2012 Kawasaki W800 Review

Back to the Future, the new W800 offers a classic blend of retro style with the technology of the minutes. Drawing fans of all ages, the quality and heritage of the W air-cooled, parallel twin to shine through.

Feel the classic beauty + + Vintage Train historical roots

W800 is the result of exhaustive search of beauty and the race seems to hold notorcycles Vintage.

It offers a rare beauty care components meticulously designed to the smallest details, and a feeling of real quality that can only come from the use of metal parts. The heartbeat of the engine air cooled two-vertical and character that comes with the separate handling of large diameter wheels roll machine remembers the feeling of an earlier generation, gone but not forgotten.

The W800, both the appearance, a tribute to the legendary Kawasaki W1, the model that started a brand that extends for 45 years.

2012 Kawasaki W800
2012 Kawasaki W800
Classic Beauty

Care meticulously carved handsome forms, the visual impact of air-cooled engine with two vertical bevel-cam-classic iconic images of well-balanced chassis with large wheels, meticulous attention to detail and quiet elegant simple design


Add to Radiance, and genuine quality-metal parts are made of plastic material used for the entire Deep-polished chrome trim and engine of higher quality, even minor components consist of a black-out aluminum, corrosion resistant components ensure beauty long-lasting.

Rail Vintage Feel

Character-rich double vertical engine loads welfare of pulses in a 773 cm3 engine's moving - the care of a single pulse of a pair of 360 ° of crankshaft at 2500 rpm and maximum torque at low power and improved means pleasure a quiet driving heavy Vintage Paseo contributes to the feeling of a high torque at low-mid range now with fuel injection.

2012 Kawasaki W800
2012 Kawasaki W800

2012 Kawasaki W800 Features and Benefits

Rich Double vertical in nature

The W800 produces a large number of well-being vertical Twin Pulse engine displacing 773cm3. The range of low and medium strong torgue increases the pleasure of the harvest of a quiet ride.

Electronic fuel injection

W800 has a power system that does not alter the look of vintage motorcycles.

The historical roots

The W800 is the latest brand that spans 45 years with original Kawasaki W1 debut in 1966. He was the model of Japan's larger displacement of the time.

Metal ... not plastic!

The metal parts are used for the plastic around the W800. Corrosion resistant parts are also used to ensure lasting beauty.

2012 Kawasaki W800
2012 Kawasaki W800

Big Wheels

The 19 "front and 18" rear wheels add to the classic look of W800. The 19 "front provides for handling classic feel with a nice balance between casual, transforming light and straight line stability.


Long, comfortable seat with thick padding coast has plenty of room for rider and passenger. Urethane front of the seat is designed to facilitate access to land. Piping along the edges of the seat along the line between the pilot and the passenger's feet, so they do not cut off the legs of the pilot when the clock stopped.


Whenever possible, escaped plastics for metal. The result is a feeling of real quality that can not be obtained from the solid feel of metal parts.

"W" style

Fuel tank voluptuous finish high quality paint will contribute W800 functional elegance.

Redesigned tank emblems, chrome finish, contributing to the development of high quality.

Adjustable levers

5-way adjustable clutch lever 4-way adjustable brake lever allow riders to fine tune the length of lever.

Front brake

Only 300 mm front disc brake provides reliable stopping power.

Great lighthouse

Large headlights is pretty smooth until the speedometer and tachometer, and a simple console.

The elegant design of silent

Simple, elegant design exhaust consists of smooth curves and long straights.

Silent-style rooms with thin Peashooter exhaust pipes add a touch long vintage.


The traditional instrumentation includes speedometer and tachometer a classic single screen. Multifunction display includes a liquid crystal display, trip odometer, trip meter and clock. A full range of indicators, including EN spy, Dual flashing indicators, low fuel level indicator, high beam indicator, neutral indicator, and oil pressure.

Classic Style Engine

"Building a great engine" was a key concept for the design air-cooled vertical twin. Classic styling, the engine is lightweight, simple and beautiful to watch. Iconic bevel gear-driven cam is more beauty in the cylinder head at the same time to enhance the classic look of the engine.

Rear Shocks

Dual rear shocks with adjustable spring preload, offering a smooth, clean air.

Traditional style front fork

Traditional style front fork uses rubber Gaitor protect fork tubes and ensure a long fork seal. Outer tubes have a polished finish, which contributes to the light to look ahead.