2012 Kawasaki Z1000

A fascinating look at least, a pleasure to drive. The Z1000 - carving a powerful line as it passes through the atmosphere and even if it still stands - is one of those rare bikes, balance, a significant aesthetic with an engine that pumps the righting power.

Completely redesigned two years ago, aggressive body Z1000 revealed the design team's attention to detail. The showcase begins with an aesthetic edge that goes down the Mount Hood radically new, pointing the bow of the Z and, after him, a set of tools with a multi-function setting screen covered with a liquid crystal lens looks trick orange. The guts of a lighthouse light line are perfectly integrated into the sloping hood. Going back, you get to a fuel tank that exploded in the curved sides so you can take with your knees and back filling for a perfect fit. The seat is low and narrow in the front of easy contact with the ground and flows well to the rear tail light LED retro futuristic behind a red lens. It's a good athletic shape, insurance to attract attention wherever they went up.

The heart of every naked is its engine, so Kawasaki engineers have paid special attention here, for maximum impact: double cams. Sixteen valves. 1043 cc. The cooling liquid. A high compression. Long term - 56 mm - for instant thrust. Six speeds. And digital fuel injection. Everything is there.

2012 Kawasaki Z1000
2012 Kawasaki Z1000
The result? The inline-four packs an impressive horsepower combined with the kind of flexibility, mid-range offering heavy duty power that puts a smile on your face idiot of all those lucky enough to be on board. Almost all revolutions, the Z1000 stock is the accelerator of this type of instant gratification most motorcycle sport simply can not quite designs, all with a silky, very heady response.

Z offers a wide selection of new thinking motorcycle technology, including aluminum frame similar to the ZX-10R ™ 's that fold into the engine, rocking from the top. The project allows the narrow part of the way, which contributes to the comfort and feedback in addition to low weight and high stiffness of the substrate. The engine bolts to the frame firmly in three places, members emphasized style, and there is also a tire on the rear top of the casing added anti-vibration and torsional stiffness. The main frame and swingarm pivot elements are fused into a single unit, where the welds are eliminated to the extent possible, for the most aesthetically pleasing to watch. And subframe is lightweight cast aluminum that is lightweight, soft and beautiful.

Suspension at both ends is much pain, functional and modern: A sturdy, fully adjustable 41mm inverted fork in front and a preload and rebound adjustable Uni-Trak ® rear shock mounted almost horizontally across the swinging arm to protect it from exhaust heat and create an additional degree of mass centralization. Wheel control is just amazing, and important feedback transmitted to the rider, it's easy to know exactly what is going on patches cycling contact information.

2012 Kawasaki Z1000 sport
2012 Kawasaki Z1000

There are more, of course. Check the Z five spoke wheels, machined-ray near the rim for a custom look. We highlight the theme of the quad-pipe last Z1000 (and the first Z-1), but a room under the engine allows engineers to use a shorter silent looks and more mass centralization. A solid mount handlebar and footrest aluminum raised the Ninja ® ZX-10R Z1000 contribute to the quality, top-shelf sensors. Brakes? Totally modern radial-mount calipers, Ninja-spec 300mm blade type rotors and a radial master cylinder of the pump, all provide the latest in brake feel and feedback.

Conventional wisdom says that many of the bikes of today are missing the soul, or are too similar. Z1000 proves otherwise - and happily.

2012 Kawasaki Z1000 Features and Benefits

Key Features

• 1043-cc four in line with the DFI produces tremendous torque

• Lightweight aluminum frame is specially designed for Z1000

• fully adjustable inverted fork with adjustments designed for athletic performance

• Horizontal rear shock features stepless rebound damping and spring preload adjustability

• radial mount four-piston front calipers and radial master brake pump cylinder before combining with 300mm discs offer superb stopping power

• digital instrument panel tilts to accommodate different perspectives

• Aggressive styling makes a bold fashion statement

DOHC, 16 valves, 1043 cc

• Liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder offers significant power at all rpm levels, resulting in accelerated effortlessly in almost all situations

