2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS Review

Since the early days of the teams in Japan's legendary shock Inc. Open Class Street Bike category Kawasaki was just that, building motorcycles that blew to the press, public, and almost all the performance records of the note . Of the original Z-1 for ZZR ® 1200, do-it-all bikes combined the power, handling, comfort and aesthetics, repeatedly dominated their categories.

And in the case of ultra-capable Ninja ® 2012 1000, has changed little.

As with the original - and acclaimed - Ninja 1000 1986 2012 version offers a mixture of dominant power, handling, looks, technology and drivability. This wheel racing offers aesthetic uppercut You lay your eyes an instant - and then followed by a punch with excellent all-round performance, you can quickly learn to love. And for those who want the best technology and braking performance, Kawasaki offers a version of the Ninja 1000 ABS 2012. This system provides a confidence-inspiring stopping all types of surfaces.

Ninja is blessed with a driveability - an incredible ability to blend into the street and very easy to use. The source of all this goodness is a two-wheeled Kawasaki own - and now legendary - Super Z1000 standard platform, powertrain and chassis, which is based on the Ninja 1000. Z1000 has received some of the bikes at the highest awards, including the prestigious Motorcycle of the Year Award "Moty" for cyclists magazine Motor Cycle World and the groove of the top ten as a set of "Best Standard" between 2010 and 2011. In the bowels of this, it is easy to see where the ribs come impressively big Ninja.

With the engine package and Z1000 impressive chassis as a starting point, Kawasaki engineers added body beautiful bird's eye and a handful of excellent features (including the optional ABS this year), all combine to make Ninja 2012-1000 an incredibly capable machine around the sport.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS Features and Benefits

Key Features

• 1043-cc four in line with the DFI ® offers an extraordinary couple runs and effortless entertainment Backroads

• The lightweight aluminum frame is strong and tuned for optimum provide feedback to the driver

• fully adjustable inverted fork has a configuration designed for athletic performance and ride quality

• Planning a horizontal back-link rear suspension contributes to mass centralization

• radial-mount front brake calipers combined with radial control of the pump front brake master cylinder provides excellent feel

• The elegant and supersport Ninja ® 1000 offers a distinctive look

• Relaxed, upright riding position helps to comfort

• Larger fuel tank offers a range consisting of

• Windscreen adjustable to three positions, allowing wind and optimal protection against the elements

DOHC, 16 valves, 1043 cc engine

• liquid-cooled inline four offers a true open-class power from idle to redline

Par • Easy access provides instant push for maximum driver satisfaction,

• The bore and stroke dimensions of 77.0 x 56.0mm provides an ideal balance between the peak and low

• a mid-range and flexibility

• 38mm Keihin organizations put the throttle air / fuel mixture directly into the combustion chambers through the adoption of the downdraft of the maximum power

• Oval chokes as help keep the lean burn engine, and a slender abdomen provides an ideal bike / driver interface for maximum comfort and control

• Engine speed limiter comes into play "soft", which provides a useful indicator of over-rev, because power down suddenly at high rpm

• a relatively low crankshaft position enables moderate to long stroke without increasing engine height

• a secondary engine balancing, sixth gear the engine off the network, remove the extra vibrations and to promote comfort

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS

Fresh air system

• The road system fresh air intake to the airbox via ducts in the fairing, minimizing the performance loss due to intake air heated

• position of the ear - closer to the rider - provides access to yell to be heard and to enjoy

• Airbox resonator reduces noise at low speed and improves its contribution to the high speed

Exhaust system

• The exhaust system has a 4-en-2-two bedroom pre-design. Maintain silence Tapas style quad image

• The head-and pre-catalysts to ensure cleaner emissions

• Thanks to the chamber under the engine, the muffler is a muffler volume and weight is low. Exhaust system provides excellent mass centralization and contributes to a low center of gravity

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS

Fuel pump type Slim

• Slim-type fuel pump is equipped with an integral fuel gauge

• The design of the fuel tank and fuel pump thin type minimizes the dead volume inside the tank, the fuel capacity is 5.0 gallons


