2012 Kawasaki KLR650 Review

In the sand, dirt floor, forests, and of course, nothing is set as the KLR 650 ™. Designed for almost any type of terrain a rider could dream of daring, sport can go twice the distance to the robust single-cylinder engine and incredible energy efficiency. Effective protection against wind and fuel tank 5.8 liters to ensure an incredible range between stops. Combine this with a rear rack that houses tailbag aluminum suitcases, and is a winning combination - so much so that the KLR was the best selling dual sport seven consecutive years.

A single-cylinder, 651cc four-stroke engine of this power plant global travel. Its quick throttle response and healthy low-end grunt power profile is perfect to cut through paths or deal with traffic jams.

Corresponding to the motor skills of each phase of the KLR650 is suspended. 41 mm fork, 7.9 inches, the front suspension travel, and Uni-Trak ® link system provides 7.3 inches of rear wheel combine to make a KLR650, functional and fun a week commuting talented back-blaster road on the weekends.

2012 Kawasaki KLR650
2012 Kawasaki KLR650
Braking functions are managed by a dual-piston caliper grabs a 280mm petal-style front disc and a 240mm petal disc squeezed by a single-piston caliper at the rear. This package of suspension and braking increases the KLR650 road performance without compromising its versatility off-road capabilities.

Large, Seat-friendly, the rear rack, which can be equipped with tail bag to help make a worthy companion tour KLR650. Large, 5.8-liter fuel tank and exemplary fuel consumption means KLR650 can cover an awful lot of middle ground between fill-ups.

Fuels Limited This can turn a long day in the saddle, so good wind protection. This important work is to manage the frame attached to the body, his head high and large diapers. Rider seat design and plush comfortable yet rebound urethane foam cushions. High capacity pumps 36-watt generator out of juice, enough to power the lighthouse and has a high excess capacity to power add-on electronic gadgets touring riders can not live without.

KLR650 competent performance on the road continues beyond the judgments of the plant. A guard keeps the engine hard rock and gravel from a distance, while the U.S. Forest Service approved spark provides access to all lands open to licensed vehicles KLR650. Add the optional Kawasaki tank, tail and saddle bags, and you have a recipe for long distance exploration sign KLR650 owners to enjoy off-road adventures.

2012 Kawasaki KLR650
2012 Kawasaki KLR650

Anywhere, Anytime

Where is the target, regardless of the distance on any terrain, motorcycle favorites Adventure Australia, KLR650, a motorcycle to get there in style and comfort. No big powerful engine, long suspension and massive fuel carrying capacity combined with good reliability and robustness unbreakable big KLR makes short work of rugged forest trails, open deserts and inner city traffic point of view.

The 2012 KLR650 continues its reputation of being more robust, more reliable and higher performance, giving the best all around fun.

2012 Kawasaki KLR650
2012 Kawasaki KLR650

2012 Kawasaki KLR650 Features and Benefits

Key Features

• Ultimate

• and dirt bike is the best-selling dual sport seven years in a row

• Durable 651cc single-cylinder engine produces smooth, easy to use power

• Protection against wind and fuel tank offers comfortable 5.8 liters of adventure-reaching

• Rear aluminum frame provides plenty of space for luggage

• 41mm fork provides driver comfort all day

• adjustable Uni-Trak ® rear suspension provides a smooth and controlled

• Twin-piston front disc and single piston rear disc brakes provide excellent braking

Long-distance open-minded 651cc four-stroke single

• cam timing and tuning of a combination of media to provide comprehensive and user-friendly power in the area

• Smooth curves are single piece exhaust pipe permit exhaust efficiency at all engine speeds

• Light, silent cam chain contributes to a quieter engine

Balancing Engine • Dual Motor allows smooth from idle to redline to reduce fatigue on long trips

• The advanced design of piston rings to minimize oil consumption

• The oil level window permits easy and accurate inspection

Four valves per cylinder

• Compact combustion chamber allows increased compression ratio with less detonation yet provides maximum valve area for optimum flow

• Increases torque at low revs with enough power at all speeds

• secondary air (ASV) system helps reduce harmful emissions

Liquid cooled

• thin and lightweight Denso radiator with a cooling fan light and thin for maximum efficiency, even at low speed

• Maintains a constant temperature of the engine a long engine life and the constant flow of heavy-duty

• Allows closer distances motor for quiet operation

• Includes a temperature gauge

Ignition Fully transistorised

• The unit is fully transistorized ignition timing control more precisely, no matter how fast the rpm changes

• Long life and trouble-free

Electric Starter

• Easy and convenient to start

Handlebar Choke

• Convenient location makes starting easier and heating


• The torque curve of the engine off means that only requires five speeds for off-road and relaxed highway cruising Sprint

• the O-ring drive chain for reduced maintenance and life of the chain

Suspension can

• Beefy fork, 41mm, with 7.9 inches of travel and luxury is rigid enough to fight

• and all terrain and provide all day comfort for the rider

• High front fender for any situation and adventure tourism

• Uni-Trak ® rear suspension has a five-absorbing shock with preload expansion to four lanes and 7.3 inches of rear wheel travel

• Progressive rate provides a smooth and controlled

• D-section swingarm contributes to the bike traction

Strong wheels

• 4 mm spokes provide wheel rigidity, which improves handling and steering feel improved


• Semi-double cradle frame of high-tech, round section, high-quality steel

• Removable cradle provides access to the rear shock, airbox and carburetor for easy maintenance

• Large rear frame including

Engine Guard

• Protect the motor from rocks and debris from the track when the going gets tough

Disc brakes front and rear

• Lightweight 280 mm front discs and 240 mm rear petal-style brake offer excellent


• Double-bulb headlamp offers greater night lighting

• The tail light, parking lights and turn signals improve the visibility of raised KLR650 at night or in poor visibility

Large fuel tank 5.8 liters

• The generous capacity allows the serious adventure travel

Features of comfort and Touring

• Body contains a very large wind protection fairing

• The output of the charger is 17 amps, with a total capacity of 36-watt headlights provide plenty of power as well as add-on grip heaters and other accessories

• Easy to read instrument panel is attached to the frame and includes a large face speedometer, tachometer, odometer, tachometer and coolant temperature gauges

• urethane foam seat provides comfort for long distance riding

• Optional Extended Warranty