Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C 2012

CBR1000RR ABS-C, 20-year domination of the Superbike.

Honda 2012 Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C is essential superbike-the perfect balance between power and handling designed to work together as a complete package. The CBR900RR has set the bar for a performance bike liter, when it was introduced 20 years ago, and the new 2012 C-ABS CBR1000RR establishes that bar even higher. For 2012, the CBR1000RR C-ABS disc has even better with a patented balance without rear shock, the holder of the large piston and new tires. Add to that a 999.8cc engine horsepower pump and huge mid-range class-leading in the real world of muscles, and has a high performance package unmatched in its balance sheet of the competition. In addition, aggressive air flow to help design new high-speed processing, and new instruments, including an LCD clock, indicator of the levels and five years, to redefine the very essence of liter-class sportbikes.

There is a great news regarding the new 2012 Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C. CBR1000RR ABS-C is already an integral part of Superbike, which offers an integrated combination of power, handling and the overall situation of the road and track. But this year we have taken this a versatile machine and give it some significant improvements. The new suspension, new body, new instrumentation, new rims, and it is only the beginning. All this in addition to its notoriously powerful 999cc liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine and all-aluminum twin-spar frame.

Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C 2012 images
Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C 2012
The future is bright addition, at least if you are looking behind bars for a new 2012 CBR1000RR ABS-C.

When riders get together on the bench racing session, with comments from the big-bore sportbikes often bring little respect for the normal market value: These are powerful, high-power machines and not for the faint of heart. These stories are undeniably helped build the reputation of the Honda CBR1000RR C, ABS, a full sports literbike that breaks the stereotypes of class, taking a surprising way. Thanks Magnum, the level of performance with an almost perfect mix of streetability, versatility, and the pilot feels balanced nature of the CBR1000RR ABS-C has long been a versatile stand-class standard features. Of course, it helps a lot that the CBR1000RR ABS-C is a compact and weighs next to the 600cc class sport bikes, but has a long characteristic of the family.

It hardly seems like a blink of an eye, but was 20 years ago Honda began the modern era of large-displacement sportbike street goes with the CBR900RR. In 1992, the concept of "the light is right" results in a lightweight and compact CBR900RR quickly established his reputation as a wonder in its time. CBR900RR handed power not only big in a medium-sized packages begat issue handling, also provide a level hitherto unknown to the general balance gave a direct driver feel connected to the bike.

Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C
Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C 2012

The automotive press and fans of sport bikes full of praise for this first iteration of this grown to be an ongoing series, and accolades continued to flow as later models has advanced the basic concept that was and still is -so effective and rewarding. We now see these endearing and enduring qualities that lead to date, expressed in 2012 CBR1000RR ABS-C. To celebrate 20 years of CBR-RR and in accordance with the original concept, continues in 2012 CBR1000RR ABS-C to deliver exemplary performance liter-class sport and the power of the pump mid-range torque and great for the classroom peak in the real world in a big muscle high performance handling package unmatched by the competition authorities in the overall balance.

The variations of C-CBR1000RR ABS 2012 to concentrate on sharpening as probably the most critical component of the motorcycle is designed for sports: the performance of the body. Of course, high power, always has its own attractions, and the C-CBR1000RR ABS pay huge amounts of power and torque of the very central area, where fans literbike want it to be, after all, what is the point of wheels very small slot? However, it is a fast mid-range style treatment that allows this very large displacement sport bike shines.

Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C review
Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C 2012

Beginning with a tried and tested four-piece Fine Die-Cast aluminum frame, double beam, the development team Honda have focused on the integration of innovative chassis components, including a shock new concept in the back , Big Piston forks, plus new 12-spoke wheels cast aluminum providing even more rigidity. In doing so, they managed to significantly expand the handling prowess CBR1000RR C-ABS and improve its brakes and traction properties. In addition, aid redesigned body, after the flow concept of aerodynamic fairing layers to create an even greater air pocket around the rider and also help draw air through the cooling system. Spoiler integrated into the nose also reduces aerodynamic lift at high speeds, thereby improving the overall handling and offers a more aggressive.

EFI recently refined the engine parameters is more manageable, with a gas lighter specifically on small throttle openings. New LCD instrumentation communicates any gear position of the coolant temperature and speed. The cab display now includes a digital camera type linear tachometer bar offers four selectable modes display style. Other instruments include the gear position indicator, turn signal five levels of adjustment of the sequence interval, the timer / four modes, coolant temperature, tachometer, trip meter efficiency / fuel / fuel control fuel gauge and odometer / tachometer. At the bottom of the screen high beam lights, signal functions neutral trip. In general, these changes are the interface controller / machine smooth ride and easy to use.

The main purpose of the further development of the CBR1000RR ABS-C is the suspension setup included: a smooth suspension action, improved rider feel and better grip and traction. To achieve these objectives, the 2012 CBR1000RR C-ABS rear suspension system still has unique shock acclaimed Honda Unit Pro-Link ® configuration, but now introduced the first rear impact free balance for production motorcycle, a promotion developed in collaboration with the world leading specialist in the Showa suspension that treatment of patent protection.

Instead of the traditional configuration tube shocks, the Budget-Free Design Rear suspension design incorporates a double-tube shock case, plus an inner cylinder. Piston has no valves, but the damping force generated as the oil passes through a separate component displaced absorption. Under the conventional shock absorber damping generated in two places, the main and second damping valves. In Balance with no rear suspension, but this activity is treated with a circuit, the pressure changes can be controlled easily by higher oil. The end result is more sensitive to the cushioning and a smooth, well-controlled damping action, especially in the transition package a rebound.

