RR combinations allows almost unlimited adjustment. Multi-adjustable suspension, motorcycle essential, combined with adjustable steering angle (eccentric replaceable), and the height of the hinge and swing the rear axle, using multiple calibrated.

2012 MV Agusta Corsa Corta F4RR
MV Agusta Corsa Corta F4RR 2012

Suspension: The Best of the Best

The NIX Öhlins inverted fork has 43 mm diameter of the tube and a coating of titanium nitride to improve the smoothness and accuracy. This particular dimension of the fork was designed to achieve the perfect balance between flexibility without sacrificing the stability of a legendary MV. As the most advanced bikes, carriers of the front axle machined aluminum wheel from the front fork and a ticket specific offer external adjustment of spring preload and compression damping and rebound. As the fork of MV Agusta F4 RR provides separate settings for the hydraulic damping (compression left leg, right leg extension), a solution so that the precision of hydraulic independence as a variable compression does not affect the rebound . The TTX rear shock Öhlins Racing 36 is simply the best in the world.


The quest for lighter weight and better management can lead to the creation of lightweight forged aluminum to minimize unsprung weight and low inertia with the advantage of the increased reactivity of the bike. New wheels on the MV Agusta F4 RR allow a weight gain of 1 kg compared to the standard cast F4.


F4, the reference current in high-performance brakes, has only been surpassed by the new F4 RR. The Brembo monobloc brake calipers are state of the art high performance brake calipers for motorcycles, and now mated with Brembo radial master cylinder to the braking performance is on par with the top superbikes. Clutch master cylinder is the mirror image of the radial brake caliper that offers better feel and modulation. Many other unique features such as levers and handlebars, which is specifically dedicated to MV F4 RR and is the subject of countless hours of testing and development all lead to the best ergonomic as possible available on a production motorcycle .


The real Superbike is not defined only by its potential impact, but also attention to detail, which is made. F4 RR, the data speak for themselves. Never before have the race ready Superbike was built so high attention to detail. Features not only created a visually pleasing, but as a form follows function, and F4RR is designed to work with. For this reason, every detail has been thought to increase the performance and functionality, reduce weight and improve product quality, fit and finish. F4 RR debuted a new adjustable light behind the set to meet the ergonomic needs of the pilot wheel. A remote control panel functions (including traction control) is just one of the details of the MV engineers have made this new Superbike.

MV special parts to customize your masterpiece

Proprietary technology and design has been printed in the DNA of the new F4 RR. It is the most powerful World Superbike. But the development never ends. You can make your F4 RR even more unique with the original MV special pieces that have been developed to give you additional performance with the latest technical advances in materials and design.

MV Special Parts has an absolute guarantee of quality for the customer because they have the same high standards that have been applied to the original masterpiece, using the most advanced materials, such as aerospace alloy, titanium and carbon fiber. Special exhaust systems, pipes and running the engine control unit has been developed that can further increase the power level record of 4-cylinder engine.

Accessories, such as the MV Agusta clothing, can be viewed in and pieces can be purchased directly online.


Two new colors, pastel red / white matte and pearl white, with a new graphics make the F4 RR even more unique.

2012 MV Agusta F4RR CorsaCorta - international standards

MSRP price - suggested retail price in Italy is € 22.900. United Kingdom ** RRP £ 17 999 OTR.

Each country may have a price change due to local customs and duties.


Type of four-cylinder 4-stroke 16-valve

Timing system "DOHC", radial valve

Total displacement 998 cm3 (60.9 cu. Po)

Compression ratio 13.4: 1

Starter Electric

Bore and stroke 79 mm x 50.9 mm (3.1 inches x 2.0 inches)

Max. horse power - rpm (at the crankshaft) full version of power: 147.7 kW (200 hp) to 13,400 rpm - Lim. 13,700 rev / version limited power: 73 kW (100 hp) to 9,200 rpm - Lim. 10,800 rpm

Max. torque - rpm full version power: 114 Nm (11.4 kgm) at 9200 rev / version limited to: 89 Nm (9.0 kgm) at 5800 rpm

Cooling system with separated liquid and oil coolers

The engine control system Magneti Marelli IAW 7BM ignition - injection integrated system Mikuni throttle body, induction discharge electronic ignition;

Sequential time "Multipoint" electronic injection, variable inlet height, with torsion displacement system (TSS)

Clutch Dry, multi - disc slipper mechanical device and radial Brembo

Transmission Gear Box Cassette, six speed, constant mesh

48/82 Primary drive

Gear Ratio (full power version)

The first gear: Speed ​​* 14/37 134.1 km / h (83.3 km / h) at 13,700 rpm

Second gear: Speed ​​* 16/33 171.8 km / h (106.7 mph) at 13700 rpm

Third gear: Speed ​​* 18/31 205.8 km / h (127.8 mph) at 13700 rpm

The fourth gear: Speed ​​* 20/30 236.3 km / h (146.7 mph) at 13,700 rpm

Fifth Gear: Speed ​​* 22/29 268.9 km / h (167.0 mph) at 13,700 rpm

Sixth gear: Speed ​​* 21/25 297.6 km / h (184.8 mph) at 13700 rpm

Final velocity ratio 15x41


12 V

Generator 350 W at 5000 rpm

Battery 12 V - 8.6 Ah


Wheelbase 1430 mm (56.27 inches)

Total length 2100 mm (82.63 inches)

Width 750 mm (29.51 inches)

Seat height 830 mm (32.66 inches)

Min Ground clearance 115 mm (4.52 inches)

Trail 100.4 mm (3.93 inches)

Dry weight 192 kg (423 pounds).

Fuel tank capacity 17 liters (4.49 U.S. gal.)


Maximum speed * Full power version: 297.6 km / h (184.8 mph) / restricted version of Power: 249.0 km / h (154.6 mph)


Type CrMo Steel tubular trellis (TIG welded)

The rear swing pivot plates: material Aluminium - height adjustable swingarm pivot

Front Suspension

Type "Upside - Down" telescopic hydraulic fork Öhlins adjustable rebound, compression and spring preload adjustment and a separate external

Diameter rod. 43 mm (1.69 inches)

Travel on leg axis 120 mm (4.72 inches)

Rear Suspension

Ohlins TTX Type Progressive, single shock absorber adjustable in rebound and compression damping and spring preload

A single-sided swing arm: materiale Aluminium alloy

120 mm (4.72 inches)


Dual floating front disc brake Ø 320 mm (Ø 12.6 inches) in diameter with steel braking area and aluminum flange - Brembo radial master cylinder

Front brake caliper Radial-type, a piece 4 piston - Ø 34 mm (1.34 inch diameter)

Steel disc rear brake Ø 210 mm (Ø 8.27 inches) in diameter

Rear brake caliper with 4 pistons - Ø 25.4 mm (1.00 inch diameter)


Front: Material / size Forged aluminum alloy 3.50 "x 17"

Rear: Material / size Aluminium alloy forged 6.00 "x 17"


Before 120/70 - ZR 17 M / C (58 W)

Rear 190/55 - ZR 17 M / C (75 W)




Öhlins steering damper - adjustable damping

Rider Height adjustable footrest

Born from the experience in competition, it is spring preload externally adjustable, compression, rebound and length you can vary the ride height of the rear of the bike to suit different driving styles and different circuits. In addition, the MV Agusta F4 RR allows you to adjust the height of the swingarm pivot plates using calibrated.

In addition, an edge is added under the new aerodynamic clap three times to convey more air into the radiator, optimizing the aerodynamics and cooling performance record of the engine.