2012 Honda Civic Review

After often only appear as Honda Motor Corp spyshoot finally unveiled the program last generation Civic cars in Detroit from 2012 to 2011

Civic concept consists of two types of coupe and sedan. Civic seems to focus on youth in the United States. Because, in the release features Pete Wentz, musician and also a competition for young entrepreneurs to make sound Civic.

While there have been five years, was not too much to reform the appearance and the Honda Civic.

Fairly radical change is seen as the front panel. Honda designed the 2012 now seem more aggressive grille and headlight design is tapered.
2012 Honda Civic
2012 Honda Civic
Redesign many also appear on the back. Form lights, rear bumper and sporty tire than the previous generation Civic.

Darling of the left and right, past the Civic line pull is still strong inherent in the product plan will be officially on sale from mid-2011. There is nothing radically from the side of Civic 2011 and

The second model uses a 19-inch wheels and tires. Standard on all 2012 Honda Civic is equipped with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). Honda Civic final design is called the "business"

All new 2012 Honda Civic
2012 Honda Civic
2012 Honda Civic
2012 Honda Civic, was officially unveiled at the International Auto Salon in North America. In the first model was introduced Civic Coupe and Civic Sedan. "The Civic is known to provide a balance of" right "package, comfortable ride and exceptional fuel economy numbers, at a price that buyers, even for the first time can afford," said John Mendel, vice president of Honda sales in America. "The new version of the Civic is built on the heritage and the Civic promises to be even better." The ninth generation of the most popular style of Japanese society are offered in 6 variants. sedan, coupe, hybrid, GX (natural gas), Sedan Si, Si Coupe. In 2012, the first model to be installed in a lithium-ion hybrid Honda. ® i-VTEC (intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) is specially reinforced to reduce fuel consumption. As there is currently no detailed information on the technical parameters of the motors to be used in the model 2012. The sale is expected to begin this summer.