MV Agusta Brutale 1090R Review 2012

The success of the new generation Brutale is in the limelight thanks to its unique design, advanced technology and outstanding performance. MV Agusta Brutale, a bike that not only has set the standard in the motorcycle market of excellence, but also has become a real commercial success.

Lining off Brutale 920, the bike beginner in four-cylinder MV Agusta family, the new R 1090 Brutal born and is the industry standard.

MV Agusta model to broaden the composition of the new 1090R BRUTAL. This is an incredible crush on a motorcycle is a naked world its unique design, which is so far unmatched. Since its introduction BRUTAL is still the leader in design and performance. With the launch of the new brutality, naked most beautiful and powerful now reach even more pilots who always dreamed of living the emotions can be delivered just BRUTAL. The new engine, new chassis settings, the design focuses on comfort OnePiece, BRUTAL 1090R offers a new interpretation of high-performance naked. The bike, which offers an aggressive style and performance first, combined with an intuitive platform. Brutal is always incredibly easy to drive, has never been so convenient and intuitive.

2012 MV Agusta Brutale 1090R
MV Agusta Brutale 1090R 2012
Based on a price per performance, it is probably the 1090R BRUTAL new benchmark in the category sport naked. A high-tech 4-cylinder with suction and radial exhaust valves, the same control unit advanced 1090RR engine paired with one of the most developed chassis, "the brutal 1090R is able to easily tame even the roads and the most demanding racetracks.

This peak performance is also, along with a new image with the color black dominates the covers of new style radiator and seat. But it seems that not everything and also emphasized driver comfort with a redesigned seat only improves both the pilot and passenger comfort during daily use.

BRUTAL project continues to remain faithful to the original objectives, the MV has wanted to build the most compact and lightweight Superbike naked together starting with the raw performance of the engine, you fall in love with the most demanding enthusiasts.

2012 MV Agusta Brutale 1090R
MV Agusta Brutale 1090R 2012

2012 MV Agusta Brutale 1090R Features and Benefits

The engine is a powerful 1078cc four-cylinder radial intake and exhaust valves, the largest engine ever built in the transition MV Agusta. It 'a volcano of power and torque is 106 kW (144 hp) at 10.300 rpm.

The frame is a mixture of steel and aluminum, along with a 50 mm front fork and rear shock Marzocchi USD Sachs, both with specific valve to R Brutale 1090 which can dominate the winding roads and challenging race tracks. The Brutale 1090 R also uses a 190/55 - ZR17 rear tires ensures optimum grip even in extreme conditions.

Electronic engine control unit is programmed with the mapping, which was developed specifically for this new model, which combines an optimal control of one to eight levels of traction control that can select a driver.

A brutal 1090, coupled with the brute force of ergonomics, which was developed with the passenger in mind thanks to a new one-piece seat increased the size and sophisticated design that is expected by the MV Agusta.

Brutal 1090 R is the ideal bike for those who are looking for a motorcycle, its essential form, combined with excellent performance and unique design.

2012 MV Agusta Brutale 1090R
MV Agusta Brutale 1090R 2012

In principle, BRUTAL new features are:

- Four-cylinder radial valves - Magneti Marelli 5SM engine management - Traction eight levels of action - tubular steel frame with aluminum side plates for maximum torsional rigidity - Single-sided swingarm with adjustable Sachs rear suspension - Marzocchi 50 mm upside down front Adjustable - Brembo Racing radial brake calipers - New one-piece seat, which is far shallower and narrower


The new 1090R is probably BRUTAL brutal, but it is a new interpretation of the most naked admiration in the world. Attention to detail is what makes this new model is different and even easier to use in everyday riding. The head of one piece is more comfortable for the driver and passenger lights are no longer integrated with mirrors, but was placed in a position for better visibility in city traffic, the suspension is now softer and more comfortable . A brutal, which is easier to use than ever, but with manic attention to detail same as you would expect from MV Agusta. Just one look at steel, anodized handlebar with adjustable pliers, the pure form of design of brake levers, wheels and single-sided single, it is clear that Brutal is the most beautiful naked to the world.

The two color schemes available are the black and white. The single-sided swing arm with the inimitable style make this new and unique brutal. A masterpiece of Italian design, attention to detail and monochromatic colors can highlight the technical details such as upside-down side exhaust and the original construction MV Agusta integrating framework of the steel and aluminum side plates.


1078 cc and 144 hp, new in-line four-cylinder engine rises to the top class of motorcycle naked. It is derived from the motor 990R of the basic differences in the layout and then shows, but must be reformed and progressive softening of the gas, more stable and harmonious than before, especially when opening and closing acceleration. The same 46 mm Mikuni throttle body was used, where the installation does not return to power which is operated by electronic Marelli 5SM who have a new 8-wheel drive step. Like the 990R, the crankshaft of the engine, the case is 1.32 kg lighter than the previous, and has counter-rotating balance shaft to withstand a second high-frequency vibrations, which is opposite to engine and driven directly to the device's primary power transmission.

The gear ratios remain the same, while the internal mechanism of control box is completely new, redesigned to allow the adoption of a speed sensor, and provide a soft switching lever and more comfortable. The list of new components to continue following the guidelines of the 990R: There is a new Mitsubishi, neodymium-iron-boron generator, which weighs 3.52 pounds less complete than the previous version, the lubrication circuit has also been completely renewed with a double rotor pump that is smaller and lighter (0.75 pounds), but more efficient than the previous version. The track is no longer divided, as it was before, and the pump is used radiator and engine, which is placed in series. The water pump has also been completely redesigned, and while it is 0.13 pounds lighter than its predecessor, its cooling capacity is up to 65% higher at low speeds.

The chassis

The brutal 1090R Chassis Configuration and hand geometry with 990R and 1090RR, and most of the chassis components. The framework is a mixture of a lattice structure of steel and aluminum side plates that were the hallmark of MV Agusta, since the first application of F4, a frame building that was constantly copied but never surpassed by other manufacturers . The dimensions of the chassis are the same as the other models offer a perfect balance Brutal dynamic and precise response to rider inputs. With a 1430 mm wheelbase, 25 ° head angle direction and 103.5 mm of the track of the new 1090R BRUTAL undoubtedly offers the best balance between flexibility and stability. A technically equipped with the new 1090R is a brutal new CEO who has a stiffness optimized for this kind of naked, which will undoubtedly become the new benchmark for easy handling.

Along with the revised guidance of the head model is a new valve system that is softer and smoother suspension to give feedback as possible, even less experienced pilots. But make no mistake, the new 1090R is still Brutal BRUTAL allows an infinite number of possible set-up the 50mm Marzocchi fork and Sachs shock USD. With a few clicks, you can easily turn into a weapon BRUTAL track. BRUTAL is also known for his agility with the new tires Pirelli Angel asphalt is immediate feedback and 190/55 rear tire, which is part of AIDS in the calculation of 144 horses from the B & W 4-cylinder engine. Supersport performance and manage mid-range, the new Brutale MV Agusta from will continue to re-naked sports segment.

The Brutale 1090 R will be 3 different colors: white, red and black. It will be available in dealerships in late September 2011.