• The bore and stroke of 77.0 x 56.0mm Dimensions offers the best balance between maximum power and low

• A mid-range and flexibility

• 38 mm downdraft throttle body air intake allows the engine to travel the shortest distance possible

• oval sub-throttles help to keep the motor fine - a good thing because the throttle body are placed between the driver's knees

• Soft rev limiter to give a good nature not to go over-rev power suddenly at high rpm

• Crankshaft is set in a small base allows a longer stroke without increasing engine height

• A balance of high school, a sixth gear of the crank web, eliminates excessive vibration

2012 Kawasaki Z1000 motorcycle
2012 Kawasaki Z1000

Cool Air System

• The system routes fresh air intake duct air intake above the radiator shrouds, which minimizes the performance loss due to the heated air inlet

• The placement of narrow channels in the future that enables their contribution to be heard - and enjoyed - by rider

• A resonator inside the box air filter reduces noise at low rpm, and improves its contribution to high speed

Exhaust system

• exhaust system features four-into-2 pre-in-two-bedroom layouts. Caps to keep a quad-style muffler image

• Primary and pre-catalysts to provide cleaner emissions

• Thanks to the under-engine pre-chamber reduces the volume of the muffler, the muffler and the weight is low. Exhaust system offers excellent mass centralization and contributes to a low center of gravity

• Fuel tank fuel pump type Slim is equipped with a fuel gauge integrated

• The design of the fuel tank and thin fuel pump of the type minimize the unused volume inside the tank, the fuel capacity is 4.0 gallons

Backbone aluminum frame

• aluminum backbone chassis designed specifically for the Z1000 (and similar in concept to the Ninja ZX-10R ® ™ 's) contributes to the bike close and easy to grip with your knees for maximum comfort and rider feedback

• The extremely rigid and lightweight frame uses the engine as a stressed member of a firm, planted feel and increased stability

• The frame is optimized to deliver the perfect level of feedback from the motor directly to your RIDER

• Frame to five pieces of construction consists of a control arm, the left and right frames, and two bars. Two parts of the body is open C-shaped cross section

• Where possible, welds were eliminated for the simplicity and appearance. Beams and supports of the swing arm frame molded parts are now simple

• The framework uses four engine mounts, three frames are rigid, while the support of upper rear rubber

• The rear subframe is a three-piece aluminum die casting design that is lightweight, strong mass centralization and optimizing

• The sub-frame is an example of form and function together, negating the need for blankets aside and let the bigotry seat for a shorter reach to the ground

Horizontal rear shock

• The design of rear suspension shock locations unity and coherence of the arm where it is less exposed to the exhaust heat and contributes to mass centralization

• visible, horizontal shock promote the aggressive look of the Z1000

• binding characteristics are the same as a standard Uni-Trak ® rear suspension, the movement of the race of the wheel on the damper is the same proportion

• The recovery of shock-absorbing features adjustable spring preload continuously

Fully adjustable fork

41 mm inverted fork • Z1000 adjustable compression damping, rebound and preload - and protected from damage by a cool-looking shroud

• The settings are designed for sporty performance and excellent comfort

Handlebars, grips and foot pegs

• The handlebar tube is rigidly mounted, contributing to strong, direct manipulation

• The wide, flat handlebar design provides the same complex of off-road wheels, a good control

• tapered handles such as those used for supersport models offer a more direct feel

• Ninja ZX-10R style with footstools striated surfaces provide a good grip, feel and control is direct and logical,

• Passenger footrest brackets incorporate hooks luggage practice


The Z1000 • 300 mm front disc brake petal style is captured instead of four-piston radial-mount calipers. (The size of the caliper piston is 4x30 mm)

• radial pump front brake master cylinder, has contributed to an excellent feel and control offered by these high-end brake calipers

• The rear brake is a single-piston pin sliding caliper grabs a 250mm petal-style disc. This bracket is mounted under the swing arm, and is located on a shaft torque


• A distinctive instrument panel multifunction LCD tilt of a lens behind the orange covers all systems