As a result, the balance without cushioning the rear shock offers more consistent over the life of a road, track or race session, the shock absorption and better grip because the contact is always maintained between the rear tire and the road or track surface. In addition, adjusters for compression and rebound adjustments are high on the top of the shock body for quick and easy.

In addition to the free balance rear shock, the front suspension system now has a 43mm Showa inverted fork embedding Big Piston Fork. This new fork uses a unique design with a large amount of damping to effectively reduce the hydraulic pressure generated by the fork to compress and expand. The result is more precise handling in the first layer and softer damping action that the rider feels that improving the handling, improved front-end feedback and feel more solid under hard braking.

As before, the owners of C-CBR1000RR ABS can also opt for an advanced electronically controlled ABS Honda's combined braking, which offers anti-lock braking confidence, while still being discreet if satisfies most of the runners sports incurred. The system upgrade resulting in a change before the braking effect more suitable for equestrian sport: now that the rear brake pedal is pressed, there is less initial demand for braking the front brake setup previous generation, followed by a gradual application of the brakes in the front, as the brake pedal pressure increases.

CBR1000RR ABS-C, stopped only by selling liter-class bike racing in Europe for several years, the market is full of very discriminating cyclists athletes who really give their bikes a complete workout. CBR1000RR ABS-C is very popular in this very demanding public, thanks to the natural wisdom, purity of intent, if you will, that continues to reward riders sporting experts. 2012 CBR1000RR ABS-C have versatility, which makes the car a real pleasure, whether it's time to go fast in the afternoon, a week searching for the serpentine roads, or a weekend spent at the track.

What's not to say CBR1000RR ABS-C is not surprising powerful testimony to the efforts of John McGuinness on the Isle of Man race in July 2011 when he set a new course record on board the generation Previous CBR1000RR ABS-C. This impressive example of the capabilities of race in the most extreme road-course is a testimony that the fat of a machine designed by the departure of both a sound and solid execution, not require the intervention of traction control or harsh beginnings wheelie control used in other machines. The C-CBR1000RR ABS rewards riders who appreciate the way this machine seamless connectivity, and prefer to trust their own skills as a method of traction control.

From time to time in the comparison test in the world, the C-posts CBR1000RR ABS laps times faster than the competition with electronic assistance, and the reason is simple: to turn on the track, as the good times in the street, the more the machine to make the overall balance and handling than anything else. This is a secret CBR1000RR ABS-C long-term popularity.

Ultimately, the CBR1000RR C-ABS offers a strange connection between rider and bike with his extraordinary balance, all the performance and feel very integrated. For 2012, Honda engineers have refined and perfected these features, giving drivers the opportunity to strengthen and open the next chapter of the motorcycle has become a living legend among sports bikes.

2012 Honda CBR1000RR ABS-C Features and Benefits

New for 2012

- Unit Pro-Link ® rear suspension features a new patented system of balance free of Showa rear shock absorber, which contains a unique double tube design with a case of depreciation, plus an inner cylinder for more responsive cushioning and action smoother, more controlled damping.

- The new 43mm Showa fork incorporates the latest Big Piston Fork with a large amount of damping to effectively reduce the hydraulic pressure generated by the fork to compress and expand. The result is more precise handling in the first layer and softer damping action for better handling, improved front-end feedback and feel more solid under hard braking.

- New 12 wheels of cast aluminum to provide a more consistent stiffness. With the new suspension, wheels provide enhanced information to the rider.

- A new design fairing layers creates a large pocket of air around the pilot in terms of improved comfort and quiet at the same time helps to pull air-cooling system. The integrated chin spoiler reduces aerodynamic nose is raised to improve management.

- Multifunction LCD all the tools to communicate important information and the ability to display four low rpm mode with stopwatch, five levels of recovery, the position indicator gear, and much more.

- New revised fuel injection settings to give the C-CBR1000RR ABS more linear response, especially in small openings butterfly.

- Revisions to ABS optional electronic combined to create a bias towards the sports / track driving conditions applying the rear brake.

- New Red and Pearl White / blue / red Black join. (C-ABS model available in red only.)

New suspension.

CBR1000RR ABS-C includes new front and rear suspension. Up front, the new 43mm "Piston Big" Showa fork more flexible and responsive in the back, use the Unit Pro Link suspension design a new balance free rear uses a dual tube design for a more gentle sensor traction (traction performance.)

New LCD instrumentation.

CBR1000RR ABS-C is new, full-screen digital instrumentation includes a clock, trip computer and fuel consumption, five-level indicator shift indicator customizable, POS equipment and memory function peak minutes.

Revolutionary does not begin to describe these brakes.

The combined ABS (C-ABS) system is the first of its kind on a Superbike. Even the most bike testers rave reviews on how well they work. Find out what the experts have to say about this revolutionary function.

Hot Wheels.

New for 2012, we added 12 cast aluminum wheels, a lightweight design that promises excellent handling and an outer layer of the cover again with a rigid inner cover fairing reduces weight and creates a dynamic way.

Details make the difference.

CBR1000RR ABS-C is a perfect example of the typical Honda, a leading industry innovation. The combination of tons of power, light weight and refined, handling drop-dead good looks, is equally at home with his favorite canyon carving because it is the collection of victories in the Superbike World gateways. This is the C-ABS CBR1000RR l'liters last experience the kind of sports.

Honda Genuine Accessories †

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