Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Performance Review Edition

Power. Speed. Handling. Dominance. The Ninja ZX Edition ® Performance ™-6R packs all this and more as a 599cc engine, twin spar aluminum frame and Showa suspension advanced. Whether you're a street rider or a racer, this bike packs the kind of powerful force that will satisfy even the most demanding amateurs.

Performance for 2012 ZX-6R Edition continues the tradition of domination middleweight - began in 1985 with the revolutionary ZX600-A1 - at a dizzying. And in today's ultra-competitive market where 600 supersport track the success of technology and access to bike street can change dramatically from year to year, that's saying something. Do not believe us? Then ask the number of top magazines and websites, which chose the current-spec ZX-6R as the best Middleweight. It was an absolutely dominant performance 600 Shootout - and one sure to be repeated in 2012 due to the ZX-6R DNA and sharpened easily track all round capabilities.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Performance Edition
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Performance Edition
2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R editing features and performance advantages

Same as the 2012 Ninja ZX-6R, plus:

Bubble screen

Scratch resistant screen designed to reduce wind pressure and improve aerodynamics.

Seat cover

Improves the appearance of the sport bike. All standard colors available in the factory. Replaces the passenger seat.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Performance Edition
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Performance Edition


Dynamic ZX-6R offers a great platform developed for riders who want something special. The sporty and lightweight slip-on system offers great performance and is the first step in the development of the exhaust system.

* Akrapovic: Not Kawasaki branded product, produced and developed by Akrapovic, fully road legal and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Key Features

• the physical thin, low mass, energy, delivering powerful, the power to control and precise control of all

• 599cc inline-four with the DFI ® is a lightweight but powerful

• fully adjustable front and rear suspension Showa Big Piston Front fork includes (GMP), which offers fantastic wheels and chassis control

• The lightweight aluminum frame places the engine in place for excellent handling and driver feedback

• radial-mount calipers and radial front brake master cylinder of the pump front brake provides excellent stopping power and control

• Course quality adjustable Öhlins steering damper is standard

• Slipper-type back torque limiting clutch provides fast climbing frame without anxiety

• Named one of Cycle World magazine 10 best bikes

Engine light

• camshafts are made of chrome-molybdenum

• Lightweight magnesium engine covers are standard

• Easy top injector mounting plate

• Light and transmission speed dog gear

• Light oil pump and gear starting

• Input pulse pressure makes follow cam angle sensor, further contributing to ease

• Cassette-type transmission makes it easy to quickly change gear ratios, reducing track time

Massive performance mid-

• batteries fast handles double bore according to two different heights for greater performance in both average

• and high speed ranges

• Cam and valve clearance permits high nitriding load cam profiles for maximum performance

• Crown ended pistons

• molybdenum-coated pistons skirts for reduced friction and engine break

• piston rings low voltage to reduce mechanical losses

• Advanced timing chain guides stabilize chain motion, and reduces mechanical losses

• The development of the exhaust manifold contributes to the excellent low

• mid-range performance while maintaining performance at high rpm

Precise control of the throttle

• cylindrical guides on top of the air filter box to ensure the accuracy of fuel mist sprayed by the secondary injectors into the intake funnels, improving combustion efficiency

• Long throttle bodies, including the oval-shaped sub-throttles and round handcuff for the production of a main power switch to reduce the turbulence constant input and improve the efficiency of

• Advanced cylinder porting delivers excellent cylinder filling and cleaning

• High-current pulse generators, a circuit secondary coil for optimum combustion efficiency

Lightweight chassis

• double neck aluminum frame is both lightweight and rigid, and place the engine in the optimum position for excellent maneuverability and driver comments

• The aluminum subframe is one of two pieces of die casting is a front section and rear

• The small sub-frame is very close to an end compact and slim rear

• tuned air intake box and supports for the instrument panel and mirrors are assembled with the ram air duct to promote weight reduction and increased stiffness

Calibrated chassis balance and mass centralization

• frame stiffness around the swingarm pivot and rear engine mounts optimizes front-rear rigidity balance

• The motor is rotated forward around the output jack steeper angle and excellent CG

• layout of the exhaust silencer from the end to keep weight down

• pre-exhaust chamber further contributes to mass centralization

Ergonomics and chassis feedback

• Seat-peg-bar handlebars ratio near bars rider leans to a very intuitive and comfortable riding

• The fuel tank is burned around its top, similar to the ZX-10R ™, providing a large surface area for excellent rider feedback

• Deposit thin, it is easy for the pilot to control the tank with your knees or to hang in the corners

• Sculpted seat allows the driver to move his body behind the rear seat step, helping to reduce driver fatigue

• Strong rake quick steering response and enhance communication between the front tire

• tank pump rear brake on the front of the swingarm mount frees up space around the footrest to the economies of simplicity and weight

Low seat height

• narrow rear subframe, it is easy to reach the ground

• Front seat is narrow and low for a Slim riding position and a short range to the road

Advanced Suspension

• ZX-6R features Showa Big Piston Forks (BPF) design for the wheel incredible and chassis control

• The BPF eliminates many of the internal components used in a fork, cartridge type, simplifying construction and resulting in lighter forks

• Large diameter internal piston GMP reduces the stress buffer for better response and smoother action


• radial calipers and 300mm petal-type discs in front of spectacular braking power and control

• 220 mm rear petal disc type

• Rear brake lever is mounted coaxially with the footrest to the halfway exceptional braking and the optimal sensor

Race steering damper quality

• race quality adjustable Öhlins steering damper with relief valve and twin-tube tunnel design is fitted as standard

Additional Features

• Protection hood offers a sophisticated and minimizes wind crosswind effects

• Place the bulbs are an integral part of the projector headlights

• A piece excellent aerodynamics FENDER

Fender • Inside the swingarm helps to reduce turbulence and keep them clean Undertails

• front brake hose routing, three-way towns in the lower triple clamp facilitates bleeding the brake lines

• Panel gives rider a lot of information at a glance