• Super Sport body style full fairing gives Ninja 1000 A distinctive face, and also offers plenty of protection against wind and weather to short-circuit capacity

• equalization of the material strip-style directly to the leading edges of the wind around the wheel, when the fairing to be narrower in the middle of

• rash on the back of the fairing, keeping hot air out of the engine the pilot's legs

• The front direction signals are integrated into the fairing and attached to the inside of the fairing with rubber mounts to minimize the damage if the bike falls on

• ZX-6R-spec front wing contributes to excellent aerodynamic look and sporty

• moves the tail cap thin and compact physically and visually to the front wheel

• LED tail lamp features red onions and a red lens transparent

• slim rear fender to give bike lights watching from behind

• Screens can be adjusted manually to optimize protection against wind / time against

• Windscreen has three vacancies covering about 20 degrees, ranging from sports to a maximum of protection against the wind. The setting can be done by hand (without tools) by pressing the release button on the dashboard. The adjustment of the windshield should always be done with the bike stopped

Backbone aluminum frame

• aluminum chassis is similar to the concept of Ninja ZX-10R motorcycle, and will be restricted, and easy to grasp the knees for comfort and feedback

• The frame is light and very rigid, and uses the engine as a stressed for the treatment of solid stability and optimal

• Frame elements are perfectly tuned to send feedback to the pilot

• The terms of five pieces of construction consists of the stem direction, left and right main frames, and two ties. The two main components have built the cross section C-shaped open

• welds were eliminated wherever possible for simplicity and appearance, beams and brackets are simple tilting frame molding

• The new framework uses four engine mounts, three of which are rigid, one of which (the upper rear cover assembly) is made of rubber

• The rear frame is a three-piece cast aluminum assembly that is lightweight, strong mass centralization and optimization

• sub-frame is an example of form and function, combined with the need for a tray blank page and allows a narrow saddle soon to enter the country

Link rear suspension Flip Horizontal

• The new rear suspension design tasks shock to the unit and the wiring above the swingarm where it is less exposed to the exhaust heat and contribute to mass centralization

• visible, horizontal shock Ninja 1000 to promote the sport aspect of ultra-

• Connect the same features of the standard UNI-TRAK ® system: Wheel of business travel vs. shock is the same proportion

• The shock continued rebound and spring preload adjustment for a personalized tour to listen

Fully adjustable 41mm fork

• Ninja 1000 is inverted fork with adjustable compression, rebound and preload - and protected from damage by a cool-looking shroud

• The settings are designed for athletic performance and ride quality

Pilot Interface

• A separate, raised handlebar promotes sport, comfortable riding position, the bar is installed on top of the steerer tube, which extends over the terminal

• A thick polyurethane seat offers a high level of passenger comfort and pilot

• tapered handles such as those used for supersport models offer a more direct feel

• Ninja ZX-10R style with footstools grooved surface for good grip, feel and control direct and no-nonsense looks

• Passenger footrest brackets incorporate hooks luggage practice


• sports instrument panel has a large analog tachometer and multi-function liquid crystal display. This is a design based on the ZX-6R is unity, but are equipped with original graphics and colors

• The functions include speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, odometer, clock, dual trip meters and warning lights

• safe switch located on the left bar pod


• 300 mm front brake discs are petal-like opposition took four-piston radial-mount calipers. (The size of the caliper piston is 4x30mm)

• A radial master cylinder front brake pump contributes to the excellent control and feel they offer these high-end

• The rear brake is a single-piston pin-gripping clamp 250mm disc flower. The gripper is mounted below the swingarm, and situated next to a torsion bar

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

• Small and lightweight unit, ABS with a high specification ECU is capable of detailed calculations for ultra smooth operation

• the status of the battery to keep the ABS function best when the battery is low. In this mode, ABS, and the timing of the major functions of the pressure remain to help keep the power brake (even if the drivers will find the ABS function is less fluid in normal mode)

Fuel tank volume

• The five-gallon tank of fuel (19L) offers a wide range

• Steel structures to facilitate the magnetic tank bag

• the vessel shape (flared edges and cut the shape of the rear) allows drivers to easily picked up the tank on his knees